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  • Name: Elena Petrova ( Elena Perova )
  • Date of birth: 24 June 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Russian singer, musician, dancer, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Perov : biography

    Elena Perov was born in June 1976 in Moscow into a family of musicians. Father played clarinet, mother on the piano in the orchestra of the Moscow academic theatre of satire. Elena grew up independent and very disciplined child. The girl without problems got out of bed in the morning, had Breakfast and was going to school. And little Perov attended music school and vocal-choreographic group «Children’s world» under the leadership of composer Valentin Ovsyannikov. Here her older brother led

  • Sergei Suponev of the first who recognized the musical talent of the sisters. Soon the vocal-choreographic group was transformed into the Moscow children’s variety theatre. It was here at the time, was selected three talented girls, from which was formed the group «Lyceum». Lena Perova two higher education. In 2000, the year she graduated from Moscow economic and statistical Institute and international Institute of hotel management and tourism.

    Elena Perov: «Lyceum»

    The beginning of the creative biography of Elena Perova closely associated with the group «Lyceum». For the first time the talented girls in white shirts and blue jeans, sang to the guitar hits, the country had seen «the Morning star» Yury Nikolaeva. Then «litseistki» sang one of the hits of the group «ABBA» and immediately won the audience’s sympathy and popularity.

    After a year of «Lycée» released their first album called «house arrest». Supporters and critics have noted the strong vocals of the performers and bright images of girls. A couple of years, when the young singer graduated from high school, «the Lyceum» began touring across the country. Great is the band was the second album, released in 1994, under the title of «Girlfriend night.»

    Their first money Elena Perov earned in 1991, when I started the band with

  • Anastasia Makarevich and
  • Isolde Ishkhanishvili. The girl was then only 15 years old. She never asked money from parents and independently earned their education in two higher education institutions.

    In 1997 together with the girls from the group Lena Perova appeared in Playboy magazine twice, once on the cover of the magazine. But it was the last joint action of «litestock».

    Elena Perov: solo career

    In 1997 Perov was dismissed from the trio for breach of contract, banning of participation in other projects. Such a project for Elena is the program for you just on the TV channel «TVC», producer of which was her brother Sergei Suponev. He invited the sister to be the leading.

    But Elena wanted to sing. And two years after leaving the «Lyceum» Perov sang in the music group «a-mega». This cooperation did not last long. Already in the early 2000s, the singer decided to perform solo. Their songs and music to them Elena Perova wrote itself. The first album was called «Fly the sun». After a few years they released their second album. Songs First can be attributed to the direction of pop rock.

    In 2001 Elena Perov created his musical group Pens. With her plays «live music» in the creation of which involved a classic set of instruments — drums, bass, guitar and her voice. Musicians Perova records song, live in Chelyabinsk, without prejudice to their joint creativity.

    Elena Perova movies

    The creative biography of Elena Perova has not only the music pages, but also a bright role in a movie. In 2002 Perov made his debut in the Russian feature film «

  • In motion» directed by Filipp Yankovsky, where she played Lisa Kolesov. The singer recorded the soundtrack song «Flying in the sky», which was later created the video. Soon First was offered the role in the popular TV series «
  • Margot». Elena played a major role and participated in three seasons. The series brought the actress an even wider popularity. In 2013 Perov appeared in the second season of the film «
  • The angel and the demon», where she played Tatiana Uglova.

    Elena Perov: TV

    Perov always dreamed of a bright adventure and travel. The opportunity to realize a longtime dream artist received in 2002, taking part in the reality show «survivor: live» on the First channel. The singer came to the end of the show, but the winner was Vladimir Presnyakov.

    From November 2004 to may 2010 on TV channel «STS» Perov led musical talk show «Life is beautiful» together with former culture Minister Mikhail Shvydkoi and composer Levon by Oganezova. In the program they interacted with dramatic actors and musicians. For the work in this program Elena Perov was awarded the prize «TEFI-2008» in the category of «Person» in the nomination «Presenter of the talk show».

    In March 2011, Perova lit up as the leading program «Girls» on TV channel «Russia 1», which worked together with Marina Golub, Olga Shelest and Tutta Larsen. The transfer of millions of viewers.

    In 2013, Perov was a member of the jury for the qualifying round of the second season of the Russian television musical project «Voice» on the First channel. And in 2013 she was invited by Yuri Aksyuta and Konstantin Ernst, chief editor of the Directorate of music and entertainment programs.

    Elena Perov: personal life

    After leaving the group «Lyceum» Elena Perova at the age of 22 she married the son of a senior official. But the singer’s marriage lasted only a year and a half. Later, the singer admitted that the cause of the rupture was a tight schedule, which is difficult combined with family life.

    Personal life of Elena Perova has always been surrounded by numerous rumors and scandals. In 2013, many were talking about a strange accident in which hit the singer. During hospitalization Elena on her wrists was discovered cuts, was forced to tell the whole country about the suicide attempt. The singer claims that the cuts he received in the accident.

    Elena Perov: filmography

    • In motion
    • Margot (1, 2, 3 seasons)
    • Angel or demon (season 2)

    Elena Perov: discography, «Lyceum»

    • House arrest
    • Friend night
    • Outdoor curtain
    • Train-the cloud
    • For you
    • Mom
    • Sing to me

    Elena Perov: photo

    Elena Perova in the film

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