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  • Name: Elena Sanaeva ( Elena Sanaeva )
  • Date of birth: 21 October 1942.
  • Age: 74 years
  • Place of birth: Samara
  • Activities: theater and film actress, Director
  • Marital status: widow

    Elena Sanayeva: biography

    Elena Sanayeva, a famous Soviet and Russian actress, a lot of successful plays on the stage and starred in more than 60 films, from which viewers distinguish the role of the Fox in the tale «the adventures of Pinocchio», the class teacher in social teen drama «the Scarecrow» and Baba-Yaga in «the New old fairy tale».

    Elena was born in Samara, in the family of a fairly well-known actor Vsevolod Sanaev and his wife Lydia Antonovna. The girl’s mother very much was ill, so didn’t work. Actually, the Sanaeva was also prone to frequent diseases, like many children of war. Parents, having lost eldest son, who died in the evacuation at the age of two, were fawning over Elena, even in an excessive degree. When the daughter became ill with jaundice, Lydia Antonovna insisted on baptism, but for those anti-religious times, it was more than risky thing to do.

    Elena Sanaeva mom Lydia Antonovna
    Elena Sanaeva mom Lydia A. | LJ Stanislav Sadalsky

    Growing up, Elena Sanaeva often seen the creative work of the father, so after school had not even considered any other option – only the acting Department, only the theatrical Institute. After GITIS, where she studied with Mikhail Tsarev, a young actress enters the troupe of the Theatre-Studio of film actor and begins to actively act in films.

    Since 2009, Elena Vsevolodovna was called under the banner of the theater «School of modern play», where in addition to her troupe included such stars as Tatyana Vasileva, Leonid Yakubovich, Tatiana Vedeneeva, Alexander Tsoy and other artists.


    In 1967, Elena Sanaeva first time starred in the movie. It was a military belt «General Rakhimov», followed by the drama «In Russia» and the film adaptation of stories by A. P. Chekhov «the Main witness.» There in the novel «think» she performed the main role of the defendant widow of Kaplunova.

    In this film, Elena drew the attention of the Director Vasily Shukshin and invited in the anthology «Strange people». Interestingly, in this film Sanaeva played in duet with his own father, moving the relationship to the screen. They later reappeared in a pair of Shukshin in a lyrical Comedy «Pechki-Lavochki».

    Elena Sanaeva in the film
    Elena Sanaeva in the movie «the adventures of Pinocchio» | Cinema

    Career developed, filmmakers are increasingly seen Elena in the image of the main characters, but all turned the film-tale «the adventures of Pinocchio», which brought the actress the all-Union glory. The role of Alice Fox entered the history of Soviet cinema, but for a long time drove Sanaeva in the image of Comedy character actress. Her name or the small but vivid role, or in tales like «the adventures of Ali Baba and the forty thieves», or in Comedy, for example, «there was the Adjuster» and «Where did the Fomenko?».

    To give Elena Sanaeva to serious scenarios, actor, screenwriter and Director Rolan Bykov. They have played a lot together, but in 1983, the Bulls started to take teenage social drama «Scarecrow», which gave the actress the opportunity to flawlessly convey the nature of the homeroom teacher of the class rebelled.

    Elena Sanaeva in the film
    Elena Sanaeva in the film «Scarecrow» | Cinema

    In addition to her film brilliantly perform their roles John Travolta and a very young Christina Aguilera. At the same time Elena Vsevolodovna name to the set detective story «the Mystery of «blackbirds» based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

    In the twenty-first century Sanaeva continues to act, including in the lead roles. For example, the actress played in the family film «New old story», as well as in the melodrama «Time for two», «Nurse» and «Parfumare».

    Personal life

    The first marriage of Elena Sanaeva made with engineer Vladimir Konuzin. Despite the fact that they had a son Paul, this Union did not last long: Elena and Vladimir are unable to get used to each other, plus my husband’s parents were against this marriage.

    Elena Sanaeva with his son Paul
    Elena Sanaeva with his son Paul | Bergamot

    In the film «Docker» actress met Rolan Bykov. They looked like completely different people – she’s tall and he’s short and stocky, she’s barely 30 years old and he was already well over 40. I shared this point of view and the parents of Helena Vsevolodovna that the protest even took on the care of grandchildren. About this very difficult period of childhood Pavel Sanaev told in artistic form in the novel «Bury me behind a plinth».

    Elena Sanaeva and Rolan Bykov
    Elena Sanaeva and Rolan Bykov | Bergamot

    However, just a year after meeting Rolan Bykov made Helena an offer hands and hearts. And they lived a strong family, despite all the turmoil around them until 1998. After her husband’s death Sanaeva organized a Children’s Fund of a name of Rolana Bykova, which deals with the festivals of children’s creativity. She has also released several works of her husband: a tale for adults «Enchanted Princess» diaries «I’m beaten, I’ll start first» and «Poems of problems».


    • 1969 — the key witness
    • 1969 — Strange people
    • 1972 — Pechki-Lavochki
    • 1975 — The Adventures Of Pinocchio
    • 1979 — there was an Adjuster…
    • 1981 — Where did the Fomenko?
    • 1983 — Secret «blackbirds»
    • 1983 — Scarecrow
    • 2007 — a New old fairy tale
    • 2013-2016 — Parfumere


    Elena Sanayeva

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