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(biography, photo, video) Elena Kobzeva

photo Elena Presnyakov

  • Name: Elena Presnyakova ( Kobzeva Elena )
  • Date of birth: 19 November 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: singer, soloist of the ensemble «Samotsvety», the Honoured artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Presnyakov: biography

    Elena Kobzeva, which in all post-Soviet countries, better known under the name Presnyakov, is a Russian singer, known as the soloist of the ensemble «Gems». Also Elena Petrovna at the time sang along with Gulli Chokheli and in the ensemble of Moldovan songs «Noroc». At the beginning of the XXI century biography Elena Presnakova replenished with such honorary rank as Honored artist of Russia.

    Olena Presnyakov
    Photo Elena Presnakova | QIP Photo

    Elena was born in the first postwar year in Ekaterinburg, which was then called Sverdlovsk. Since childhood, the girl was mischievous and a real «kid»: she was on friendly terms exclusively with boys, wore trousers and shirts of free cut. But in secondary school she started to make friends with girls, one of which is called Lena in the dance Studio. Elena Kobzeva was very fond of dancing, especially when their group was shared rooms. But her temperament is far from the elegance of demeanor were not allowed to take the leading roles: Presniakovas teachers were ordered to dance horse of the Troika and the like of the secondary characters.

    Olena Presnyakov
    Photo Elena Presnakova

    When the future singer Elena Presnyakova was 11 years old, coach in rhythmic gymnastics, the section which housed nearby, start to poach the girl for himself. At first Elena didn’t want and even cried, but then I saw that in the gym waiting for her praise and success, so I agreed. To 14 years Kobzeva already fulfilled the qualifying standard for master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, but the title she was granted only two years, because according to the rules of Soviet sport, it was impossible to give such a high rank as a minor.

    Olena and Volodymyr Presnyakov Presnyakov
    With her husband Vladimir Presnyakov | Famous hits

    But a professional athlete Elena did not become. The reason for that unfortunate injury which has not allowed me to enter the world of sports. But at the end of high school Elena Kobzeva, had a pleasant tone of voice, took into their ranks a variety ensemble of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic, where she personally invited the head of this VIA Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior who soon became the husband of the singer and gave her his name.


    Almost all of the creative biography of Elena Presnyakova directly connected with the work of Vladimir Presnyakov. They not only worked together in the ensemble of the Philharmonic, but also acted in the team of the famous Georgian singer Gulli Chokheli, as well as in the Moldovan group «Noroc». Their collaborative hit «About what cry guitars» was very popular at the time, and later entered the repertoire of many Soviet, Russian and Moldovan teams.

    However, in 1973, by order of the Minister of culture of the USSR Ekaterina Furtseva «Noroc» disbanded because of the «worship of Western culture.» For Elena and Vladimir Presnyakov come on hard times – they were afraid to take even Amateur bands. Salvation came unexpectedly: they came out the founder of the ensemble «Gems» Yury Malikov, who invited the couple to join the team. And since 1975, biography Elena Presnakova is inseparable from the famous band. With the «Gems» singer has not only traveled the entire Soviet Union, and many European countries.

    Elena Presnyakov and VIA
    Photo Elena Presnakova with the ensemble «Samotsvety» | VIA USSR

    The main hits Presniakovas and groups «Gems» are songs like «Everything in life is me», «My address — Soviet Union», «this can never be repeated», «There, behind clouds», «willow». During the existence of the team, Elena has collaborated with such musicians as Alexei Glyzin, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Vladimir Kuzmin, Dmitry Malikov, and many others.

    Olena and Volodymyr Presnyakov Presnyakov-molodshyi
    Son Vladimir Presnyakov | Official website

    When the band in 1992 ceased to exist, the singer began to perform with a troupe of his son, Vladimir Presnyakov-younger. But later returned in a newly revived ensemble «Gems» with which she tours throughout the country. And Helena Petrovna makes the speeches, a show with dancing, easy humor and even acrobatic elements. Her whole gig is to perform a «wheels» after the speech.

    Personal life

    In the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic society the singer became close friends with the Director of the pop ensemble Vladimir Presnyakov, with whom she began a romantic relationship. When the young woman realized that she was pregnant, Vladimir Petrovich made her an offer, and in November 1997 the personal life Elena Presnakova changed: she became a married woman. In March of the following year was born their only son, named after his father – Vladimir Presnyakov-younger. Boy for his generation was no less a star than for the previous generation were his parents.

    Elena Presnyakov with her husband and son
    With her husband Vladimir Petrovich and son Vladimir

    Today Elena Presnyakov is twice a grandmother from the marriage of his son with the daughter of Alla Pugacheva Kristina Orbakaite, she has a grandson Nikita, and from the second marriage of Vladimir with singer Natalia Podolsky – the grandson Artem.

    Elena Presnyakov husband
    With her husband Vladimir Presnyakov | Production center Vladimir Ferapontov

    Interestingly, the E. p. comes from a line of centenarians: her mother died at the age of 99 years, and the uncle lived to be 103 years old. Presnyakov is known that hates shopping, so all her outfits buy husband and friends. Also has no respect for woman and beauty, going there only in the most extreme case.


    • 1973 — what cry guitars
    • 1974 — we are young
    • 1981 — the way to the heart
    • 1985 — the weather Forecast
    • 1995 — There, in the clouds
    • 1996 — Everything in life is me
    • 2003 — Kolokolenka
    • 2003 — First love
    • 2004 — in the mood for Love


    Olena Presnyakov

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