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  • Name: Elena Lyadova ( Elena Liadova )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Birth place: Morshansk, Tambov oblast, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: Married Vladimir Vdovichenkov

    Elena Lyadova: biography

    Lyadova Elena Igorevna he chose his future profession in early childhood. The dream cherished and nurtured until graduation. In the age of the girl from childhood dream did not refuse, moreover, it prepared and entered in the famous Cod without cronyism and bribes. The selection Committee immediately saw amazing talent and voted unanimously.

    Exceptional talent every year more and brighter shone high potential. In 2001, the student decided to put the knowledge into practice and got a job in the Metropolitan theatre of the young spectator. Biography Elena Lyadova supplemented by a significant event in 2002, when she graduated from College and became a full member of the troupe of the Moscow theater.

    Elena Lyadova
    Photos of actress | rsychologies

    Due to their merits, the actress obliged to the teacher Rimma Gavrilovna, which was among the selection Committee. Then she noted the girl as «fat and happy», but the artist should be just the opposite. Subsequently, the teacher made every effort to «ingenue» felt a real actor’s identity.

    Life in the theatre of the young spectator has passed smoothly. The actress enjoyed playing to the small audience enjoying the plot of the plays. Often participated in the performances: «the Golden Cockerel», «the Happy Prince», «a Streetcar named desire». Charisma and talent of the performer not passed by filmmakers.

    Movies and TV shows

    In 2005, the actress was invited to take part in the film «dreaming of Space». Followed the shooting of two other films: «Soldier’s Decameron», «Pavlov’s Dog». Career Elena Lyadova took a new height when the actress in 2006, received the award at the festival «Amur autumn» for the perfectly played the role in the film «Pavlov’s Dog».

    Elena Lyadova in the film
    In the film «Lyuba» | SerialGuru.ru

    She went to the chain of movies and series where the character acted in different ways, and once again proved himself as a talented, strong-willed and multifaceted artist. Bright appearance and talent of the singer has attracted the attention of a mass audience after «Lenin’s Testament», «the Brothers Karamazov».

    In 2009, for the first time in his career drew the main role. In the film «Lyuba» actress perfectly got into character than met the expectations. Active participation in multi-part stories dropped for 2010. Liadov played in the TV series «Blizzard», «When the bloom Ledum», «Rat».

    Elena Lyadova in the film
    The film «Leviathan» | Lenta.ru

    Flashy production in his career he became «Helen». A headstrong daughter of the protagonist, the actress received the «Golden eagle» and «Nika», as well as cherished’or at Cannes. In 2013, filmed multi-part historical film «Ashes», where the heroine Margarita gets into a love triangle.

    Another reason to be at the film festival introduced after the premiere of the controversial film «Leviathan» by Andrei Zvyagintsev, where the actress played the wife of the protagonist performed by Alexey Serebryakov. The character is dramatic, like the plot.

    Elena Lyadova in the series
    In the TV series «Betrayal» | Wokrout

    In 2015 filmed movies «Treason» and «Orleans». In «Treason» Elena Lyadova played the role of the main heroine of the ASI. On the screen she masterfully cheating on her husband (played by Kirill Kyaro) and teaches easy to live with his girlfriend Dasha.


    The actress plays beautifully and receives many awards. For the film «the Geographer globe drunk» she took 6 prizes For «best actress» at various awards.

    • 2006 – «Pavlov’s Dog» Prize for best actress at the festival «Amur autumn»
    • 2012 – Elena – Award «Golden eagle» in the category «Best female role of the second plan»
    • 2012 – Elena – Award «Nika» in the category «Best female role of the second plan»
    • 2013 – «the Geographer globe propyl» – Prize for best actress at the VI international film festival «East & West. Classic and avant-garde» in Orenburg
    • 2013 – «the Geographer globe propyl» – Prize for best actress at the 21st Russian film festival in Honfleur
    Elena Lyadova in the film
    In the film «the Geographer globe propyl» | LiveInternet.ru
    • 2014 – «the Geographer globe propyl» – Award «Golden eagle» in the category «Best female role in the movie»
    • 2014 – «the Geographer drank away his globe» – the Award «Nika» for best actress
    • 2014 – «the Geographer drank away his globe» – the Award «White elephant» Guild of film critics of Russia for best actress
    • XXII festival «Vivat cinema of Russia!» – «The geographer globe propyl» – prize «For best actress»
    • 2015 – «Leviathan» Awarded «Golden eagle» for best actress
    Elena Lyadova at Cannes film festival
    At the Cannes film festival | film frames
    • 2015 – «Leviathan» – the Award «Nika» for best actress
    • 2015 – «Orleans» – the Prize «Silver St. George» for best actress at the XXXVII international film festival in Moscow
    • 2016 – «Infidelity» – the Award «TEFI» for best actress

