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  • Name: Elena Minina ( Elena Minina )
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Activities: musician, singer, participant of show «the Voice season 4»
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Minina: biography

    Elena Minina was born 12 March 1986 in Moscow in a creative family. She began singing at the age of three. After school, the girl enrolled in the Academy of music Gnesin on the separation of the piano.

    Minin – academic singer, singing professionally for over 15 years. In 2008 she performed the title role in the Opera «the Master and Margarita», which put Alexander Gradsky. In the portfolio the singer’s other roles in musical productions, teaching. September 4, 2015, viewers saw Helen Minin at the opening of the theatre «town Hall».

    Page, girls in Instagram posted a collage maker with Alexander Gradsky and comments to them, according to which until 2015 Elena Minina – actress of his theater.

    In an interview, Helen confessed that all his life is singing, and dreaming about ballet. The past eight years, she is taking Irish step and studying the culture of the Celts.

    Show «The Voice»

    Elena Minina has loudly declared itself on «the Voice 4». «Blind auditions» she sang «Some Day My Prince Will Come». From the first seconds the viewers and the mentors realized that the scene is not just talented and professional singer.

    First it turned Alexander Gradsky, although his team by that time was fully staffed. Other mentors were reluctant to press the red button. The expression on their faces, it was evident that they enjoy by Elena Minina.

    The contestant was confused when it turned all four. She chose Alexander Gradsky and became a member of 15 in his team, contrary to the rules of vocal show.

    City Minin directly asked why she three years did not go to «the Voice», although he asked her. The girl was confused and answered that, when applied to the casting, did not expect to meet among the judges of Alexander Gradsky. The jury appreciated the humor of participants.

    After what happened at the audition there were spectators, who questioned the impartiality of judges. The reason for these conversations was the fact that the Dating town and minino. But doubts vanished as soon as Minin addressed the Duo.

    Personal life

    Personal life Elena Minina hiding, we only know that the singer is married, the couple has a daughter.

    As a child, Helen dreamed not only of ballet, but also about medicine. She was going to become a surgeon and collected a home library of anatomy. The girl is fond of English and Spanish. The singer loves classical music, especially the works of his idol frédéric Chopin.

    The girl has dozens of creative ideas that she turns into music. Elena Minina wants to write and deliver a musical «Winnie the Pooh».


    Elena Minina

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