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  • Name: Elena Platonova ( Elena Platonova )
  • Date of birth: 29 September 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Togliatti
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: choreographer, contestant on «Dancing on TNT season 2»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Platonova : a biography

    Elena Platonova was born in Togliatti in September 1983. She started dancing at 4 years of age. At first, Lena for 10 years he studied folk dances and classical ballet. Her teacher was a student of the famous Maya Plisetskaya. But to replace the classics came hip-hop, jazz, funk and go-go.

    Despite the fact that all the free time Elena Platonova was devoted to dancing, she had time learn good. The girl attended school with a mathematical bias and often won competitions. And yet she was seriously into programming.

    Programming is as main profession, Elena Platonova chose after high school. She enrolled in the Samara state aerospace University, where he studied at the Department of automated information processing systems. In 2007, Platonov graduated from University and received a diploma.


    Having a diploma in programming, the girl got a job at the famous Togliatti «Weight». But hip-hop, go-go and jazz-funk won: the biography of Elena Platonova from 2009 associated only with dancing. Quit the company, she decided, when he received an invitation to teach at the dance school. Because teaching and trips to various competitions and festivals began to occupy all the free time, programming had to be abandoned. It was a difficult decision, but Platonov took it, because dancing became sense of her life.

    In this area she has started to achieve tangible results, winning the solo battles in hip-hop and go-go. Her performances in the club’s projects was accompanied by the same success and rave reviews. This activity Elena Platonova gave 11 years of his life, what absolutely no regrets.

    After some time, dancer and choreographer finally moved to Moscow, where in recent years was often. First Elena Platonova out for dancers of many artists who performed at the «Golden gramophone», «Song of the year» and various concerts. She appeared in the music video of Vlad Topalov «Make You Mine», took part in the filming of the TV shows «Galileo» and «MUZ-TV».

    In recent years, Elena Platonova working in the capital team hip-hop «By The Way». She’s also the resident choreographer of the club «Paradise» (now «Icon Club») and adopted in the composition of his «Angels show», which toured the country. And another talented choreographer from Togliatti manages to teach at the capital dance school «Model-357» and «Dance Paradise». Recent years, Platonov regularly takes part in «Street Dance Kemp in Czech Republic.

    Show «Dancing on TNT»

    The way to the «Dancing on TNT» for Elena Platonova was not easy. The qualifying round she went: Yegor Druzhinin sent Elena home. But by coincidence one of the participants held precasting, left the project. This is what the vacant place, and was invited by Elena Platonova.

    She got into the team of Miguel, though he said that it was absolutely indifferent to what kind of mentors her to go. The main thing – it got to the 2nd season of the project, which for so long dreamed of.

    The game was worth the candle: Platonov managed to advance to the Top 24 of the strongest dancers of the 2nd season of the project and continues to fight, being one of the team leaders Miguel.

    Personal life

    In the life of a dancer and choreographer from Togliatti was one marriage ended in divorce. But now personal life of Elena Platonova adjusted. Her boyfriend’s name is Michael Bogush. Together they have several years.

    Mike is also representative of creative profession – photographer. He also engaged in movies. First, Helen and Michael crossed paths at work. Then they started to be friends. At some point friendship turned into something more.


    Olena Platonov

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