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  • Name: Elena Maksimova ( Elena Maksimova )
  • Date of birth: 9 August 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Sevastopol
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: singer, contestant on «the Voice»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Maksimova: biography

    Elena Maximova was born in a hot August, 1979 in the Crimea. In Sevastopol, the sound of the surf, she spent her childhood and teenage years.

    Great vocals and perfect pitch was Lena in kindergarten. The girl’s mother, who worked as a teacher in the same kindergarten, were advised to develop their musical talents to her daughter. So Elena Maksimova was in music school, where her vocals work experienced teachers.

    In 11 years, Maximov took to the famous children’s ensemble «Multi-Max» with whom the young singer toured all the major cities of Ukraine. In the house of Elena gathered a significant collection of certificates and diplomas.

    Elena Maximova
    Elena Maksimova | VK

    After receiving a high school diploma, Elena Maksimova admitted to the University, a paid Department, where he began the study of foreign languages, although from an early age dreamed of becoming an artist. Purchase a «serious» profession, insisted the parents.

    To cope with the considerable material burden falling on the shoulders of parents, Elena went to look for jobs. She sang in cafés and night clubs, outdoor areas of the Crimean resorts and sanatoriums.


    After obtaining a University degree, with honors by the way, Maximova has entered GITIS. She studied in the black sea Department of the University, which is located in the «Sailors ‘ club». The club belonged to the Russian black sea fleet. Elena Maximova was noticed and invited to become a soloist in the orchestra of the Russian black sea fleet headquarters.

    It was a great experience for an aspiring singer. Together with the orchestra she visited Cannes, where the festival of military orchestras. Maksimova sang songs of Patricia Kaas. After Cannes in 1998, she went to the festival «Yalta-Moscow-Transit», which they won.

    Olena Maksimov I. Brian may
    Elena Maximova and Brian may | VK

    Elena Maximova grateful to my parents for what they have insisted on receiving a first education. Knowledge of English will be useful for the singer in 2004. She successfully auditioned and was accepted into the musical «We will rock you». The girl was taken out of hundreds of contestants took to the main roster. The progress the talented performer watched Brian may, a member of the legendary group «Queen». He was a consultant on the project.

    The musical was staged six months, and every day, without breaks and weekends. After its completion, Elena Maximova is not lost: producer Vyacheslav Tyurin invited her into their group «Non Stop». It was a new step up in my career. With this team, Lena took part in music festival «Five stars». And in 2008, went to «New wave», failing to reach the final.

    In the summer of 2009 debut album, with all songs performed in English. Then Elena Maksimova sang in the groups «Decadence» and «Reflex». At this time the Nude photos of the singer appeared in «Playboy».

    TV show

    2013 was a year of breakthrough for Maximova. She took part in the 2nd season of the show «the Voice.» At the blind audition Elena sang «Run to You». Its execution was so flawless that the girl turned all the jury members.

    Yelena Maksimova was in the project. Her mentor was Leonid Agutin, who have a strong team.

    Maximova managed to reach the semifinals. She presented the cover version of the song «vask in USSR». The victory went not Elena, and her rival Nargis. But the singer believes that the project played in her life a huge role, and mentor Simon was able to teach her much, revealing all the facets of the vocals.

    In 2015 Maksimov became a member of the 2nd season of the «hair Breadth». Viewers saw the singer in the images of Vanessa Paradis, Mireille Mathieu and Irina. In this show, she managed to reach the final.

    After two popular TV programmes Elena had new songs, among which the most bright «won’t let You go», «Our first New year» and «Weightless words».

    Personal life

    Elena married at the age of 21. The young couple went to Moscow. But after the birth of her daughter Diana’s relationship the spouses have soured. In his native Sevastopol Maximov returned without her husband, with a small child. A breakup she went through painful. For many years it seemed that the faster will be the grandmother than marry again.

    But today the personal life of Elena Maximova seem normal. She had her beloved man. But his name does not name the singer: he said he was afraid to frighten off the happiness.

    Elena Maximova with her daughter
    Elena Maximova daughter | VK

    The main pride of the singer – the daughter of Diana. The girl has already decided on the profession: she dreams of becoming a stewardess and loves the sky.


    Elena Maximova

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