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  • Name: Elena Metelkina ( Elena Metelkina )
  • Date of birth: 23 October 1953.
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: actress, model, mannequin
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Metelkina: biography

    Elena Metelkina — Soviet and Russian actress, fashion model, one of the heroines of the TV show «Fashion verdict». The greatest popularity was gained thanks to roles in films shot on the works of Cyrus Bulycheva.

    Elena Metelkina was born 23 Oct 1953 in Moscow into the family of a military engineer. The girl grew very obedient and quiet, spent a lot of time at home reading, was compliant and calm. Elena’s father has passed all war, participated in the battle of Stalingrad, had seven inventions in the field of construction and engineering.

    Elena Metelkina in his youth
    Elena Metelkina in youth | Gossip

    In the early eighties, Vladimir Metelkina dragged into a scandal with embezzlement of funds, and he died, striking himself in the heart with a dagger. After his father’s death Metelkina began to permanently reside with his mother, taking on the responsibilities of head of the family.


    Elena Metelkina twice tried to enter the theater University. The dream of becoming an actress pursued her since childhood, when from ugly duckling girl suddenly turned into an attractive young lady. The first attempt at Elena did in 1972, when he came to audition for «the Pike». To enter the theater Institute, the girl did not work, but noticed her and invited to star in a movie in a cameo role. So the debut of Metelkina in the movie. She got a small role in the film in 1973 called «Banks».

    Elena Metelkina in the film
    Elena Metelkina in the film «Through thorns to the stars» | Movie-Theater

    Elena did not lose hope to acting and after a year tried to do to VGIK. She again failed the tests, then decided to work as a model. In 1980, screens out the film «Through thorns to the stars» in which Metelkina was the main role. In the picture she got thanks to their unusual appearance.

    At a time when the filmmakers searched for an actress for the role of alien girls, photos of Helen adorn fashionable clothing catalogs. For several years, the girl became a successful model. Her unusual appearance was noticed and invited to audition. After several months of consideration of variants of the film-makers opted for Metelkina. Thus, the model got the part of the Company, which brought her popularity. The film was seen by over twenty million people, and the young actress began to learn in the subway, on the street, in the store.

    Elena Metelkina in the film
    Elena Metelkina in the film «guest from the future» | Movie-Theater

    On set Elena became friends with Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheiko, better known under the name McGee. Three years after the release of pictures «Through the thorns to the stars» Metelkina again got a role in the film adaptation based on the works of the famous Soviet writer.

    Elena played Pauline – the employee of Institute of Time in the film «guest from the future». She was the most distant and inaccessible beauty, which came to pick up Alice in her time. The picture of the «guest from the future» came out in 1984, the same year Elena was another notable work in the movies. She starred in the Comedy Evgeny Gerasimov «Very important person».

    Elena Metelkina in the film
    Elena Metelkina in the film «Very important person» | Movie-Theater

    The actress worked on a film set with Yuri Nazarov, Nina Ruslanova, Vyacheslav Nevinny and Nikolai Parfenov. Interestingly, Yevgeny Gerasimov, who was the Director of this movie, also starred in a small role in the film «guest from the future», he played the robot Werther.

    Further acting career Elena Metelkina did not happen. She appeared in a small role in the film «Touch» in 1992, in the episode of the drama «War» in 2002 and starred in the short film «Simple woman’s happiness» in 2013.

    Modeling career

    Elena was a very successful model and fashion model from the mid-seventies. Exactly the pictures in the catalogs of knitted and sewn clothes became her gateway into the world of cinema. The father of Metelkina was opposed to his daughter becoming a fashion model, but after several failed attempts of receipt in theatrical Institute Elena settled in all-Union fashion house.

    Elena Metelkina
    Model Elena Metelkina | Movie-Theater

    At that time she worked as a librarian, but her height and weight corresponded to the model parameters and the appearance were the original. Elena noticed and invited to work as a model for the filming of the magazine «Model of the season» part-time. She quickly got a taste and has found a place mannequins in the Gum’s demonstration hall.

    Elena Metelkina
    Elena Metelkina on the podium

    For the filming of the movie «Through thorns to the stars» she had to give up not only from hair, but from work, it is without regret, resigned from the Department store. After complete the picture, Elena returned to the profession of fashion models. Metelkina got a job in the Moscow house of models.

    Model Elena Metelkina
    Model Elena Metelkina | Gossip

    After perestroika, Elena went to work in a showroom Mila Nadtochy, but the project was commercially unviable. During the work of Helen fashion model, she often had to pose for magazines and books on knitting and sewing. A photo of her in her youth can be found in many re-the Soviet book, «ABCs of knitting».

    Personal life

    During filming in 1980, Elena met in Crimea with a young man named Sergei. She was fascinated by the gallant courtship and very soon fell in love. To Moscow after the shooting the girl returned with a knight. Parents with a fait accompli that he was going to marry.

    Elena Metelkina
    Elena Metelkina at the time of marriage | Vechernyaya Moskva

    Elena and Sergey got married without delay. The young man had a daughter from previous relationships and was unhappy when Metelkina got pregnant. Elena refused the offer to have an abortion, and the family began differences. The pregnancy was complicated woman for a long time lying on the conservation. During this time, the man found himself a new love. After the birth of son Alexander husband finally left the family.

    Elena Metelkina
    Elena Metelkina | tvnz

    The parting with her husband is complicated by the fact that he was a marriage swindler and tried to sue Metelkina their apartment. During this period, the father of the models became embroiled in a scandal with embezzlement of funds and could not withstand the pressure, committed suicide. The trial lasted several years, but eventually the apartment was able to defend, and the marriage was recognized as valid.

    Next time Elena had heard about her husband in 1996 when she came to the house law enforcement officers. They asked for a certificate stating that the tenant discharged from the apartment, and did not dwell on the reasons for his appearance.

    Elena Metelkina
    Elena Metelkina | IT-Ua

    Once Elena turned to the fortuneteller as the pain of her husband’s infidelity for a long time did not abate. Told her ex-husband died a horrible death. Elena realized that she might share the fate of her husband, if they hadn’t broke up.

    Hardships of life models have led her into depression and triggered the search for answers to eternal questions. Metelkina was a very religious man. She first visited the temple, then went on a pilgrimage to Holy places, and later found a spiritual mentor in the person of father Michael Titov.

    Elena Metelkina son
    Elena Metelkina with his son Alexander | Gossip

    The son of Elena Metelkina graduated from the Institute of International relations. But jobs chose a career mechanic. Alexander dreamed of creating your own business.

    Elena Metelkina believes that the personal life is not yet written Chapter in the book of her life, and she’ll meet a good Christian that will be happy.

    Elena Metelkina now

    Elena could all my life to work as a fashion model, but her profession has become obsolete due to the mass emergence of ready-made clothing shops. Modeling career woman graduated at the age of 46 years.

    Elena Metelkina | Interlinks

    Metelkina worked as a Secretary-referent, a saleswoman of clothes and shoes, a teacher in the boarding school, Manager for work with clients and even a cleaner. According to some sources, now Metelkina work in the icon shop, and sings in the choir of the parish Church in Moscow.


    • 1973 — the Coast
    • 1981 — Through the thorns to the stars
    • 1984 is a Very important person
    • 1984 — guest from the future
    • 1992 — a Touch
    • 2002 — War
    • 2011 — a Simple female happiness


    Elena Metelkina

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