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  • Name: Elena Polyakova ( Elena Polyakova )
  • Date of birth: 2 August 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Polyakova: the biography

    Elena Polyakova — Russian theater and film actress, known for the films «COP», «Open up, police!», «Dangerous mistake» and many others. She was born and spent his early childhood in Moscow. Helen was very curious and active child. She was fond of ballet, horses, love to watch educational TV shows, especially «Around the world».

    In secondary school Polyakova easily coped with all subjects, especially in learning foreign languages. She attended a school with profound studying of English language, and in older age parents sent Helen to study in the UK.

    After returning home the girl was accustomed to live independently, to reach the State Academy of management and moves out of the apartment of the father and mother. Not to turn to parents for financial help, Polyakova works nights in a casino. Later she began to work with video Studio: wrote annotations for movies, translated into Russian language texts, films and so on.

    Olena Polyakova
    Elena Polyakova | talent Agency No. 1

    In his student years, Helen played in the University team of KVN and theatre Studio. Having received the diploma of economist, the girl actually was confused: she knew that she doesn’t want to devote my life to what was studied for so many years. After weighing all the pros and cons, she decided to go back to school – the legendary GITIS acting.

    To the surprise of most Polyakova, compared to all students of theater schools almost from the celestials, it is the first attempt were enrolled in the faculty of variety in the workshop of Gennady Khazanov. Many years later, the actress will once again sit at the Desk: in 2015, she will begin to engage at the Higher courses of directing at VGIK and by the first session of shooting your own short film «Mantis».


    Movie Elena Polyakova began to appear in 2001, but the first serious role she believes the Board of the melodrama «I Devised an escape.» Also the key images of the actress have created the detective story «Red square» and in the youth Thriller «We will die together.» Big success of the social drama and the «Greenhouse effect,» in which she played a duet with the then very young Alexander Akinin.

    Elena Polyakova in movie
    Elena Polyakova in the film «kings can do Everything» | talent Agency No. 1

    Of further projects, which Polyakova already over fifty, it is worth noting melodrama «Quartet for two», romantic Comedy «All can kings», the detective series «Open up, police» and the action-Packed psychological Thriller «Dangerous delusion». And in September 2016, the screens out the new family drama «Nurse», in which the actress played the role of one of the workers of the city hospital.

    Personal life

    My husband Vitali by Bordacheva actress has got acquainted in student’s years. They both studied at the acting Department, but she at GITIS, Vitaly – the school named after Mikhail Schepkin. They met several times on the set when Bordachev worked as a stuntman. But then the familiarity to anything didn’t lead, and only a few years between young people broke out of a romance novel.

    Pretty soon Elena and Vitaly are living in a de facto marriage, and then the family had a little girl Jan. A year after this happy event Bordachev made an offer hands and hearts, and they finally became husband and wife officially.

    Elena Polyakova and Vitaly Bordachev: wedding
    Elena Polyakova and Vitaly Bordachev: wedding | Husbands and wives stars

    It should be noted that since their first acquaintance, the husband of Elena Polyakova did quite a lot. He actually walked away from acting, trained on the Director, and is now General Director of the «Star Media Russia» and successfully enough is engaged in producing.

    But, says man, he never uses his official position to promote the spouses to the role of any importance. He can only recommend to the Director of the film to pay attention to it, but will never insist on Elena’s participation in the project. Polyakova and appreciates that the man shared the feelings and the art, so their relationship actually reigns idyll.


    • 2004 — We will die together
    • 2005 — the Greenhouse effect
    • 2006 — Quartet for two
    • 2007 — happiness Factory
    • 2008 — kings can do Everything
    • 2008 — Open up, police!
    • 2010 — the Sky is on fire
    • 2012-2014 — COP
    • 2014 — Call and I will come
    • 2015 — Dangerous mistake
    • 2016 — Nurse


    Olena Polyakova

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