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  • Name: Elena Nikolaeva ( Elena Nikolaeva )
  • Date of birth: 9 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Nikolaeva: biography

    Elena Nikolaeva – Russian theater and film actress, known to domestic audiences for the films «Girl,» «While the fern blooms» and «Mommy» and numerous theatrical productions.

    Elena was born in Moscow, in the family of hereditary dancers. Her mother was a professional ballerina, and my grandmother danced folk dances at an Amateur level. 4 years old girl was seriously engaged in gymnastics and showed great promise in this sport. But after 5 years of training at the insistence of grandma Helen moved to the ballet school of Anatoly Borzov. After she demonstrated the high potential, the famous dance school-Studio of the Igor Moiseyev, where the girl was the youngest student. As adults, Nikolaev danced in the ensemble of Moses and in the military ensemble «the Sky of Russia».

    After graduating from secondary school and a ballet Studio, Elena filed the documents in the theatrical school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, but failed to pass the audition. The following year she decided to choose another famous theatrical institution – GITIS. This time she successfully passed the exams and became a student of acting Department of directing Department, where she is creative Director was Oleg Kudryashov.

    During her studies, she played in many student productions, due to what was seen by the State theatre of Nations, where she was invited immediately after graduation. There, under the people’s artist of Russia Yevgeny Mironov, she has played several notable roles in theater productions, the most striking of which was «Swedish match» and «bullfinches».


    To debut in the movies Elena Nikolaeva failed almost immediately after she became a student of theatrical Institute. The first picture was the romantic Comedy «history of the spring draft», tells how the bride decides to «save» her fiance from the army by seducing the Commissar.

    This lightweight story is not brought the actress widely known. But in 2008, after starring in the social drama «the Girl» Elena Nikolaev noticed both the audience and critics. She plays the role of the Moscow schoolgirl Lena the Yartsevo, which will of fate could look at their whims and caprices. In this film, the actress not only played the main character, but she performed the song «Scales» and «Trap», which sound in the picture. At the film festival «Zerkalo» named after Tarkovsky for this work of Nikolaev were awarded the special prize of the President of the festival.

    The following prominent motion picture actress was the spy Thriller «Soundtrack of passion» in which she plays the employee of a private detective Agency Vitu. This girl unexpectedly falls in love with a person, which is surveillance by bugging his conversations, and falls solely on the voice. For some unknown reason, but the Director Nikolai Lebedev for the mixing, I decided to replace the voice of Elena Nikolaeva, therefore her character was pereozvuchivat actress Svetlana Ivanova. However, Nikolaev was awarded the «audience award» at the festival «Constellation-2010».

    In the popular television series «Mom» Elena is not only played by young mother little daughter Masha, but also read the narration. Interestingly, of the three main characters of the picture of Nikolaev in real life is the mother. So she had a lot to advise their partners in the sitcom Alexander Bulychevaa and especially Svetlana Kolpakova that scenario – a large mother how to properly and naturally portray their roles.

    Personal life

    Immediately after GITIS Elena Nikolaeva with her mother vacationing at the resort, where she met her husband Constantine. Husband Nikolaeva has nothing to do with show business and doesn’t like the hype associated with the popularity of his wife. Elena and Constantine has a son Artem born in 2009 and daughter Veronica, who is younger brother of 3 years.

    Elena Nikolaeva likes bigger cars, especially SUVs. She also enjoys gardening, and after having children began to do needlework.

    Despite widespread rumors, Elena Nikolaeva has no relation to the famous singer and composer Igor Nikolaev. In fact, the actress is a full namesake of the first wife of the famous musician.


    • 2007 — Tumbler
    • 2007 — Pen and sword
    • 2008 — the Girl
    • 2009 — Soundtrack of passion
    • 2012 — My other half
    • 2012 — Broody, or Russian Incredible adventures in Panama
    • 2012 — While blooming fern
    • 2012 — Freud’s Method
    • 2014 — Two winters and three summers
    • 2015 — Mom


    Elena Nikolaeva

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