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  • Name: Elena Skrynnik ( Elena Skynnik )
  • Date of birth 30 August 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Korkino, Chelyabinsk oblast, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: statesman, former Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Skrynnik: the biography

    Elena Borisovna Skrynnik today — an outstanding statesman and a simple mom, but started his career with this remarkable woman, like other Soviet citizens — small. Over the years Elena Borisovna worked as a laboratory assistant, cardiologist, and after 2000, began to work in agriculture, becoming the first woman Minister in this area

    My name is Yelena Novitskaya (maiden name) hails from a wealthy family, judging by those times. She was born in the town of Korkino (Chelyabinsk region) on August 30, 1961. His father worked as a mining engineer and her mother held a senior position of chief engineer at a local factory.

    Elena Skrynnik in his youth
    Elena Skrynnik youth | Official website

    According to Skrynnik, the parents were too busy working, so her upbringing is entirely lay on the shoulders of grandparents. When the time came, the young Helen went to school №2 in the town of Korkino in the girls ‘ class. Teachers remember it as plodding and Executive girl, who was distinguished by reticence and modesty.

    Elena Borisovna graduated from high school with good grades, and virtually no fours, which her passport was only a few. At that time the girl was already fond of sports, preferring skiing and basketball. By the way, these Hobbies were not in vain, at the present photo you can see that Elena Borisovna has a statuesque figure and tall height (175 cm).

    Elena Skrynnik in his youth
    Elena Skrynnik youth | Official website

    After high school, Elena decided not to go to College immediately, probably wanting to choose the profession that will like. For 2 years yesterday, a graduate diligently worked on forging-and-stamping plant in his hometown, taking the rate of the technician.

    Education and career

    In 1981 Elena entered Chelyabinsk medical University from businesses in which he worked. After 5 years of training as a cardiologist Helen began to work, and after 2 years became a chief doctor of the hospital at the Chelyabinsk plant.

    But in the early 90-ies of the E. B. received a diploma in specialization «human resource management» in Academy of national economy of the Russian Federation. After graduation, the Minister of agriculture were trained abroad, particularly in France and Germany, honing my skills in leasing.

    Elena Skrynnik in his youth
    Elena Skrynnik young | Rich

    This area at that time was unknown in Russia, so the visit to Russia, Elena began to actively develop in this direction. First there was the company «Medlizing», then cooperation with MoH on procurement of medical equipment leasing for domestic hospital complexes.

    Career and leadership positions

    It should be noted that the Minister of agriculture first introduced the practice of leasing in Russia, opening to the public of medicine, new modern proportions. After 3 years Elena Borisovna has come closer to the management body, because she was elected Chairman of the «Russian Association of leasing companies» (1997). A year later she entered the office of the Chairman of the expert Council for the lease.

    Olena Skrinnik
    Elena Skrynnik | New look

    But in less than 2 years, as Helen has made a new step on the career ladder, occupying the position of Director General of JSC «Rosagroleasing». In 2009 again a career leap and a position of the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation. During the tenure of the Minister received the degree of candidate of economic Sciences.

    In 2012, lost his job, and then almost immediately went abroad for treatment. It was rumored that she moved abroad for permanent residence, but Elena Borisovna herself and debunked in ether one of the programs of NTV channel.

    Personal life

    The first marriage Elena concluded with his contemporary Sergei Skrynnik during his student years, taking his name. The joint life of the couple lasted 6 years, after which they parted peacefully. In this marriage Elena had her first child, but the daughter died in 2003 in a car accident. The girl was only 21.

    Elena Skrynnik with her first husband
    Elena Skrynnik with her first husband | Ruspres

    After the first divorce Elena Borisovna long tied the knot, but in 2004 formed an Alliance with Yuri Kukota. The marriage lasted 3 years, in 2005, Helen gave birth to twins, but the Union was dissolved with the scandal.

    Yuri Kukota, former husband of the Minister of agriculture, claimed that she threatened him. Supposedly the reason for the threats was the children, and the whole event was intended to ex-husband renounced all claims to born to unmarried twins. Elena Skrynnik has not confirmed the words of the former husband, but because of lack of evidence a criminal case on this issue was not revealed.

    Yuri Kukota
    Yuri Kukota | Gold Mustang

    Third husband Skrynnik became a soloist of one of the many vocal groups Dmitry Belonosov, who is younger than Alena for 10 years. The ending of the relationship with the third husband of Helen kept secret, but in 2010 Dmitry said about divorce, there were rumors that he went to the young girls of administrator of one of the Central channels. But anyway, in this marriage Elena again became a mother and gave birth to twins.

    Elena Skrynnik with children
    Elena Skrynnik with the First Internet TV

    For several years Elena with their children lives in a luxurious Villa, nestled in France. It is worth noting that after 2012, information on the activities of the ex-Minister is scanty, which is directly linked to the scandal that erupted after the Minister of agriculture left the post.

    Olena Skrinnik
    Elena Skrynnik | Life

    But at the moment Elena Borisovna remains one of the most attractive and elegant lady Ministers. She spends a lot of time to care for themselves (rumor is the owner of a beauty clinic, on the other – plastic surgery), and after the birth of 5 children do not lose shape. Now Elena is fond of active sports, preferring riding on a boat, a snowmobile and skis, allowing excellent lost weight and tightened.

    Scandals and criticism

    Criticism flowed in the address of Yelena Borisovna after the change in government that occurred in 2012. Charges were based on the fact that the money allocated from the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, were spent not to destination.

    Although Skrynnik has denied the accusations, the story received broad publicity, it has been suggested that the allocated funds are purchased luxurious mansion in the elite district of Moscow. At a time when Elena has held the position of Director General of «Rosagroleasing», it was accused of money laundering, so the press gleefully picked up the news.

    Olena Skrinnik
    Elena Skrynnik | Agro

    This case is not over, and a few weeks in late November 2013, the screens out the film «powers that be». It was alleged that during the work of the Minister of agriculture as Minister was kidnapped 39 billion.

    According to many experts, launched against the Minister of agriculture the action was nothing but a struggle of elites, also compromising information blamed on Skrynnik conflict with Zubkov. As a result of scandal in 2014, Elena was deprived of the received candidate’s degree.

    Olena Skrinnik
    Elena Skrynnik | the Russian press

    In 2016, one of the TV programs was voiced the idea that aggressive accusations against the Minister of agriculture was registered. During the whole time Elena insisted on his innocence and denied all accusations addressed to her by journalists and colleagues.

    But after the beginning of attacks Elena went to live abroad, not hiding in the party «United Russia». And even more: the person of the former Minister was interested in the Swiss service, which in 2015 was concerned about the revenue on account of Elena more than $ 100 million. Arrested in this case for about $ 60 million, but Elena continues to deny, claiming that he has Bank accounts in Switzerland.


    Over the years, Elena Borisovna was awarded several state awards and orders of the Russian Orthodox Church. Among them, the Order of Friendship, Order of St Martyr Tryphon and the order of the Holy equal to the apostles Duchess Olga of the II degree, and also Gratitude to the President and the Honorary diploma of the RF Government.


    Olena Skrinnik

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