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  • Name: Elena Proklova ( Elena Proklova )
  • Date of birth: 2 September 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Proklova: biography

    Elena Proklova was born on 2 September 1953 in Moscow. From early childhood she was surrounded by people of art and science: father Igor had taught at the military political Academy named after Lenin, mother Anna M. was a schoolteacher. Her mother’s family was descended from a noble family, whereas the parents of the father were theater actors. Grandfather Victor T. worked as an assistant Director on «Mosfilm».

    Cottage family where Elena Proklova spent the summer, was located in the village of artists: painters, actors, poets and writers who were frequent guests in the house Prokovich. But, despite this artistic and Bohemian atmosphere, Elena dreamed of becoming a world famous gymnast. At the age of four parents gave their daughter to a gymnastics section, and in five years she already played in the competition. At eleven years old Elena Proklova became the master of sports.

    Elena Proklova in childhood
    Baby photo of the actress | LiveInternet

    At school the young sports star the other girls did not like, they were jealous of her talent and attention that Elena gifts to classmates. She often arranged a boycott of those rare days when Proklova appeared in the classroom. After the fifth class the girl was homeschooled, attending school only for exams.

    With twelve years Elena Proklova started acting in movies, and the last school graduated externally. Not surprisingly, she entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in the acting Department. However, from filming at the time of the study she had to be abandoned. First, the teacher Vasily Markov doubted the young movie star, but as soon as I saw her play, he changed his mind about the girl. In 1973, Helen graduated from the Studio School, was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow art Theater and returned to filming in films.

    Elena Proklova in his youth
    A young artist | «Woman»

    Note that Elena Proklova enjoys landscaping and has received the second higher education on this specialty. She independently designed their own garden and often helps in this case to my friends.


    Movie: debuted at age 12, starring in the film «Call, open the door» directed by Alexander Mitta. In the movie the girl was quite by accident. For a long time was auditioned for the role of the main heroine of the film, high school girls from all over the city came to the casting. However, finding a suitable actress could not. Then the Director saw Elena, who came to visit his grandfather, who worked as an assistant Director. In 1965, the premiere of the film, which has received very high critical acclaim and was awarded the International film festival in the category «Children’s films» in Venice.

    The next notable role was Proklova Gerda from «the Snow Queen», which the girl played a year. The film was warmly received by audiences and critics, winning several awards at prestigious film festival «Red carnation» in Bogota.

    Elena Proklova in his youth
    In the film «Mimino» | Kinopoisk

    Prior to joining the Institute, Elena took part in the shooting of two films: «adolescence» and «Gori, Gori, Moya Zvezda». At the time of study Proklova has ceased to act in films, focusing in the classroom.

    After high school, Elena Proklova was invited to the shooting of the film «Only…», where she played the role of Taani Vechevoj. Her colleagues in the painting have become legendary actors Valery Zolotuhin and Vladimir Vysotsky.

    Invitation to the movies followed one another. The actress starred in many successful projects until 1989, when the country was hit by the crisis. Her last roles before the crisis began Audrey Lamont with a picture of «the Perfect crime» and Faith from «And sleep with another man’s wife good?!».

    Movies Elena Proklova
    In the film «Be my husband» | full MOVIE.RU

    In 1999, Elena Proklova is back on screens in the role of Hope from the film «D. D. D. Dossier detective Dubrovsky». In 2000-ies the actress rarely appears in films, her last film is the tape «And my mother is better!», came out in 2010.


    The creative biography of Elena Proklova is not only movies. The star has managed to make a successful career in television. In 2002, she became a member of the popular reality show «the Last hero 3: Staying alive». The decision to go on a desert island Proklova supported not all friends, but the actress was interesting to test your capabilities and strength of spirit.

    Elena Proklova in the program
    In the program «Malakhov+» | Woman.ru

    In may 2006 Proklova was invited to become the leading program on unconventional therapies «Malakhov+». Elena is known for its commitment to healthy food: she grows vegetables, and the meat her husband brings from the hunt. The actress also seriously interested in the folk medicine knows many recipes used by her grandmother. The actress has replaced the well-known Andrei Malakhov, who had stayed on the project only a month. Together with Gennady Malakhov, the artist led the show until 2010.

    In 2010, the actress was asked to become moderator of the talk show «utilities» on the «First Channel». The programme in the Studio has invited ordinary people who talked about their housing problems.

    Personal life Elena Proklova

    Personal life Elena Proklova was as rapid as a career. At seventeen the girl helped the wife of a brother to choose a wedding dress and I suddenly imagined myself as a bride. The idea of a white wedding dress so captured the young movie star that in 1971 she married the journalist Vitaly Melik-Karamova, whom she met through her brother. A year later, she bore her husband a daughter Arina, about which so dreamed of her husband. But the child is not able to strengthen marriage. And when before Proklova was a choice between family and career, without hesitation, she chose the movie.

    Elena Proklova with her daughter Arina
    With daughter Arina | StarsLife

    When the daughter grew up, mother was not easy to establish a relationship with her. For a long time they were strangers, which suffered from both. But Elena Proklova was able to reach Arina. Looking ahead to say that today they are true friends and have no secrets from each other.

    For a long time the artist did not think about a serious relationship, until a case brought her to Dr. Alexander by Derabanan. The romance between them started just a couple of days, and soon they were married. Their marriage was short-lived: in a couple’s life the tragedy occurred, a child died, their sons-twins. Elena Proklova was very upset by this sorrow and almost a year and a half and could not recover. With Alexander she got a divorce, Packed his bags and moved to her brother.

    Elena Proklova and Aleksandr Deryabin
    With her second husband Alexander Deryabin | Home

    In 1984, the actress met with a friend of his older brother Andrei Troshinym. Broke novel. A year later they were married and began to wait for replenishment in the family. They had a boy who lived only a week. The couple managed together through this tragedy and keep the family together. In 1994, the couple finally happened happy event — born daughter Polina. And next year, Elena Proklova became a grandmother. The eldest daughter Arina gave her granddaughter Alice.

    In the winter of 2015, it became known that Elena Proklova has separated from her husband. Their relationship before was difficult, and then completely lost interest and got corrupted. The woman noticed that her husband no longer pays her attention. Perhaps the reason for this considerable difference in age: the older artist husband for 8 years.

    Elena Proklova and Andrei Trishin
    With him Troshinym and daughter Polina | Look-News

    As it turned out, the divorce revived relationship that seemed permanently extinguished. The actress admitted that she reconciled with him Troshinym. They live under the same roof, albeit sleeping in separate bedrooms and even on different floors of his home country.

    In December 2016 the famous artist coming on the show «the Secret to a million.» Elena Proklova has shared the secret mysteries of his life. She spoke about the numerous Affairs with famous men. Discovery for many was her relationship with Andrei Mironov (though the actress called their fleeting) and Oleg Jankowski. From him she even got pregnant, but was forced to have an abortion. Elena Proklova didn’t want to ruin the marriage of the actor.

    Elena Proklova
    Photos of actress | TheRussianTimes

    Looks like Elena Proklova loves to surprise his fans. Not so long ago in the Internet appeared the message that she converted to Islam. Supposedly during a trip to the United Arab Emirates, the actress said in the mosque, the Shahadah, a formula of the adoption of the Muslim faith and the testimony of monotheism.

    But in an interview to one of Russian publications on the question of the adoption of Islam, the woman replied that recently learned about this news from the media.

    Elena Proklova looks great. Many fans are interested in, how old she is. And when they find out that your favorite artist over 60, admire its blooming.


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    Photo Elena Proklova

    Elena Proklova

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