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  • Name: Elena Tsyplakova ( Elena Tziplakova )
  • Date of birth: 13 November 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Director, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Tsyplakova : biography

    Fragile, big-eyed girl Elena Tsyplakova viewers saw on screen in the 70s and immediately fell in love. And the charming actress was in the role of Katie in «d’artagnan and three Musketeers», where her head was decorated with adorable curls, and shaved bald Agnes in «Adult son».

    Elena Tsyplakova of Oktyabrina was born in November 1958 in Leningrad. The girl grew up in a family of creative people – her parents were artists. But the childhood the future actress was marred by serious problems. Some time Elena Tsyplakova was forced to live and study in a boarding school because my father was an open form of tuberculosis. These years were difficult, because in the magical girl was quite stubborn, boyish nature. She was repeatedly punished.

    But when Elena Tsyplakova returned home, life returned to normal. The girl was doing very well (she especially liked math), and fond of sports.

    Once in their noisy and fun house came a family friend, the painter Nikolai Yudin. And with him came his wife, a graduate of the theatre University of Dinara Asanova. She saw Yuri girl artist.

    Thus began a cinematic biography of Elena Tsyplakova. 15-year-old starred in his first film «don’t have a headache from woodpecker», which came out in 1974. The image of the first beauty in the class of Irina Fedorova has brought the young actress in popularity. The Directors threw the young talent. Tsyplakova enjoy taking them, but managed to do well in school.


    A year after the release of the film Asanova Elena Tsyplakova starred in the film «Step forward». Then there was two other films – «the Widow» and «Ivan and Columbine». All of these projects, the audience saw in the mid-1970s. At this time the young actress was still a high school student. Final before entering GITIS was the film Dinara Asanova «the Key is not transferable». Tsyplakova played a schoolgirl, and very similar to itself – thoughtful and serious, which looks at the world for older eyes.

    In the capital GITIS Elena Tsyplakova received on the first attempt. With her track record it was easy. But studying was difficult. The young actress continued to appear. The audience enjoyed the romance of Pavel Lyubimov «School waltz». The heroine of Elena Zosia Knushevitsky very similar to the actress. The same independent and uncompromising character, the same stubbornness and unwillingness to follow generally accepted standards of behavior.

    Then another two colourful paintings of participation Tsyplakova – «In the zone of special attention» and «Hate». The teachers were unhappy with the rapid acting students. Relationship with them was more and more heated. Elena decided to go in VGIK. But there was not easier. The actress appeared on the stage of the Maly theater, than broke the rules of the University.

    In 1979, the screens out the adventure film «d’artagnan and three Musketeers». Tsyplakova, and to that note, I woke up incredibly famous. Although her role Katie did not like. Frivolous beauty is not the role of this are prone to dramatic roles actress. Unfortunately, the filmmakers saw Katie Tsyplakov, clung to it for this image and began to offer the actress a similar role. Only Dinara Asanova, «godmother» Helen in the world of cinema, offered her a decent role in his film «Worthless».

    In the early 1980’s, Elena Tsyplakova, which has more than a dozen roles, he entered the film Institute. But this time the directing Department. She wanted to make a movie serious and with deep meaning.

    He received the diploma of the Director, Tsyplakova didn’t start out to make a movie. It was a very difficult period in her life. After the illness, the actress strongly recovered. And she has changed beyond recognition, role are no longer offered.

    Tsyplakova directorial debut took place in 1988. On the screens out the picture «Citizen runaway.» The debut was more than successful. Colleague Elena Tsyplakova acknowledged by many eminent Directors. Karen Shakhnazarov invited her to his creative Association «Start».

    The following year, inspired by the success Tsyplakov made his second project – a film «Jungle Paradise». After watching many colleagues and critics have expressed surprise that the Director of this project. «Jungle Paradise» won the prestigious prize at the festival in the Spanish San Sebastian.

    In 1992, screens out another psychological drama directed. This painting «In thee I trust». It’s about how people in difficult situations trying to regain his dignity. Some critics and viewers after the film chided Elena Tsyplakova of brutality shown on screen.

    In the new century, the audience and the fans of Helena Oktyabrina enjoy watching her new projects. This series «Striped summer» and «Carmelita. Gypsy passion.» Most «fresh» project Director, which was released recently by the TV series «While sleeping village». This is a joint project Tsyplakov and two of her colleagues – Beta Nedic and Alexander Mokhov.

    Personal life

    First marriage Elena Tsyplakova was before. She was married to his colleague Gennady. He then also served in Small theatre. It was a student marriage, which was registered in Riga. The witnesses agreed to become Boris Galkin and Irina Pechernikova. But the couple soon realized that their life together is a mistake. Divorce followed in less than a year after registration.

    Personal life Elena Tsyplakova changed in 1984. She met a man, far from the world of art. Dentist Sergei Lipiec was older actress for 20 years. But that didn’t stop the happy couple’s life. In the mid-1980s, when Helen got sick (after undergoing surgery for appendicitis, she began to rapidly gain weight, besides the doctors verdict on the impossibility to have children), the husband in every way watched over and supported her.

    Then came another blow – after a trip to one of the exotic countries the actress was ill with malaria, and in the most severe form. The treatment almost killed the actress. She gained weight 112 kg

    Perhaps suffering has caused this strong marriage, and he collapsed.

    But in 2005, the personal life Elena Tsyplakova adjusted. She married a man named Pavel Shcherbakov. It also has nothing to do with the world of art. Elena and Paul have a daughter from a previous marriage Shcherbakova Yuliya, in which the actress and the Director doted.

    Now Elena Oktyabrina quite a happy person. She was able to realize herself as an actress, Director and woman.


    • «Not a headache from a woodpecker»
    • «The school waltz»
    • «D’artagnan and three Musketeers»
    • «Adam married eve»
    • «We are from jazz»
    • «Happy, Eugene! «
    • «Midshipmen, forward!»
    • «For beautiful ladies!»
    • «Target in sight»
    • «Beautiful life»


    Elena Tsyplakova

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