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  • Name: Elena Malysheva ( Malysheva Elena )
  • Date of birth: 13 March 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Kemerovo
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status: married to Igor Malyshev

    Elena Malysheva: biography

    Elena Malysheva (nee Shabunina) was born 13 Mar 1961 in Kemerovo. Father Vasily Shabunin, and mother Galina Morozova were doctors. Elena has a brother a twin and older sister. All children went in the footsteps of their parents and has linked the life with medicine.

    Elena graduated from School with gold medal and entered the Kemerovo medical Institute on medical faculty. In 1984 Shabunina graduated with honors, receiving a red diploma. The girl stopped and decided to continue his studies in the capital. In 1984, she entered the Moscow and the Academy of medical Sciences, and three years later he defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of medical Sciences on the theme «Prevention and elimination of heart arrhythmias by using adaptation to stress and the activation of gamma-aminobutyric acid».

    Some time Elena Malysheva worked as a General practitioner, but later he became assistant of internal medicine Department of the Second medical Institute in Moscow. He is currently a Professor at the Moscow state medical and dental University and the presenter.

    Elena Malysheva: TV

    The main Celebracion Russia, it was not immediately. Television biography of Elena Malysheva began in 1992 in his native Kemerovo. First gear, called «the Recipe» was released on the city channel «Kuzbass». And hit Elena on the TV by accident. When her younger son was just ten months old, he fell ill. The boy was operated on in Moscow, and the family returned to Kemerovo. In his hometown it was easier to pass the rehabilitation period. It was then Malysheva suddenly noticed that the air absent good and informative medical programs. Elena even called in a press-service of administration of the Kemerovo to complain about this omission.

    School friend Hermann Gandelman persuaded Malyshev to change the situation itself – to go on local TV. He also introduced a friend with the editor, submitting it and saying: «This is Elena Malysheva. It will maintain good transmission of health». And a young mother with deep medical knowledge immediately began to live broadcasts on channel «Kuzbass».

    A year Malyshev headed the program «the Infirmary», which was published in the channel «North crown», which worked on the sixth frequency channel Russia. A promising lead was quickly noticed and invited to Moscow, where since 1994 Malyshev became the author and host of the daily program «have you seen a Doctor?» on RTR. In parallel with work on television, she honed her medical knowledge and took a course of training at the European center for health and the environment in the United States. By the way, these courses were invited to the most outstanding journalists, who were engaged in the topics of health.

    In 1997, ORT was resumed on release of the popular program «

  • Health», which was previously led by Julia Belyanchikova. Elena Malysheva became her successor – she was now leading, leader and author of the program. All the while Malysheva worked as a television presenter, she never stopped learning. Ten years Elena has written and defended a thesis for the degree of doctor of medical Sciences. In the same 2007 year, Elena Malysheva became a member of the Russian television Academy.

    The popularity of the program «Health» and presenter grew. Since August 2010 Malysheva is the transfer «

  • Live healthy!», which comes daily in morning Prime time on the First channel and «Radio of Russia». The main teletrac Russia is not afraid to raise the slippery and risky topics. It makes its esters are vivid and memorable, cause a public outcry. Although sometimes this resonance is a humorous tone, giving rich food to the parodist. «Friendly cartoons» on Malyshev has made Maxim Galkin & Ivan Urgant. In 2011, leading was even awarded with the award «Silver Shoe» in the category «Malysheva Yes Adalusia».

    Critics of Elena Malysheva say that her program «Live healthy!» is an adaptation of the popular American program «Doctor Oz», based on the same topics and uses the same name layouts. But the audience loves and the transfer still looks happy.

    Recently the presenter has added points to its popularity with its effective diet. Moreover, the diet of Elena Malysheva became popular before was officially presented. Some time ago the Internet exploded with various recipes harmony «from Malysheva». While the lion’s share of these recipes were outright fraud. Elena Malysheva has responded to the sudden popularity of his name as a true professional – she first organized the project in which volunteers grow thin in real-time, has registered the official website of Elena Malysheva, and then launched its own brand of delivery diet food. So there was a real and quite effective diet Elena Malysheva.

    During her career Elena Malysheva was the author of more than fifty scientific publications in the field of medicine. And for contribution to the development of national broadcasting in 2006 she was awarded the state award «Order of Friendship» and the two government decorations: the medal «For merits before domestic public health services» and the badge «Excellent health».

    Elena Malysheva: personal life

    Elena married. Her husband is a scientist, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, and molecular biologist

  • Igor Malyshev. Personal life of Elena Malysheva has never been the top topic for the tabloid press and didn’t give cause for rumors and gossip. Family Malyshevich raised two sons – Yury and Vasily. Eldest son George chose the profession of physician and works with his mom on television. It is known that he is also the creative producer of the program «Live healthy!».

    In the beginning of 2015, Elena Malysheva became a grandmother: the eldest son a boy was born.

    Elena Malysheva: photo

    Olena Of Malisheva

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