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  • Name: Elena Tretyakova ( Lena Tretyakova )
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Legnica, Poland
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: Russian singer, former member of the maiden Russian pop group «Ranetki» and actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Tretyakova: biography

    Lena Tretyakov — one of the participants of the girls group «Ranetki». 5 years ago the band was at the peak of popularity and fame. Today, interest in their work died down, but «Ranetki» give concerts and remind yourself new songs. The popularity of these bright girls had doubled after the release of the youth series «Ranetki» in which the singer proved himself as a great actress.

    Yelena Tretyakov was born in December 1988 in the Polish town of Legnica. The girl was born in a military hospital of the garrison of borne-Sulinowo, where at that time he served her father. Elena was the youngest child in the family, where the younger son. My mother worked as a kindergarten teacher, but due to frequent moving its main task was to cope with daily challenges and provide the comfort of home.

    I grew up in childhood
    I grew up in childhood | VK

    When Lena Tretyakova was 3 years old, the family moved to Siberia. Settled in the town of Skovorodino Amur region. Then there was the move to Shikotan. But in 1992, Tretyakov finally settled in the capital.

    Elena’s best friend was her brother, had a considerable impact on the character and Hobbies of the younger sister. The girl preferred doll cars and kicking a football. Mom, wanting to «refocus» the daughter in the right direction, took her to a dance school. But soon venture mom had a setback. Elena Tretyakova abandoned dancing, but not football. Cross stitching was waiting for the same fate. However, the embroidery was pushed back in favor of kickboxing.

    Parents, fearing that another «girly» thing ended with something worse, left Lena alone. The sea focused on what she loved most – football. Put it right poluzaschity women’s team «Chertanovo», which managed to win the Championship of the Russian Federation.

    Olena Tretyakova
    Elena Tretyakova | reoples.ru

    According to some reports, sports Elena Tretyakova still had to leave because of the disease: she was diagnosed with vegetative-vascular dystonia. It was the reason of search for a new hobby. Again, the brother had a decisive impact on the SIS. He taught Elena the first chords of the song of Viktor Tsoy «the Star by name Sun». Thus began a musical biography of Elena Tretyakova. The girl fairly quickly taught himself to play the guitar. After the usual, she also learned the bass guitar.


    Once one of my friends Elena saw the announcement of casting for bass guitarist. The girl, not really believing in success, went. Even less in the success of the venture believed parents. But Elena Tretyakova like the producer of group «Ranetki» and was included in the team, which at that time was Eugene Ogurtsov, Anna Rudneva, Natasha Shelkova and Lera Kozlova.

    So in 2005 started the creative biography of Elena Tretyakova. The girl is «fit» into the team. A year «Ranetki» recorded their eponymous debut CD. It includes 14 songs and a video for the song «She’s the one».

    The album was a huge success. Fans have snatched up 100 thousand copies instantly, allowing you to assign the disk a status of «platinum». Two songs from the album – «She’s alone» and «We are Ranetki» – was taken as the soundtrack to the popular TV series «kadetstvo», released in 2007.

    Elena Tretyakova, along with the group toured extensively. She participated in many festivals, among which the most popular «Emaus-2006» and «Megahaus-2006».

    The girls have already started writing their second album when their producer got a tempting offer to shoot a new youth series, which would lay the history of the band. For the shooting of the series took the same production team that was filming kadetstvo. Participants left their names, changing only the names.

    Olena Tretyakova I. group
    Lena Tretyakov and the group «Ranetki» | Wallpaperscraft.com

    In this new youth project has been involved not only Elena Tretyakova and her colleagues, but the actors of the series «kadetstvo». Elena turned to Elena Kulemina. Left her youthful passion for the sport. However, football was replaced by basketball.

    «Ranetki» was released in 2008 and was accompanied by a resounding success not only among young viewers, but also among the adult population. The series came out in 2010, inclusive, and were stretched over 5 seasons.

    In 2009, Elena Tretyakova and the band gave their fans a second album, called «our time has Come». Tretyakov is not only a soloist performed a few songs, she proved himself as a lyricist of some songs. The new disc has earned two awards from Muz.

    Olena Tretyakova
    Elena Tretyakova | VK

    In the same year Elena Tretyakova and others «Ranetki» took part in the reality show «Ranetki live». The project was a success, so the producers extended it to a 2nd season.

    The band’s success was such that allowed the girls to take part in the concert of Britney Spears. At the same time, Elena Tretyakova decided it was time to get a higher education. Together with other members of the team, she enrolled in the capital University of culture, — selecting a specialty «Producer and Director of show programs».

    It was a very intense and difficult period of Elena’s life. After all, she not only studied, but also continued to perform in concerts, touring actively around the country and even took part in recording two albums – «never forget» and «Return of rock-n-roll.»

    In 2012, the popularity of «Ranetok» has decreased and Elena Tretyakova, like other participants of the team, took up a solo career. In finding your manner of performance the singer has moved on to a rock style and released their album «Point B». It includes 16 songs, including the hit «Unconditional love». Tretyakov has performed solo until 2015, and in November of the same year became a soloist of the group «Sea». Here Lena was vocals and keyboards.

    Personal life

    Unfortunately, some health problems don’t allow Elena Tretyakova active sports. But she can’t deny myself the pleasure to play a game of Billiards. And yet she had a fascination with Indian philosophy and yoga. The girl leads a healthy lifestyle.

    Personal life Helena Tretyakova often discussed in the tabloids. The army of fans of the beautiful blonde huge, and fans vigilantly monitor all events in the life of an idol. It is known that Tretyakov is not married, although active rumors about this spread.

    Lena Tretyakov and Vitaly Abdulov
    Lena Tretyakov and Vitaly Abdulov | VK

    During the release of the series «Ranetki» fans Elena Tretyakova believed that their favorite is Dating actor Vitaly Abdulov. But their «love» was only serial. In the life of actors just friends.

    In recent years, the Tretyakov appears in company with the singer Vladimir Pranavam. Fans of Helen believe that they’re a couple. But she tries to keep his personal life a secret, not telling him any details.

    Olena Tretyakova I Dmitro Pranav
    Lena Tretyakov and Dmitry Panov | kto-zhena.ru

    Discography (Ranetki)

    • Ranetki
    • «Our time has come»
    • «Will never forget»
    • «Return of rock-n-roll»

    Discography (solo albums)

    • «Point B»


    • Ranetki
    • «Ranetki Live»
    • «Once in the Babin-Babine»


    Olena Tretyakova

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