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  • Name: Elena Potanin ( Elena Potanina )
  • Date of birth: 20 November 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: lawyer, editor, and producer of television programs, the team captain of «What? Where? When?»
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Potanina : biography

    Elena Potanin – one of the few women who play millions favorite intellectual game «What? Where? When?». The look fragile and defenseless, but with a steel rod and not afraid to take risks, it has long attracted the eyes of fans of the game.

    Elena Potanin was born in Siberia. It occurred in November 1987. 3 years after the birth of her daughter, her parents, Olga and Alexander Potanin, left the frozen Novosibirsk to warmer climes. A place where for many years stopped Potanin became Sunny Odessa. Here, on the shores of the Black sea, Elena has grown up and successfully graduated from high school. It is noteworthy that Potanina was easy for both exact Sciences and Humanities.

    Having received secondary education, Elena Potanin went higher. In 2004, she entered the Odessa University named after Ilya Mechnikov, opt for the law. In this case the girl chose a «male» specialization: criminology and criminal law.

    Having successfully graduated in 2009, Elena Potanin has worked in Themis 2 years. During this time, she finally gave up on the profession that it seemed to her uninteresting and boring. All interest shifted to the field of television. Another 2-year student Elena began working on local TV.

    After a few years, Potanin was moved to Moscow and in 2015 received the second higher education. The lawyer added another economist in the field of management. This specialty, she received at MSU.


    The Game «What? Where? When?» was interested in Elena Potanin, when she was 11 years old. She studied in the experimental class. In her school introduced single-sex education. «Girly» class consisting of 30 students, enthusiastic teacher of history formed 5 teams of 6 people. Captain one of the teams was chosen Potanin. Ever since Elena became interested in the game. Her team managed to become the fivefold champion of Ukraine on «brain-ring».

    To play in the Elite club «What? Where? When?» Elena Potanin started in the team of Ksenia Nakedboy. Due to the unfortunate loss team was disbanded, and then in 2009 appeared the team Potanina. In the same year, the team was able to assert themselves, winning the Nations Cup in Kirov.

    2009 proved to Odessa with a sincere smile truly fruitful. Alain was invited to become editor of the popular program «brain-ring» established by the company. In Potanina need the experience were: in 2008, she edited the Ukrainian TV show «What? Where? When?».

    In 2010, the Odessa team «Gambrinus» which included Potanin managed to win the First League Championship of Ukraine on a sporting version of the game «What? Where? When?». In the same year Elena was invited to participate in the world championship on game «That? Where? When?» in the Israeli Eilat. The Governor played in the national team of the Elite club.

    In a relatively short period of time Elena Potanin managed to assert itself, becoming in one number with the well-known female players such as Valentina Golubeva, Oksana Petrunko, Marina Ufaeva, Elena Aleksandrova and others.

    Finest hour Elena Potanina was a game that took place on 31 may 2015. Team under the direction of the inhabitant of Odessa managed to win with a score 2:5. According to the host and General producer Boris Hook, Potanin became the first and only captain, who managed to pull out a victory using the moment of the loan. And to do it twice. Not afraid to take a chance, Elena along with the players of his team made it almost impossible.


    The creative biography of Elena Potanina is not only a participation in intellectual games of Elite club. Since 2008, the Governor began to make a career on television. First, the Ukrainian editor of a national version of the project «What? Where? When?» and then on the Russian, editing from 2009 to 2010, the work of Russian teams program «brain-ring».

    In 2012 Elena Potanin moved to Moscow and for 2 years worked as a press Secretary on the popular TV channel «Russia Today». But she had long wanted to try to create something new. Therefore, starting in 2014, Elena tries his hand as an author and producer of documentary films. The debut becomes the social project «Sober», which was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. Then came the documentary «the Men who made the Earth round», «most intelligent skyscraper», «the Gene for height or How to get to Everest» and others.

    In may 2014, Elena Potanin as co-producer Valdis Pelsh has moved to a permanent job in the company «RD Studio». Here is a well known inhabitant of Odessa is working today. One of the last projects on which she worked together with Pelham, is a new documentary about the bombing of Berlin in 1941.

    It is noteworthy that in 2014-2015, Potanin, found the application of their legal education. She was promoting the Russian firm «YUST», which specializiruetsya at law, and brings together the most reputed and reliable law firms in the country.

    Personal life

    Not so long ago, fans of the game «What? Where? When?» was sure that Elena Potanin and Ilya Novikov couple. One of the games the audience with emotion watched as Ilya touching comforted Elena after a bitter loss. From the outside it looked very romantic and went beyond just friendly relations between two colleagues.

    In 2011, the two scholars took part in the show «Cruel games», where Elena has demonstrated a high level of mental preparation and excellent physical shape.

    As it turned out, the personal life Elena Potanina and Ilya Novikov do for some time flowed in a single direction. She even announced that he had received an offer from their partner and agreed. But fans were soon disappointed. The couple suddenly broke up.

    Novikov married another member of the Elite club Anastasia Shutova. Why there was a gap, neither Elijah nor Elena has not commented on, carefully avoiding answers to direct questions.


    Elena Potanina

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