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  • Name: Elena Shanina ( Elena Saninas )
  • Date of birth: 24 December 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Shanin: biography

    Elena Shanina viewers know and love for its famous Conchita with piercing drama «Juno and Avos», the darkly comic Ellochka-ogress of «the Twelve chairs» and the charming Mary from «the Princess of circus».

    The future star of «Lenkom» was born in December 1952 in Kazan. She was the first child in a military family. 5 years after her birth the boy was born. As parents were always gone at work, taking care of younger brother’s Wife fell on the shoulders of Helena. She was brought up.

    Elena Shanina in his youth
    Photo Elena saninas in his youth |

    The girl grew up an artistic child. This fact has not escaped the attention of kindergarten teachers, in which it drove. Sometimes, they called my dad and said, «Take your artist, it the temperature under 40».

    As a child, Helen dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But when she took a ballet Studio for the heart defect, the girl moved on to another dream – to become an actress. She regularly attended the theatre and happy home with unforgettable performances. And Elena loved to read, for what repeatedly got a scolding from my mom, as completely forget about all household chores.

    After high school she went to Leningrad to enter the famous LGITMiK. In the city on the Neva river there lived a grandmother Helena.

    Yelena Shanina
    Photo Elena Saninas |

    Introduction remember forever because it was not done without adventures. When applying the girl met with two young people. One of them was presented by the Director of the theater, the second a filmmaker. They took the naive girl from Kazan in the cafeteria, which fed ice cream and fooling. Asked to read poetry, to appreciate her abilities, makes intelligent comments.

    Later, after receipt, Shanin recognized the two «Directors». They were Mikhail Boyarsky and his friend George, an employee of the Mariinsky theatre orchestra. And the best friend Elena was the Larisa Luppian, who later married a boyar. (They now are friends families).

    In 1974, the biography of Elena saninas replenished diploma of higher theatrical education. In the course of Igor Petrovich Vladimirova she was one of the best students.


    A year after graduation Shanina took in the famous «Lenkom». It happened in full accordance with the saying: «there would be No happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped». The fact that a promising and charming student was noticed by the famous Director Andrei Konchalovsky, who was just about to shoot the musical melodrama «romance of the lovers». The main role in the project was proposed by sanonoi. But soon she found out that he replaced her with another actress Yelena Koreneva, which is not a little carried away.

    Yelena Shanina
    Shanina — star «Lenkom» |

    Galina Babich, Director on the actors, called a depressed artist and promised as compensation to take care of her the fate, asking Mark Zakharov, the newly appointed Director of «Lenkom» take her to the theatre.

    Young mark Anatolyevich looked at the young artist and the verdict: «the Artist nervous, I think, is good.» So in 1975, Yelena Shanina was in the troupe of the theatre «Lenkom» where is today.

    From the first performances of saninas wanted to showcase their skills. And she did it. The theater was warmly received their debut performances with her participation, recognizing the great dramatic talent. The character of Nelly in the production of «til», Myrrh in the play «In lists did not appear», Janet in «Horii» and beauty in «the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta» – Elena Shanina was great everywhere. Her characters were particularly fragile and touching sincerity.

    Elena Shanin and Nikolay Karachentsov in the play
    Elena Shanin and Nikolai Karachentsov: «Juno and Avos» |

    When saninas was offered the role of Conchita in the legendary rock Opera, the actress didn’t even think that after typical Nele and Janet this, at first glance, the role will be stellar. Nevertheless, Juno brought the young actress to stardom. In a brilliant duet saninas and Nikolai Karachentsov this musical play turned into a cult.

    Later, a passionate Spaniard Conchita played Alena Khmelnitskaya, Inna Pivers and many other Actresses. But for most theatergoers the main stars of the show and left Shanin and Karachentsov.

    Yelena Shanina
    Elena Shanina today |

    In our day, Elena still comes out on the stage of «Lenkom». Unfortunately, roles for the age of the artists a bit, so today many favorite artist appears on the scene not so often. But it’s still a brilliant and talented. Theatergoers enthusiastically took the play «Two women» where Shanin played the main character. Production went on for 10 years.

