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  • Name: Elena Panova ( Elena Panova )
  • Date of birth: 9 June 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Arkhangelsk
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Panova biography

    Future Honoured artist of Russia Elena Panova was born in Arkhangelsk in June 1977. Her filmography includes a lot of vivid and memorable to the audience of paintings that were made by the Siberian recognizable in an age when some colleagues of Elena only started his career.

    The family, which came to light Elena Panova, was closely connected with the world of creativity and high art. My mother worked as a teacher of piano in music school. Hence daughters have a love for music. And dad was the artistic Director of the youth theatre in Changelist. He introduced Elena from the stage.

    But first Elena Panova did not plan to connect his life with music or theatre. Girl engaged in the choreographic team and dreamed of becoming a ballerina, reaching heights of Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya. But unfortunately, (or for fans of the actress fortunately), a career in ballet there are only unfulfilled childhood dream. The fact that neither Ulanova or Plisetskaya she not be, she realized in high school. On the question of which way to go after graduation, Elena had said to me – acting.

    But to prepare thoroughly girl did not have time and exams to the Moscow school-Studio of MKHAT failed miserably. Elena Panova later admitted that he exaggerated his strength and capabilities. It seemed to her that if the father – Director, the University in her pocket. Only after the failure she realized that to achieve the goal is important not only heredity, but also a lot of work.

    Good work, Panova was admitted to drama school in the second year. Again expressed a preference for the school-Studio MXAT. Her mentor was Oleg Yefremov, who was adored by all the students for their talent and kindness.


    In 1999, Elena Panova received a diploma and was immediately accepted into the Moscow Art theatre of a name of Anton Chekhov.

    A cinematic biography of Elena Panova began in his student years. At the 3rd year, she starred in the movie «Christmas story». And in the year of issue from the school-Studio of MKHAT aspiring actress got her first starring role. She played in the Swiss Comedy «Berezina, or Last days Switzerland». Tape Daniel Schmid was released in 1999, but was pretty cool received by the audience. Although critics agreed on the opinion that claims to the game of Russian actress Panova just no.

    In the same year, Elena Panova appeared in the great melodrama «Mother», directed by Denis Evstigneev was opened by her name huge audience of the country.

    But the real popularity came to the artist in 2001, when he released the cult TV series «the Border. Taiga novel». The film Director Alexander Mitta suggested Elena Panova to transform the way nurses Galina Harness. Her husband in this movie played the son of beloved undergraduate mentor, Mikhail Efremov. This novel brought the young actress her first award, but still considerable: Panov was awarded the State prize of Russia.

    Finally, to gain a foothold in the movie-Olympus Elena Panova managed with the release of the cult action movie Alexei Sidorov’s «shadow Boxing».

    The popularity of the actress brought in Vogue series, the latter of which was released in the early 2000s, «Kamenskaya», «Moore is MOORE» and «Plot». Behind them, Elena Panova appeared in several tapes. But in sitcoms that last for years, the actress refuses to act. She considers them something similar to factory production.

    In 2007 and 2011 came 2nd and 3rd part of the dramatic Thriller «shadow Boxing», which reappeared Elena Panina in the role of Vicki. In the same period she played in ranked melodrama «the year of the Golden fish», «friend or foe» and «House on Lake».

    In 2009 and 2010, the actress has pleased his many fans by appearance in the Thriller with elements of fantasy «Dark world» where he played a character named, Helvi, and the popular TV series «Doctor Tyrsa». In the latest tape Elena Panova portrayed the head of morbid anatomy Department Eugene Zaitsev. This is one of the main characters of the series in which the Central image has got Michael Porechenkova. The film received the award «Golden eagle» in the nomination «the Best series».

    The creative biography of Elena Panova is equally well developed as in the movies, and in theater. On stage native Theater, and the theater Studio of Oleg Tabakov, the actress appears in a variety of roles.

    Personal life

    According to the artist, she’s been one. On her way met men flashed novels, but none of the candidates «not attracted» to the person with whom I would like to start a family and grow old.

    But not so long ago the personal life of Elena Panova made a sharp turn. The actress got married. But years of loneliness had taught her to hide private from prying prying eyes and to cherish the fragile happiness. Perhaps that is why Elena Panova carefully hides the name of its second half. Can’t find photos of her with her husband and children.

    It is known that in 2012 the couple have a daughter Marianne. And just recently, in mid-March 2016, Elena Panova gave birth to a second daughter, which was named in honor of his beloved grandmother Lida.


    • «Berezina, or Last days Switzerland»
    • «Mother»
    • «The border. Taiga novel»
    • «Shadow Boxing»
    • «Plot»
    • «The year of the Golden fish»
    • «Friend or foe»
    • «House on Lake»
    • «The dark world»
    • «Doctor Tyrsa»


    Olena Panova

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