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  • Name: Elena Sever ( Elena Severgina )
  • Date of birth: 29 April 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: singer, actress, TV presenter, public figure
  • Marital status: married

    Helen North: biography

    Biography of Elena Sever, singer, actress, TV presenter and public figure, originates a spring April day in 1973. She was born in St. Petersburg in the family of Director of research center of Yuri Petrovich Severgina and his wife Dina Pavlovna that a degree was an economist. Elena’s parents as intelligent people, gives strength to the science in Scientific research Institute of electrophysical apparatus, wanted their daughter developed not only mentally, but also culturally, and physically, so enrolled the child in various circles.

    Elena Sever
    Singer, actress and just a gorgeous woman | Official site

    In those days, children’s clubs was very affordable, so Elena Sever for free studied at the music school, piano and vocal, attended a dance Studio, and sports met through a section of rhythmic gymnastics. By the way, the nickname «the North» is an abbreviation of her real name. The so-called Elena classmates, and subsequently, the buzzword became her stage name. After receiving the Ged, she decided to continue the work of mother and entered the Saint-Petersburg financial and economic University, where he obtained a job on a speciality «Finance and credit».

    Elena Sever
    Photo by Elena North | Official website

    But fate took Lena aside from the economy, debit and credit. While still a student she began moonlighting in the organization of various events and subsequently participated in the preparation of fashion shows with the participation of Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford, concerts of Madonna and Julio Iglesias, sporting events famous tennis players and stars of world basketball.

    Elena Sever
    Photo by Elena | Official website

    Later the North was the initiator of creating the Charitable Fund «Federation», who organized concerts to support Russia in the fight against children’s oncological and ophthalmological diseases. Thanks Elena Russian viewers were able to see performances by celebrities like Sharon stone, Alain Delon, Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Mickey Rourke and many other stars of world scale.


    In 2012, Helen and myself decided to go on stage. Career in show business she began as a pop singer. The first was her song «Dreams», which was previously performed by Valery Leontiev. For this song was shot the colorful clip, which was attended by professional actors, including the Russian Igor Petrenko and American Kevin costner.

    But the biggest hit was the song Helena North «I’m Jealous». It was also created a good video that often gets in the rotation music TV. Clips Helena North enjoy the same success with the audience.


    In addition, Helen North is a singer, she tried herself as actress. In the historical-biographical drama of a joint Russian-French production «Rasputin» it is at the personal invitation of actor gérard Depardieu played the Marquis. By the way, in the credits, North has not appeared under a pseudonym, but under her husband’s name as Elena Kiseleva.

    Elena Sever the film
    The role of the Marquise in the film «Rasputin» | Group VK

    With her in this film his talent is demonstrated by such widely known artists as Irina Alferova, Vladimir Mashkov, Filipp Yankovsky, and Konstantin Khabensky. In addition to filming in the feature film she has appeared in dozens of music videos for such national rock groups as «Russian» and «Earthlings».

    TV presenter

    Almost simultaneously with the career of the singer Elena made her debut as a TV presenter. On the channel «Family» she had to fight the transfer of «marital happiness», and on the TV channel «Fashion TV» show «High life». In its programs the North spoke with many stars of show business.

    Elena Sever
    The TV show «High life» | video

    The guests of the Studio became, for example, Emanuel Vitorgan and Diana Gurtskaya. In each project Elena was the highlight. In «Family happiness,» you came with your companions, that is, the audience acquainted with the stars from the point of view of their life and private life, and in «High life» fashion fans could get answers to the most burning questions from the most famous designers and fashion designers in the world.

    And recently in the air RU.TV started a new authoring program Helena, which is called «the North. True stories». This transmission has charitable status and aims to help children who need organ transplants or awaiting rehabilitation in the «Russian scientific center of surgery named after B. V. Petrovsky». On a visit to came leading singer Anita Tsoy and Maksim, as well as such musicians as Alexey Vorobyov and Stas Kostyushkin.

    Personal life

    Husband of Helen North is a very well-known Russian music producer Vladimir Kiselev, who rose to fame during a performance with the legendary Soviet group «Earthlings». Vladimir Kiselev and Elena Sever met in the early 90-ies of the backstage complex, «October», when the dance group 19-year-old girls was performed in the framework of the festival «White nights». Thanks to this meeting, Elena decided not to go into the economy, and to associate with show business.

    Elena North with her husband
    With her husband Vladimir Kiselev | Instagram

    After the wedding the family had two sons, Yuri and Vladimir. The two boys from childhood accustomed to the music, they’ve graduated from music school, class of flute and piano, and studied vocal. Fans of modern pop music could hear the debut songs of the sons of Helen North. Junior debuted as a singer Vladimir with songs «a letter to the President» and «Hollywood», and the elder under the pseudonym Urkis not only performed duet of the song «Armani» and «Bell», but came out in a duet with Stephanie Malikova, the daughter of Dmitry Malikov.

    Elena Sever and children
    With his sons Yuri and Vladimir | Portal «L!fe»

    When children of Helen North and Vladimir Kiselyov were young, they were often sick. The woman had been in various medical institutions, she saw how many little patients need serious help. It was then that Elena decided to establish a special Fund, called «Federation» and became his «patroness».

    Songs Helena North

    • Dreams
    • I’m Jealous
    • Three roads


    Elena Sever

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