    So convincing was the actress in productions of «one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest» and «Tartuffe». In the latter she played malerovsky distinguishing and grotesque character – a maid Dorin.


    Some of the performances with the participation of Elena saninas was successfully filmed. In the 1980s, viewers saw TV performances «in the Name of the earth and the sun», «Juno and Avos» and «Pocket theatre». And in 1993, filmed and famous «Memorial prayer,» in which Elena appeared in the form of Tzeitel. She played with the legendary favorite of millions Yevgeny Leonov.

    Elena Shanina in Comedy
    Elena Shanina in the Comedy «12 chairs» |

    But not only the adaptation of theatrical works brought her success. Her early role in the melodrama «Concerto for two violins», a war drama by Leonid Bykov «Aty-Baty, were soldiers…» and «Kamerton» Dinara Assanova remembered and loved the audience.

    But hits in her career were the images of Ellochka Shchukina in «12 chairs,» and a charming Mary in «Princess of circus». For these roles the artist has forever remained in memory national television.

    Elena Shanina in
    Elena Shanin: «the Princess of circus» |

    In the new century, the creative biography of Elena saninas continues to grow, but at a much slower pace. The actress can be seen in the drama «Sasha, my love», the film «Temptation,» and adventure film «the Shadows of Faberge». Removed actress in the series.

    Personal life

    In the life of this beautiful actress had many trials which she was able to move adequately. When saninas turned 30 and her career quickly went to the growth, the joy of first successes were overshadowed by family turmoil. In 25 years, we tragically lost a brother Eugene, who chose the military path by the example of his father. Could not bear the death of her son mother: she died in a few months. Double mount broke father, and he, too, soon passed away.

    Yelena Shanina and Aleksandr Zbruev
    Elena Shanin and Alexander Zbruev |

    And personal life Elena saninas was not the best way. In the early 1970s the artist married fellow actor Michael Polish. At first, everything went perfectly: good acting couple have aroused the envy of many. But Misha began increasingly to drink. Any entreaties and tears of his young wife are unable to stop him from the abyss. The couple broke up.

    New, large and all-consuming love hit Elena Shanina after her appearance in «Lenkom». Between her and Alexander zbrueva flashed a passionate affair. But Zbruev was married. He and actress Lyudmila Savelyeva grown daughter Natalia. For a long period of time, the artist was torn between duty and love. He lived on two families, the whispering and gossip in the theater.

    Yelena Shanina and her daughter
    Elena Shanin and daughter Tanya |

    In 40 years, Elena Shanin gave birth to a daughter Tanya. But Alexander Zbruev and decided not to leave the first family. He became the «father coming» for the girls. As later shared Elena, she has no regrets and blames nobody. After all, she has this love became the main man in my life – daughter Tatiana. Today the girl has already grown up and taking the first steps on the stage «Lenkoma». She will play one of the roles staged by Mark Zakharov, «Walpurgis night».

    Elena Shanin, Alexander Zbruev and daughter Tanya
    Elena Shanin, Alexander Zbruev and daughter Tanya |

    Sanino not afraid of any old age or loneliness. She looks beautiful, although fundamentally rejects plastic surgery. About novels with young colleagues, as it is «fashionable» today in the artistic environment, Elena also speaks with skepticism. Says that each age has its own interests and its an acceptable norm of behavior. To be young and in love, as in youth, funny. But his solitude artist perceives as freedom when you can finally do whatever I want, without regard to household chores, life and family.


    • 1975 — «Concerto for two violins»
    • 1976 — «Aty-Baty, were soldiers…»
    • 1976 — «the Twelve chairs»
    • 1980 — «According to the criminal investigation…»
    • 1982 — «the circus Princess»
    • 2002 — «Everything you love»
    • 2007 — «Sasha, my love»
    • 2008 — «The Shadows Of Faberge»


    Yelena Shanina

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