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  • Name: Elena Shilova ( Elena Shilova )
  • Date of birth: 6 December 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Solikamsk
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Shilova: biography

    Elena Shilova — the native of the Perm region. A star was born 6 December 1988 in the town of Solikamsk. From childhood, Helen knew that completely dedicate their lives to acting. Since high school, in addition to the main lessons, she was engaged in vocal and theatrical circles, the sections, which could improve the theoretical knowledge of the art of actors. In the family Shilova was not a single person who would be relevant to the movie or the theater. So the news about the decision Elena to enter the Moscow VGIK perceived differently. Some relatives were strongly opposed, other to fully support aspiring actress. But the stubborn Elena was acting on his own and successfully passed exams in the workshop Fokine.

    Learning the girl was easy, and in 2011, star had successfully graduated from the Institute. Teachers always praised the girl is able for the ability to play the role and easily convey the mood of the hero to his audience. Elena acutely aware of the challenges their chosen profession, trying to visit different courses and seminars. According to the star career of an actor is a complex and delicate thing, where the slightest mistake will lead to collapse.

    Elena Shilova: movies

    Elena Shilova began her acting career as usual, on the stage. While still a student, she brilliantly showed themselves in the graduation project «the Seagull» and «the Girl». In 2011 the actress was invited for the lead role of the cult series of the project «Doughnut Lucy». The simple and kind character came to the heart of the audience. The series gained enormous popularity, telling about the life of a simple girl and her transformation from a simpleton to a real lady.

    In 2011 the star was invited to appear in two papers: «Anya» and «Honey love», where Helena got the main role. This incredible success was to lead to arrogance and stardom, but that didn’t happen. Shilova has a mild nature and lack of excessive arrogance. The actress always readily agrees to an interview, polite with colleagues and random people. On the set of «Doughnut Lucy» reigned friendly atmosphere, which tried to support all. Elena is fit into the team, supporting friendship with the cast, cameramen, Directors and other personnel in the site. From very early on, about the girl did not have any negative feedback, which certainly works in her favor. Such actors like Shilova, work easy and pleasant.

    Elena has big plans for the future. The actress plans to continue to develop, wants to buy a permanent residence in Moscow and to obtain a driver’s license. Talent Agency «Art-house» helps Shilova new and interesting roles. The star boasts more than a dozen memorable and interesting images.

    Elena Shilova: personal life

    Modest star on all questions about his personal life says that hasn’t met your love. But sweet look and a charming smile, pushing the thoughts about what to expect of the chosen one not so long. Possible suitors did not announce publicly, but the assumptions are incredible.

    Elena Shilova: filmography

    • Doughnut Lucy
    • Anya
    • Honey love
    • The Spaniard
    • In anticipation of spring
    • Mermaid
    • Simple life
    • My sister, my Love

    Elena Shilov photo

    Elena Shilova

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