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  • Name: Elena Malikova ( elena malikova )
  • Date of birth: 14 February 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Tula
  • Activities: fashion designer, actress, Director, producer
  • Marital status: married to Dmitry Malikov

    Elena Malikova: biography

    We are talking about it immediately, when this beautiful woman came to the well-known singer and composer Dmitry Malikov. So the impact of any media person: everyone who turns in a radius, instantly come to the attention of the public. But Elena is worthy of many compliments not only because it made a hell of a couple of the star.

    Malikova Elena
    Photo By Elena Malikova | Mega-Stars

    Born Elena Valevskaya (that’s her maiden name) in February 1963 in Tula. Unfortunately, information about her parents failed to find. But, it seems, in the house reigned creative atmosphere, because the girl graduated from the Kazan art school and went to continue her education in the capital. He received the diploma of the Institute of culture, she decided not to put the point in education.

    In 1990, the girl arrived at the famous VGIK, directing Department choosing. Studied under the famous Director Sergei Solovyov.


    After graduation he began a creative biography of Elena Malikova. The young woman was actively looking for his place in life. She felt his strength as an actress and starred in the films «Kara» and «to Kill a Scorpion».

    At the same time tried to make a career in the modeling business: some time worked in a children’s art school, where he had a job as a fashion designer.

    Malikova Elena
    A successful woman |

    Looking ahead, we say that in this sphere a woman has achieved the greatest success. Today she has a lucrative business: in Italy, it produces a line of beachwear. Innate taste and femininity help Elena not only look their best but also to keep up with the latest fashion trends in clothing produced by his firm.

    Malikova Elena
    Fashion designer, actress, producer |

    But then, at the dawn of its formation, Elena tried his hand in various sectors, including the economy. She got a job in the joint Russian-Austrian enterprise for the post of economist and often went on business trips.

    Today the wife of Dmitry Malikov is not only engaged in development of own business model, but also is the right hand of a famous husband. She holds the position of Executive producer in his production centre.

    Personal life

    For the first time Elena Valevskaya married early: at 18 she became the wife of a successful businessman, from which 19 gave birth to a girl. Daughter Elena Malikova from his first marriage name is Olga Isakson.

    Elena Malikova with her daughter
    The eldest daughter Olga |

    It seems that in this marriage the young beauty was all about what could only dream of her countrywomen. In that difficult time (dashing 90-e) Elena travelled around the city in expensive cars. Husband filled up her luxury furs and jewelry fabulous prices. But in 25 years it suddenly became clear that every day is like the previous one, and life flows away like sand through his fingers.

    Then she met Dmitry. The plans and Helena was not present again «pop up» and get married to another Golden cage.

    Malikova Elena
    Successful business lady | vigo247.Gee

    Familiarity with Dmitry was not an accident. The singer once saw a photo of the beauties in the album with their mutual friends and fell in love. He long and persistently asked about her meeting with Elena. Under the pressure of his friends gave up and finally put together a couple. It was love at first sight. Elena won a star not only for her beauty and femininity, it was a self-sufficient woman who knew her worth and did not seek to please. She wasn’t going to hide from Dmitry that she has a daughter Olga, who is about to go to 1st grade.

    Elena Malikova and Dmitry Malikov
    Spouses |

    They began to live together. The period of «grinding» was not easy, but the couple was the main thing that helped to overcome all hardships and problems is love. Since 1992, the year they lived in a civil marriage. But in 2000, when the birth of a daughter Stefaniya Malikova, the couple decided to legalize their relationship. After the appearance of the girl’s family life this beautiful couple came to a new level. It seems that now they have become a real strong family.

    Elena Malikova with her husband and daughter
    Elena Malikova with her husband and daughter Stefania |

    Date of birth of Elena Malikova – the main reason for the haters and detractors to gossip about the star couple. The difference between the spouses – 7 years. Although Dima younger than your spouse, he is an indisputable authority in the family. According to Elena, it’s not a problem to be submissive wife. So their house is always full of peace and full understanding.

    Elena Malikova with her husband and daughter
    With her husband and youngest daughter |

    Today’s personal life Elena Malikova is her family, beloved husband and girls, each of which has already taken the first successful steps in their chosen professions. Junior Stephanie successful in the modeling business. She is also a creative person, singing, playing guitar and piano, good at drawing and dancing. As the eldest daughter, Olga Izakson – already quite adult people. She studied in France, became a successful photographer and has presented several solo exhibitions.


    Elena Malikova with his daughter Olga

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