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  • Name: Elena Mayorova ( Elena Mayorova )
  • Date of birth: 30 may 1958
  • Age: 39 years
  • Date of death: 23 Aug 1997
  • Place of birth: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • Activities: theater and film actress, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: was married

    Elena Mayorova: biography

    Elena Mayorova – star of Soviet and Russian screen 80-90-ies. She became very popular after starred in the movie «fast train», «Makarov» and Lost in Siberia.» It is also worth noting that still not cease talking concerning the reasons for the death of 39-year-old actress.

    Elena was born and spent his school years in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Her entire family belonged to the working class. His father worked in the carpool, and my mother was an employee of the slaughterhouse. But the girl only dreamed about the scene. In the 9 years she began to attend drama school at the Palace of pioneers and established in the idea that being an actress is the way she herself would like.

    Mayorov was very open and friendly child. In school, Helen not only learned to «excellent», not only actively participated in the life class, but also became a real leader for the guys. Moreover, after becoming famous, Elena Mayorova often came to his native town, gathering classmates and organize joint picnics or other recreation. As they say peers actress in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk loved her without exception.

    After school the girl goes to the capital and submits documents to all College theater. And each of them, its fail. But Mayorov decides not to return home. It goes to the construction of vocational schools, despite the major: the main criterion was the provision of students with hostels. A year Elena has not only studied but also worked, and worked very hard. As she got to the specialty of insulators, the future star had in the cold the whole shift, wound on glass wool pipe, secure it with wire and concrete.

    However, in the year Elena Mayorova managed not only to finish school with honors, but also successfully prepare for entrance examinations in theatrical Institute. In the end she was able to convince the admission Committee of the University in 1976, was among the pupils of the meter screen of Oleg Tabakov.

    The first theater newly minted actress has become «Contemporary», and then she acted on stage of the Moscow art theatre, performing the roles of both classical and contemporary repertoire.


    Debut of actress Elena Maiorova took place in a very famous Soviet teen romance «You can not dream», where she played the roommate of the main character. And the first big role she won in 1981 in the film-accident «34-second fast». Also Elena can be seen in such blockbuster films as the Comedy «Lonely the hostel» with Natalia Gundareva and Alexander Mikhailov, in the social drama «Zina-zinulya» with Yevgeniya Glushenko and melodrama «Forgotten melody for flute», which also shone Leonid Filatov Tatiana Dogileva.

    But the best roles of Elena Maiorova, according to fans and experts, is the waitress of the dining car Olga and family-social movie «fast train», Dr. Anna Ilinichna in the tragedy of «Lost in Siberia» Natalia, the wife of the protagonist in the film-parable «Makarov». Of the latest works is to provide adventure Comedy «the Return of «Battleship» and historical drama «knife».

    Elena Mayorova managed during his short life to star in more than 40 films, and several works released after her death. It is noteworthy that in his most recent role in this tale, «Listen, not whether the rain…» actress turned into… phantoms of Death.

    Personal life

    Elena Mayorova was married twice. Her first husband was a fellow student of theatrical Institute Vladimir Chaplygin. But this Alliance was quite fragile. Mother-in-law, Muscovite is not accepted in the house visiting a girlfriend. The husband and wife a short time lived in the dormitory of the Moscow art Theater, after which Vladimir has returned to the nest. However, some people argue that this marriage initially was a dummy Deer needed the relevant documents, so after graduation have the opportunity to stay in Moscow.

    Again Mayorov married artist hyperrealism Sergei Sherstiuk who really loved her. Anyway, it was love at first sight. The actress once sat with a friend and suddenly said that now the room will become her betrothed. Literally a moment later there appeared Sherstyuk, with whom Elena had never met. With Sergey she lived until the last day of his life, but the children of the honored artist and was not. By the way, Sherstyuk survived his wife only 9 months, died from cancer.


    23 Aug 1997 Elena Mayorova came in his house where on fire her dress. The actress managed to reach the service entrance to the theater Mossovet, which was in the yard of her house, but on the verge of lose consciousness. In the hospital at the Institute Sklifosovsky she arrived with burns to 85% of the body surface, but to bring her back to life by medical workers failed.

    According to the official version, this tragic death has been ruled an accident. But relatives, friends and neighbors had an opinion, based on the fact that Mayorov has several times in the recent past was removed from the window-ledge, with foot pegs racing trains, and even once she had found a gun. Moreover, it is known that the last few months, the actress was in a depressed state, bordering on deep depression. Therefore, among the loved ones of Elena Maiorova discussed the version about suicide of the actress.


    • 1981 — 34th ambulance
    • 1981 — uncle’s dream
    • 1983 — offered for singles
    • 1987 — Lucky
    • 1988 — the Express train
    • 1990 — an Unidentified person
    • 1991 — Lost in Siberia
    • 1993 — Makarov
    • 1996 — The Return Of «Battleship»
    • 1998 — knife


    Elena Mayorova

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