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  • Name: Elena Tchaikovskaya ( Elena Osipova )
  • Date of birth: 30 December 1939.
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: figure skating coach, writer
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Tchaikovsky: a biography

    Chaikovskaya Elena is an outstanding coach in figure skating and ice dancing. Choreographer and Creator of a unique ice show and programs.

    Born 30 Dec 1939 in Moscow in the family of actors who served in the Theater of Mossovet.

    Elena Chaykovskaya
    Elena Chaykovskaya | Deli

    They lived in a small basement near the theater, who was then in the garden «Hermitage». After the performances by all the artists come to them and visit. In this creative atmosphere that accompanies the life of theatre artists, and raised a girl. The second home of the child actor became the cinema hall – Elena Osipova starred in seven scenes.

    The war years

    After the announcement of the great Patriotic war Elena’s mom as an ethnic German deported to the Kazakh village. She was descended from a distinguished noble family, the descendants of which before the revolution belonged in Moscow, a lot of tenement houses.

    Elena Chaykovskaya in childhood
    Elena Chaykovskaya in childhood | Movie-Theater

    As said Elena in an interview, the whole property was requisitioned, leaving only a hidden legacy — Nicholas gold coins. They helped them not die of hunger because the work mom did not take one. In the link I had to change one Ducat a piece of bread.

    Return to Moscow

    Rescued Royal coins and after returning to Moscow in 1947 to buy the products in the post-war hungry of the capital they traded them at the Torgsin ruble.

    Noble origin of the affects in education of girls. Her young age was teaching music, the rules of etiquette, the ability to engage in conversation. She was surrounded by good books and great artists. As a child she met Galina Ulanova, Faina Ranevskaya, Nikolay Kryuchkov, Mikhail Zharov.

    Elena Chaykovskaya in his youth
    Elena Chaykovskaya in youth | Movie-Theater

    After moving to a new apartment, my parents sent a girl to do on a figure skating school in the nearby Palace of Young pioneers. The reason was the recommendation of doctors about the necessity of sports in the fresh air, Elena found tuberculosis. Her first coach was T. A. Tolmacheva, noticing the young talent the rapid growth of professional skills.

    First sporting success

    Very soon she began winning competitions, and in 1957 Tchaikovsky was the champion of the USSR in figure skating. But sports career as a skater ended very early.

    Elena Chaykovskaya in his youth
    Elena Chaykovskaya in youth | NewsTube

    The athlete knew that international fame will not be achieved, because the school single figure skating in the Soviet Union was at that time still imperfect. Even if the skater has arrived to the European championship, could only rely on one of the last places.

    Training at GITIS

    So after finishing school she decided to arrive in GITIS, the faculty of ballet masters. Usually this office was only open to graduates of choreographic schools. But the talented athlete took an exception due to the request of the main theater Director Mossovet Zavadsky.

    Elena Chaykovskaya in his youth
    Elena Chaykovskaya in youth | Movie-Theater

    Tchaikovsky came to the talented instructors for the course Zakharova. Many of its graduates became the main choreographers in the leading theatres of the different countries.

    Coaching career

    After GITIS, in 1964, Tchaikovsky became a professional coach. The combination of sports skills and dance training gave her a good base to become the first choreographer of ice shows.

    The impetus for active coaching was the ambitions of talented athletes, has not received international recognition. Tchaikovsky wanted to bring unfulfilled dreams in their Pets. Her first student becomes Tatiana Tarasova, who within a year won the world University games.

    Elena Chaikovskaya and Tatiana Tarasova
    Elena Chaikovskaya and Tatiana Tarasova | Movie-Theater

    The success of students Tchaikovsky many professionals have seen in use in the dance elements of imagery, which make up a genre composition. This technique then began to use very many skaters.

    Tchaikovsky educated a generation of eminent students. Among them are prize-winners of European and world Championships, Olympic Champions:

    • La Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov;
    • St. Kovalev;
    • N. Linichuk and G. Karponosov;
    • St. Kotin;
    • M. Butyrskaya.

    In total, the pupils won the world Championships 15 times.

    His post

    • 1987-90. — coach society «Dynamo» in figure skating.
    • 1993-97 years — Chairman of the coaching Council of the Russian figure skating team.
    • At the turn of the 80s and 90s Tchaikovsky involved in staging shows for professional skaters.

    Thanks to her efforts, in 2001, opened Moscow school «KONEK Tchaikovsky», where she personally coached many of today’s athletes. Among them — members of national Russian team Julia Soldatova, and Kristina Oblasova. There is in the ice centre and free group where there are disabled children.

    Elena Chaykovskaya
    Elena Chaykovskaya | Movie-Theater

    Fans admire the energy and talents of this amazing woman. She is President of the jury of the popular TV show «dancing with the stars» to participate in political and public life of the country.

    Integrity of the coach affects everything. So in November 2012 she willed was removed from the project «dancing with the stars» participant Paul Priluchnogo together with your partner, citing the fact that it is poorly preparing for the program. The actor himself, commenting on this case, said that he had no free time to workout, since in addition to the project he was engaged in three series.

    Relationship with Tarasova

    Journalists often draw Parallels and talking about the complicated relationship between the two star coaches, linking it with the struggle for the best students and the interests of the sport coalitions. However, according to the Declaration of the Tchaikovsky, she takes no notice of gossip and supports with Tarasova a good relationship.

    Elena Chaikovskaya and Tatiana Tarasova
    Elena Chaikovskaya and Tatiana Tarasova | New news

    She though for a short time, but was her first student. Despite the fact that the ways parted, warm feelings for him, she kept for life. Judging by the photos, the relationship between the two talented women are quite friendly.

    Disease defeated

    In 1990 Elena Tchaikovsky found a tumor in the chest. Unfortunately, a disappointing diagnosis was confirmed: cancer. Referring to the famous oncologist Nicholas Trapeznikova, she heard: «Urgent surgery».

    Elena Chaykovskaya
    Elena Chaykovskaya | TVC

    But Tchaikovsky didn’t want to miss the European championship, which was held five days later. The famous doctor was able to explain the importance of the upcoming surgery, and she agreed. The following treatments were given to the athlete it is difficult, after the hospital she felt very bad.

    Elena Tchaikovskaya now
    Elena Chaykovskaya | Moscow truth

    To get out of difficult situations helped sports training and German blood. According to Tchaikovsky, she forced herself to get out of bed and go to work. Three months later she went to stake dances in America. Moral of the switch-over helped to get rid of heavy thoughts. The disease has receded, but were forced to change their way of life – now Elena is trying not to overwork and avoid nervous situations.

    Personal life

    Elena Chaikovskaya does not like to advertise their personal relationship. The public knows little. The first time she got married while studying at the Institute Andrey Novikov. At 21, gave birth to son Igor.

    Elena Chaikovskaya with her husband
    Elena and Anatoliy czajkowski | Movie-Theater

    With her second husband and they met at competitions, Anatoly Tchaikovsky was a sports reporter from Kiev. Spouses they began in 1965, Anatoliy moved to Moscow, became an employee of «Soviet sport». In collaboration with him she has written several books on the education of students and the history of this exciting sport, like figure skating


    Elena Chaykovskaya

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