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  • Name: Elena Sinelnikova ( Elena Sinelnikova )
  • Date of birth: July 21, 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activities: producer, Director, writer
  • Marital status: married Evgeny Sinelnikov

    Elena Sinelnikova: biography

    Elena Sinelnikova – Ukrainian producer, one of the founders of the incredibly popular travel show «heads and tails», which aired on TV channel «inter» and Russian «Friday!». She is also a Director prodakshn-studios «Teen Spirit».

    Elena is originally from Ukraine. In childhood and adolescence, she had a different last name, but the public maiden unknown. Generally, the producer of his background extends quite a bit. It is only possible to say with confidence that after school, the girl chose the place of higher education a prestigious Kyiv national University of culture and arts, one of the most popular universities of Ukraine for students who dream to connect his life with show business.

    After graduation, she moved into the world of film and television before he created his own production Studio «Teen Spirit», managed to gain considerable professional experience working for other companies.


    The idea of the project «heads and tails» was born almost spontaneously, as they say, «one evening in the kitchen.» Elena Sinelnikova with her husband in conversation with friends expressed a desire to create something that doesn’t exist yet in the Russian segment of the television at the same time, to work to bring people great pleasure. It was invented a few projects in totally different directions. «Heads and tails» at the time had the working title of «Rich man/poor man» and first took… just one paragraph.

    But the desire is the most important motivation for creative activity. In a fairly short time there was a program on the travel, which started Zhanna badoeva and Alan Badoev. The following season the main characters regularly changed and through the «heads and tails» were the actor Andrew Poor, humoriste Les nikitiuk, actress Anastasia Short, singers Kolya Serga and Regina todorenko, actor Pyotr Romanov. One time was the leading and the main Director of the show Evgeny Sinelnikov. In many countries, as writer and Director is present and Elena Sinel.

    For the Ukrainian and Russian market programs are virtually identical. But sometimes changes of the channel depend on the country, which will be broadcast. Sometimes something can not be show in Russia and sometimes Ukraine. But it’s a small detail, which mainly depend on the format of the programme – the Ukrainian channel «inter» shows «heads and tails» in the morning, and in Russian «Friday!» is the evening show.

    But the project is about traveling – not only in Helena’s life. It is headed «Teenspirit Studio» and often acts not only as General producer, but also as a film Director, screenwriter and author ideas. In addition to the show «heads and tails» company Sinelnikova has been producing programmes about Pets «Family dog» and the food network «Kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev». Also, these enterprising guys spetsializiruyutsya on the creation of musical video clips and image clips.

    Personal life

    For many years the life of Elena Sinelnikova is associated with the beloved man. Her husband Evgeny Sinelnikov almost always near her, because they are not only close people but also the employees. He is the Director of the program «heads and tails», and at one time acted there as a presenter.

    A few years ago, the family of Helen and Eugene had a son. Unfortunately, due to the specifics of the boy can be with his parents. As long as he lives in Zaporozhye have grandparents, parents father. But as soon as Elena Sinelnikova with her husband coming home all the time they devote to the beloved first-born. Sinelnikova dream of the second child.


    Elena Sinelnikova

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