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  • Name: Elena Solovey ( Yelena Solovey )
  • Date of birth: 24 February 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Neustrelitz, Germany
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: Soviet actress of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Nightingale : a biography

    Role in the film «Slave of love» turned this actress into a star of the national cinema. Very feminine, a little Cutesy and anyone not like Elena Nightingale could like or dislike, but indifferent to her and her images in the film were not.

    Elena Solovey was born in Neustrelitz, German in February 1947. Her parents met in Germany at the end of the war. Father was a political worker in the Soviet garrison, and the mother is a nurse. 3 years after the birth of their daughter, the family returned to Russia and settled in Krasnoyarsk. There were the early childhood of Helen Nightingale.

    When her daughter turned 13, the family again changed its residence and moved to Moscow. Here Elena went to music school and began to dream about the stage. It happened after the girl enrolled in one of the theatre groups. Soon she met in the journal the announcement of a set in a theatrical Studio, which was opened at one of the capital’s theaters. Elena Solovey decided to try his hand and went to the Studio. But wanting to get there was a lot, because the future actress had to undergo 3 rounds. It took.

    After school, Elena Nightingale failed to do to VGIK at the first attempt. Only the second time the girl was adopted and enrolled in a course of Boris Babochkin, known for his stellar roles in the film «Chapaev». In 1970, the Nightingale received the diploma of the actress.


    A cinematic biography of Helen Nightingale began when she was a student of the 1st course. The budding actress played the role of daughter of the Baker in the short film «In mountains my heart». This tiny role was the first career step of the actress. A year later, the Nightingale starred in another film – «Pravda».

    Bright Central images, the artist began to put on the screen at the end of the 1960s. Viewers noticed and remembered Elena Nightingale after the release of the wonderful film «late Flowers» and «the King stag». In the latter film, the actress played with the rising stars of Russian cinema such as Yuri Yakovlev, Oleg Efremov, Sergei Yursky, Oleg Tabakov. She’s like a sponge that eagerly soaked up the skills of senior colleagues.

    After graduating from VGIK in 1970 innocent Smoktunovskij gave the young actress a recommendation in the little theatre, and he was accepted into the troupe. Soon specially «under Elena Nightingale» they decided to produce the play «the Seagull.» But married the actress suddenly left the theatre and went to Leningrad, where he lived and worked, her husband is an artist.

    In Leningrad the career of Helen Nightingale also developed rapidly. She was accepted at the Studio «Lenfilm» and the troupe «Lensoveta». On the stage of this theater of the St. Petersburg audience with a sinking heart I watched the game of the actress in the play «the Winner». And though the Nightingale is very critical evaluate your performance in this production, but the theater was of a different opinion. Their joint duet with Mikhail Boyarsky was brilliant.

    Career Elena Yakovlevna in the movie also did not stand on the spot. «Children Vanyushina», «love», «Egor Bulychev and others» – these and many other paintings were very warmly received by the audience.

    In 1978, the artist was invited for the role of Milady in «d’artagnan and three Musketeers». But she had to give up because of the birth of his son. Therefore, it was replaced by Margarita Terekhova.

    And Wake up famous all over the vast country of Helen Nightingale helped the melodrama, «Slave of love». In this film, Nikita Mikhalkov actress played the main role. A true «starship troopers» in the Alexander Kalyagin, nahapetova Rodion, Yury Bogatyryov and Oleg Basilashvili have turned this project into a film masterpiece.

    After the «Slaves of love» to the attention of the Directors to the person of Helen Nightingale was unprecedented. In the 1980s she starred in a number of wonderful pictures that viewers still watch and I watch with great interest. The brightest of these films, «Blonde around the corner», «the Life of Klim Samgin», «Look for the woman» and «You never dreamed of». All the roles played in these pictures are diverse. Unchanged was only unusual charm and original style of play of Elena Solovey.

    In the early 1990s, which is often called the «dashing 90-e», the situation in the country and the cinema was such that the family of the actress decides to emigrate to America. Elena Yakovlevna had at home immense popularity, did not build illusions about his career in the United States. It just happened. For a long time she was unemployed, but after a few years she finally came on stage. It happened in the theater of Alexander Zhurbin on Brighton beach. Then there were a few small roles in movies which have made the actress famous in America.

    In 2001 Elena Yakovlevna created children’s Studio «Etude», where young Americans and children of immigrants join the world of art. In the same year, the Nightingale was invited to Russia, where he starred in the popular film «Moscow Saga».

    Personal life

    Future husband, the actress met in 1971, when he starred in the film «the drama of ancient life». Artist Yuri Pugach was involved in this film as assistant of the artist. Broke novel ended with the marriage. For wife, the actress left the legendary Maly theatre and moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

    Private life of Helen Nightingale has developed happily. In the strong marriage, the actress and artist born two children: daughter Irene and son Paul.

    Now adult children live their lives. Irina married and moved to Germany, Paul also has a family, but he lives in America.

    Elena Nightingale, along with her husband lives in the town of Fairview, near new York. Their house is located in a picturesque area surrounded by forests.

    In 2013, it became known that Yury Pugach is seriously ill and needs a kidney transplant. Elena Solovey, who lived in marriage with Yuri more than 40 years, is doing everything possible to save the life of her husband.

    The greatest joy grandchildren bring to the actress Sofia Agrafena and Vanya.


    • «The king stag»
    • «The drama of ancient life»
    • «You never dreamed of…»
    • «Look for the woman»
    • «Blonde around the corner»
    • «Once lied»
    • «The Life Of Klim Samgin»
    • «Slave of love»
    • «Unfinished piece for mechanical piano»
    • «Moscow Saga»


    Olena Solovey

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