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  • Name: Elena Obolenskaya ( Elena Belevich )
  • Date of birth: 10 July 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Yelena Obolenskaya: biography

    Elena Obolensky is a Russian theater and film actress, best known for his roles in such films as «the Mistress of my fate», «Junior», «Russian chocolate», «Because love» and many others. She was born in Moscow, into a family of actors of the Maly theatre of George and Chloe Obolensky. Mom also worked on stage costumes for theatrical productions. The girl with the early years been behind the scenes before beginning to aim to be creative. She graduated from music school in piano, taught himself to play the guitar, and also took acting classes in the theater Studio.

    No wonder that after school, Elena decided to continue the dynasty and went to Theatrical school of a name of N. Shchepkin, where for five years he studied at the art Director Nicholas Tereshenko. Then a young actress is invited to the famous «Lenkom», where she debuted in the role of Franchetti in the play by Beaumarchais ‘ «Figaro». From «Lenkom», the author moved to the centre theatre «Commonwealth Taganka Actors» and to this day goes to the scene of the theater in dramatic and comedic roles.


    Debuted in the film Elena Obolenskaya in 1994. She starred in the drama «forget-me-nots» and the detective short film «Private history». But even in the 90s she focused on training and theatrical activities. Therefore, except for the little episode in «the Barber of Siberia», we can say that for real in the cinema author rushed in the 21st century.

    Detective series «the Bag with a bright future» based on the novel by Tatiana Ustinova has attracted the attention of the audience to the actress and then the interest in it increased after two seasons of melodrama, «Take me with you.» In 2010, Elena just didn’t go out from the set and managed to take part in a dozen paintings. The most notable of them is the family drama «Russian chocolate», the Comedy «Mom» and the detective «Main version».

    Of later works the most popular was the romance «the Mistress of my fate» TV series «Junior» is about hockey, which has already gone through a few seasons. But not weaker than were family dramas «love and Hate», «Blizzard» and «Because I love you.» Also very high quality out of the complex psychological picture of «Maya».

    The last date in the cinema Helen Obolensky, there is another romance «Hate», was released in domestic theaters in April 2016.

    Personal life

    Official husband of Helen Obolensky became an actor and Director Kirill Belevich. Name Helena after marriage constantly there are incidents, as it appears on posters and how Obolenskaya, and how Belevich-Obolenskaya, and sometimes a new name just take in brackets after her maiden – Obolenskaya (Belevich).

    Kirill and Elena have three children – sons Cyril and Dobrynya, and daughter, Alexandra. The eldest son Cyril has declared itself as about the gifted artist. His series of paintings under the title «Trash» has already been exhibited in Moscow galleries.

    Daughter Sasha is still in high school, but has already managed to star in two pictures of his father – «Unity» and «emergency (Emergency)». The youngest child of Dobrynya also tried himself as an actor. 13-year-old boy successfully appeared in the films «Old rifle» and «Unity». By the way, all children wear a double surname.

    Elena Obolenskaya in his spare time he enjoys fencing and dancing. In addition, the actress loves to read fiction, especially classical.


    • 1994 — the forget-me-nots
    • 2007 — the Bag with a bright future
    • 2010 — Russian chocolate
    • 2010 — the Basic version
    • 2010 — Moms
    • 2012 — the Mistress of my fate
    • 2013 — a Very beautiful wife
    • 2013-2016 — Junior
    • 2015 — Because I love
    • 2016 — Hate


    Elena Obolenskaya

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