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  • Name: Elena Radevich ( Elena Radevich )
  • Date of birth: 19 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Radevich: biography

    There are people who are born actors, Elena Radevich is one of them. She was born June 19, 1986 in St. Petersburg, and from childhood she dreamed of the stage.

    The girl liked society, she felt comfortable, speaking in front of an audience. First it was parents and friends of parents, and in three years, Helen held debut. Radevich solo on stage, performing with the Amateur ensemble «Berry». In 7 years she persuaded her parents and they enrolled her in drama school.

    A senior Elena Radevich knew it would be an artist, but my parents didn’t share her Hobbies. After school under their influence the girl entered the economic College. Training it combined with the work of the presenter on the local channel.

    After College she worked briefly as an accountant but dream insistently made itself felt. Elena quit her job and moved to Saint Petersburg. The girl wanted to enter the Academy of theatre arts. The first attempt to enter failed, but she was allowed to attend classes of a course as a candidate in the students. It was in 2004, and in 2005-Tom Radevich enrolled in second year at the theatre Academy.

    Course leader Simon Singer has long gazed volnoslushatelnitsey. Lena understood the power of her beauty — she was the winner of the title «Miss Kyiv.» Director Singer thought that the title hangs over her appearance takes away from the issues of the theatrical role interferes with her on stage. But Radevich dealt with it, learned to open his soul to the audience.

    Elena Radevich theater

    Elena Radevich is a versatile theater actress. In student productions she played Vera in «Event» Field in the «Threepenny Opera», Sonia in «Crime and punishment».

    Since 2008 Radevich started to work at the Youth theatre on the Fontanka. She played the Woman in the play «don Quixote» Alice in «Metro», Princess in «Magical flight over Baghdad», Abigail Churchill, in «Glass of water», the Comedienne in «Sacred monsters», Nel in «Cruel games», Katya in «Five evenings» and Miriam in «the job». The role of Miriam in this almost biblical parable about parents and children brought her theatrical recognition. In 2009, she received the audience award in the nomination «Debut».

    Each season Elena Radevich is busy in one or two theatrical productions. In 2012, her stage skills said the government of St. Petersburg. The actress became the laureate of the youth award.

    Elena Radevich: movies

    The debut of Elena Radevich in the movie took place in 2005. Then 19-year-old actress played a cameo role in the TV series «Favorsky». In the same year, she starred in one of the main roles in a Comedy series «Refrigerator and others.»

    In 2009, the actress appeared in two films – it was the Estonian adaptation of «Pinocchio» and the detective «Retiree». Her talent was noticed by both the audience and download the film increasingly began to invite her to your project.

    Today Elena Radevich brought more than fifty images on the screen. Broad is well known for her work in the TV series «Sea devils-4», «Zemsky doctor», «the Fifth group of blood», «the highway patrol-4», released in 2010.

    Real success in the acting career of Helena became the main role in the series «Love and separation», filmed in 2011. The fate of on-screen heroine Radevich mysteriously intertwined with her own.

    In 2012, the actress appeared on the screen in the form of a young and principled investigator in a detective «the Traitor», and also remembered by the audience for her role as Amy in the Thriller «Flight of butterflies».

    One of the best works of Elena Radevich was the role in the series 2014 «

  • House with lilies». In the film her character Lily first appears 16-year-old girl, growing up on as the story develops. According to the audience that the actress was the perfect fit. In the same year Helen starred in the films «Widower», «memory of the heart» and the TV series «the Alchemist. Elixir Faust.» In 2015, the actress involved in the film «Share your happiness», «the Task of special importance. Operation «Invisible Man», «Cage».

    Elena Radevich: personal life

    About my personal life Elena Radevich is almost unknown. In 2013, after the release of the series «Flying butterfly» spread rumors that the actress an affair with a colleague on the set of

  • Pavel Barshak, played the role of her on-screen husband. Soon Helen and Paul are often seen together not only on set but also after hours. Actors together visited Kiev, and then visit Elena in one of the social networks there was a photo where they look like a couple in love. Fans Radevich was waiting for news of the wedding with Barshak, despite the fact that then, the actor was married a second time and had two sons, Theodore and Thomas.

    Whether the novel is only fiction, or took place in real life, the actress says. In any case, this story of the further development is not received.

    Elena Radevich: filmography

    • «Russian ruble»
    • «The fifth group of blood»
    • «Love and separation»
    • «On the edge»
    • «Flight of butterflies»
    • «House with lilies»
    • «Memory of the heart»
    • «Operation «Invisible man»: the task of special importance»
    • «Cage»
    • «The alchemist»

    Elena Radevich: photo

    Olena Radevich in

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