    Personal life

    In 2005, the actress had an affair with Alexander Yatsenko on the set of «the Soldier’s Decameron». The flash of passion escalated into a civil marriage, which lasted 8 years. Elena Lyadov and Alexander Yatsenko broke up after a long life together because of infidelity. What was the cause of the rupture was known later.

    Elena Lyadov and Alexander Yatsenko
    With Alexander Yatsenko | Woman.ru

    Rumors about the affair with Vladimir Vdovichenkov was not groundless. The couple got close on the film set of the film «Leviathan», and at the premiere in Cannes didn’t even try to hide their relationship. Moreover, they seem to have played for the paparazzi, because I realized that they are being watched tens to hundreds of cameras.

    Olena Lyadov and Vdovichenkov Volodymyr
    With Vladimir Vdovichenkov | wmj.ru

    Being married, Vladimir Vdovichenkov has allowed itself ambiguous behavior: holding Elena by the hand, and affectionately kissed the top of her head, stroking her back. Ten years Vdovichenkov marriage to Olga Filippova cracked at the seams. The couple separated peacefully.

    Vdovichenkov and his wife Olga
    Vdovichenkov and his wife Olga | Wife Who

    Six months later, the actress officially commented on the rumors about the engagement with the star’s boyfriend, confirmed that the betrothal took place. April 2, 2015 it became known that Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova got married.

    On the wedding of actors reviews of little. They are hiding information and it is considered one of the most modest and «closed» pairs of domestic show-business. Stars give just the engagement ring.

    Olena Lyadov and Vdovichenkov Volodymyr
    With her husband Vladimir Vdovichenkov | Days.ru

    The family likes to vacation in Europe. For several years they rented a house in the small town of Menton. It’s a simple town with a small population. Elena describes him as a quiet place for the soul. Fly to France, particularly the Cote d’azur. There is delicious food and fresh air, and the actors like it. Especially Elena loves to swim and spend a lot of time.

    Children, the actress yet, but she is very responsive about her husband and the atmosphere in the house. He pays her a lot of attention and always support. Sometimes even attended the filming of the actress.


    Liadov starred in 30 films and television series. Almost every movie with the actress can be called a success:

    • 2005 — dreaming of Space
    • 2005 — Pavlov’s Dog
    • 2005 — Soldier’s Decameron
    • 2007 — Lenin’s Testament
    • 2009 — The Brothers Karamazov
    • 2009 — Tambourine, drum
    • 2009 — Return Of Sinbad
    • 2009 — the Disappeared
    • 2009 — Lyubka
    • 2009 — Love on the Seine
    • 2009 — Moscow courtyard
    • 2010 — When the bloom Ledum
    • 2010 — Rat
    • 2010 — the Blizzard
    • 2010 — Prisoner of passion
    • 2011 — Elena
    • 2011 — Heartbeat
    • 2011 — I will wait
    • 2012 — Collectors
    • 2012 — Isolation
    • 2012 — The Time Of Sinbad
    • 2012 — Solo saxophone
    • 2013 — Lucky
    • 2013 the Geographer drank his globe away
    • 2013 — Ashes
    • 2014 — Leviathan
    • 2015 — Infidelity
    • 2015 Orleans


    Elena with trepidation to his viewers and fans. She regularly updates her instagram. Working time, holidays, partying, going to the movies is all. Often there are photos with her husband and his gifts. Sometimes it skips an interesting video with Elena in the role of a monkey.

    Elena Lyadova

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