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  • Name: Elena Serova ( Elena Serova )
  • Date of birth: 22 April 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Vozdvizhenka, Primorsky Krai
  • Activity: test-cosmonaut, hero of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Serova: biography

    When it comes to women-astronauts, the majority of people comes to mind the legendary Valentina Tereshkova, who made a space flight back in 1963. But the modern domestic space is not static, and today women not equal to men in terms of level of training, however, in the final composition of the space group they really are rare. But there are those who pursue their dreams.

    Elena Serova is a Russian cosmonaut-tester, which was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. If you don’t count the Soviet period, it is the second after Yelena Kondakova Russian woman who flew into space.

    Elena was born in 1976 in Primorsky region, namely in the village of Vozdvizhenka of the Ussuri urban district. Her father Oleg Kuznetsov was also a pilot, however, military. So the girl went in his footsteps. Only Mama Elena Andreevna and sister of Eugene do not have to fly any way.

    School she graduated with a degree in the German city of Grossenhain, where at that time served as her father. For higher education, which was to bring the girl to her cherished desire, she went to Moscow and became a student at the aerospace faculty of the Aviation Institute named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Already during her studies, Elena worked in a research Institute and have improved their skills engineer.

    Later, Serov received a second education, economic, Moscow state Academy of instrument engineering and Informatics. After high school it is assigned to a space complex «Energy», where later Elena moved to the mission control Center. She worked as an engineer and only in 2006 was able to achieve inclusion in the cosmonaut corps.


    Three long years Elena Serova was engaged in intensive trainings, remaining in the position of the candidate for cosmonauts-verifiers. Two years it took her to convince the user that it is ready to enter in the official squad. Finally, in 2011, Elena became a test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps of Roscosmos and was soon appointed flight engineer of the Prime crew of Soyuz TMA-14M.

    And yet, when preparations were made for the serious space flight, Serov was considered only as back-ended. But in September 2014 to the surprise of many it was this lovely woman has fallen the choice of the State Commission for flight tests of manned space complexes.

    Thus, Elena Serova became the 4th wife-Russian woman in history that has been to space. After the flight, and Elena Kondakova held for 17 years, and after Tereshkova’s feat is more than 50. Moreover, Serov was the first Russian female astronaut who visited the International space station, which spent six months.

    Lena, the only lady in the group, was entrusted with the choice of mascot for the crew, and she took the plush toy, which gave her a daughter. It should be noted that talisman in space flight is not just a sentimental relationship with the family remaining on Earth. Traditionally, these gifts establish a special way to serve as an indicator of weightlessness in space.

    In addition to purely engineering experiments, many conducted by the space group, Elena was a private household experiment. She, as the possessor of long, brown braids, checked, as far as possible to wash and comb the long hair in a state of weightlessness. In addition, she was responsible for liaising with the Land, and even spoke at a video conference with the station, which live broadcasted a special Moscow channels.

    For courage and heroism in the implementation of long-term space flight on the International space station, Yelena Serov in February 2016, was awarded the title of hero of the Russian Federation.

    Personal life

    While studying at the Moscow aviation Institute Elena met a student of the same University mark Serov, who is two years older. They dated for a while, and then got married and were married in the Church.

    In 2004, the couple had a daughter – Elena, Jr., by the family called Alena.

    Elena Serova participated in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic games in Sochi. And that she was given the honor to raise the flag of Russia in the band of the legendary astronauts.


    Elena Serova

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