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  • Name: Elena Safonova ( Helen Safonova )
  • Date of birth: 14 June 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Safonova: biography

    Elena Vsevolodovna Safonova was born in Leningrad in June 1956 in directing and acting family. She is the daughter of Vsevolod Safonov, and Valerie Ruble. A few years after her birth, the family moved to the capital. Dad starred in many famous paintings of the Soviet period, including «Soldiers», «Business motley» and «Belarusian station». Mom worked as a Director at «Mosfilm».

    The Windows of the apartment in which she lived, Elena Safonova, went directly to the famous Studio. The girl often watched grimiruetsya before the next film Evgeni Evstigneev, who often visited their house. In addition to his visit to Safonov came Yevgeny Leonov, Anatoly Papanov.

    Mom and dad often took my daughter with me to work. Girl sometimes even fell asleep on the huge boxes of film. She was not familiar with the «kitchen» of cinematic life. From an early age, Elena has been to kinoexpert, assisted the lighting and sound technicians. Therefore, in the early years and knew that the path she is one actress of cinema and theatre.

    After graduation in 1973, Elena Safonova went to enter the film Institute. But the way back was not so simple: the future artist received only 3 times. In the intervals between income she worked in the library. In 1975 and becoming a student of the film Institute, but studied there for 2 years. A close friend of Helena was a dissident who was not accepted to drama school. He emigrated to the United States, and Safonov went to Leningrad. In 1981 she graduated LGITMiK and was admitted to the Theater named komissarjevskaya.


    In the theatre of Elena Vsevolodovna Safonova served for only one season. At that time it is already 7 years actively acted in films. She made her debut as high school girl Luba in the ribbon, Aida Mansurova «Looking for my destiny.»

    A cinematic biography of Yelena Safonova continued in pictures «to go», «melodies of the white night» and «thanks to All!». But it was the role of the second plan. But first, a major role was played in 1983 in the film «return of the butterfly» directed by Oleg Fialko, where Safonov appeared as the singer Solomiya Krushelnytska. This biographic film brought the young actress first film award.

    A star-studded role came to Elena Safonova, only a decade after first appearing on the screen. In 1985 he published a tape called «Winter cherry», which made the actress a star of the first magnitude. As is often the case, the actress main movie all his life came by chance. The character that got Safonova, should have played by Natalya Andreychenko. But that just started an affair with Maximilian Schell, and she was torn between Russia and Austria. Director Igor Maslennikov was forced to urgently replace Andreichenko. So Elena Safonova was in the «Winter cherry». Instantly fell in love with and memorized the spectators and especially spectators. The heroine was similar to many of them, the earth and romantic.

    After the melodrama that brought Elena Safonova the title of best actress of the year and the recognition of colleagues, Directors lined up with offers of new roles. The actress has appeared in projects by Sergei Bodrov, Pavel Lungin and Sergei Mikaelyan. But it proved to be particularly successful tape Nikita Mikhalkov’s «dark Eyes». In this project partner Safonova was himself Marcello Mastroianni. And although the film is coldly greeted at home, but the name of the Russian actress learned abroad. In addition, Elena Vsevolodovna finally gets away and gets the opportunity to visit abroad.

    Another film, which starred Elena Safonova, were exclusively melodramas. The image of the heroine of the «Winter cherry» is firmly attached to the role of the artist. Fans saw at the project «Where is nofelet?», «Cathal», «soothe my sorrows» and «Butterflies». But soon, fate brought the artist a new surprise. Thanks to the film «black Eyes» on Safonova learned the Directors and the audience far beyond the borders of the USSR. Role in the project «Accompanist» the Russian star was offered Claude Miller. Of course, the actress agreed. In this film she played together with Samuel Labarda.

    It turned out, the French actor was in love with Elena a long time ago, when I first saw her on the screen with Marcello Mastroianni. A love story on the set that turned into a novel. Soon Safonov moved to France. There, quickly overcoming the language barrier, for 5 years she acted in movies and appeared on the stage of the theater. For his work in the play «what you waiting for and what’s happening,» she has earned high praise from theatre critics. Next theatre role Safonova, with whom she appeared on the stage of the Paris «Theater 13» was the role of the Russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva. The most known film works of Helena Vsevolodovna her «French period» was the film «Woman in the wind» «East Wind» and «Mademoiselle».

    But Russia has not forgotten about his artist. Elena Safonova continues to live and work in two countries. She starred in the film by Ivan DYKHOVICHNY «Music for December», which plays drink too much wife «new Russian». This band is followed by other, equally loved by the viewers «the President and its woman» and «the Princess on beans».

    In 1996 Elena Safonova finally moved to Russia, where its more know and love. In 1999, the screens went wonderful melodrama «the Female property», where Elena Vsevolodovna played a major role along with budding artist Konstantin Khabensky. He turned to the audience and the heroine Safonova from the «Winter cherry»: the screens came the continuation of a favorite picture.

    Now Elena Safonova continues to act in films and play on stage in several theatres. One of the most well-known projects in the movie series «All red» Alexei Zernov. In the theatre «Amphion», the actress appeared in the image of Pauline in the Comedy play «Pay forward!». For this work, Safonov was awarded the prize «Seagull».

    In the summer of 2011 Elena Vsevolodovna received the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    First husband of Elena Safonova was movie actor Vitaly Yushkov. With him aspiring actress met while working on the film «Family Zatsepina». Then Safonova was 20 years old. But after 6 years of living the couple divorced.

    Personal life of Elena Safonova changed in the late 1980s. Artist a second time married. This marriage proved very short, but gave the actress her first born – a son, Ivan.

    In 1992, Safonov became a wife for the third time. Her husband Samuel Labarthe takes his wife to France. Here is their common son Alexander. But Samuel demands from the wife to the complete rejection of acting work that does not suit Safonov. After the divorce she goes home.

    Big blow for Elena Safonova was the fact that after the divorce process, the court forbade her to take Sasha son from France before the onset of her adulthood.

    Now Elena Vsevolodovna one, but she’s popular as an actress.


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    • Mademoiselle A.
    • Music for December
    • President and his woman
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    Olena Safonova

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