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  • Name: Elena ( Elena Mizulina )
  • Date of birth: 9 December 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: town of Bui, Kostroma oblast, Russia
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: the Russian state and political figure, member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, former Deputy of the state Duma, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married

    Elena Mizulina: biography

    Elena Mizulina – the bright representative of a female political elite of Russia, known for his controversial bills, which cause resonance in the society. It is one of the most criticized female politicians, as in its active initiative is a clear invasion of privacy of the Russians. Despite this, it continues its attempts to legitimize the common human values in the modern world, in its view, turn on the head.» The most high-profile bills Mizulina can be called the ban on obscene statements on the Internet, the spread of gay propaganda, free abortion, divorce, families, as well as the adoption of Russian children by foreign parents. Have policies and their point of view on the situation in Ukraine, for which, like many other Russian deputies, included in the sanctions list of the USA and the EU.

    Born Elena Borisovna Mizulina (nee Dmitrieva) 9 Dec 1954 in Yaroslavl Buje the family shell-shocked war veteran Boris Mikhailovich, who was head of the Communist party in his hometown. The identity of her father to the political party most likely left an imprint on the destiny of the future state Duma, in connection with which the biography of Yelena Mizulina continuously connected to politics. From childhood she dreamed to become a person of great political world, so during the school displayed outstanding zeal and diligence to be a successful student in and out of school with a decent certificate.

    Wanting to be a diplomat, she wanted to enter the MGIMO, but fate decreed otherwise, and the future politician first entered Yaroslavl state University law faculty. In his student years, Elena Borisovna happened the fateful acquaintance with a classmate Mikhail Mizulina, who later became the companion of her life.

    In 1977, the future politician received a law degree and got a job as a laboratory assistant at the Department of theory and law. She then went to work in the local court, where they were the position of an ordinary consultant, but a few years, was promoted to senior consultant. In parallel with the work in the court she studied at the graduate school of the Kiev state University and in 1983 he defended his thesis and received the degree of candidate of legal Sciences.

    Later Elena Borisovna wrote another thesis, which he defended at the Institute of state and law of Russian Academy of Sciences. According to Mizulina, her work was a revelation, a new direction in science, then she realized that she is the «scientists of God». From 1992 to 1995 she was a Professor at the Department of legal native Yaroslavl University, then got into the political maelstrom and leaving her legal career, devoted himself entirely to politics.


    Political career of Elena Mizulina has been developing rapidly and vigorously. In 1993, with the active support of her husband, she was elected to the Federation Council where he became Deputy Chairman of the Committee on legal Affairs and on constitutional legislation. In 1995 she became a member of the social-liberal party «Yabloko», which helped her get into the Duma. In 2001, she left the «Apple» in connection with the personal discomfort because of the low popularity of the party among the population, which no one in the elections did not give this political cell even 5% of their votes.

    Then she joined the «Union of right forces», and in 2004 he received the appointment to the post of representative of the state Duma in the constitutional court. Along with the political-legal activity of the Deputy was trained in the Russian Academy of state service under the RF President. In 2007 was elected state Duma Deputy, where she was able to stay until September 2015. In the period from 2011 to the State Duma politician headed the Committee on women, children and families, activities in which he glorified her as a politician throughout the world.

    In September 2015, she was given the post of Senator in the Federation Council, therefore was forced to prematurely resign in the state Duma. On a new post Elena Borisovna will represent the Omsk region, and its place is likely to take Olga Epifanova, whose candidature was nominated by party «Fair Russia».


    A lawmaker Elena Mizulina filled with controversial bills, which were generally based on her personal view about moral values. The main activities we can distinguish several legal acts which it is actively initiated in the state Duma.

    One of the biggest bills Mizulina was «the law of censorship on the Internet». According to this law, was organized by the safe information space and created the so-called «black list» of websites blocked without trial. The law Mizulina has caused a lot of discontent among human rights activists and representatives of the Runet, as in their opinion he has expanded the opportunities for officials to abuse their position and block the evil power resources.

    Also, special attention in its law-making activities of a politician devoted to the LGBT community whom I had expressed a dislike of bright. She openly advocated the removal of children from same-sex families and opposed gay propaganda. Its laws against sexual minorities cause a huge impact around the world, but she remains unconvinced and was able to bring its policy up to a triumphant result, and it antigeysky law was in the Administrative code.

    In addition to laws against gays and Internet censorship Mizulina proposed to introduce a ban on free abortions and surrogate motherhood. In her opinion, women had to lose the right to get rid of unwanted pregnancy was also proposed to allow abortions only for medical reasons or in case of pregnancy the result of rape.

    Quite scandalous position Elena Mizulina has regarding the family and marriage. It is proposed to introduce a tax on divorce couples and opposed the adoption of Russian orphans by foreign citizens. In addition, it advocates for the promotion of large families in Russia and considers that several generations of one family should live in the same housing.

    Catch phrase Mizulina is the phrase «

  • pedophile lobby» which it applies in respect of a number of critics, vividly Express a protest against its law-making activities. Many who thinks that «pedophile lobby» Mizulina calls all whom it or she does not like. This policy statement is considered the hallmark Mizulina, a call so she can any man, who protested against its activities.

    Personal life

    Personal life Elena Mizulina is not as rich as her career. She married while still a student, his classmate Michael Mizulina, who became her only companion. Currently, the man Mizulina is associate Professor of political Department of political science and the Russian Academy of state service under the President of the Russian Federation.

    The notorious MP, along with the political activity has found time for motherhood. She bore her husband two children – daughter Catherine and son Nicholas who grew up long ago and are absolutely independent people. Daughter lives in Moscow separately from parents and the head of the Fund «Legal capital», which performs financial intermediation between publishing and advertising firms. According to media reports, this Fund belongs to Elena Mizulina.

    Mizulin son lives in Brussels, works as a lawyer and is the co-owner of Mayer Brown. He is married to a citizen of Spain, daughter of the famous Spanish writer, who gave birth to Nicholas two children.

    But politics Elena Mizulina is fond of exotic cats, and even requested to expand the area of housing to improve the living conditions of your pet. She also engaged in breeding plants and loves to please their loved ones by to play the accordion.


    Income Yelena Mizulina for 2014 amounted to 4 million 124 thousand rubles. Her husband earned 800 thousand more. Spouses have free use of the apartment with an area of 212 sq. m. of Personal property of Elena Mizulina there is only one Parking place 10 sq. m., and her husband owns a Volvo XC90.


    Elena Mizulina

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