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(biography, photo, video) Elena Letuchaya-Anashenkov

photo Elena Volatile

  • Name: Elena Volatile ( Elena Letuchaya-Anashenkov )
  • Date of birth: 5 December 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Yaroslavl, Russia
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: TV presenter, producer
  • Marital status: married Yuri Anashenkov

    Elena Letuchaya: biography

    Elena Letuchaya economist and a popular television presenter. The wider public she became known through the program «Revizorro» on the channel «Friday!». Refined blonde has become a real storm of Russian public catering establishments and hotel chains. Not surprisingly, the biography of Elena’s Bat is incredible interest for fans of the show.

    Olena Letuce
    Host of the program «Revizorro» | IVDAY.RU

    Future TV star was born in Yaroslavl on 5 December 1978. Her parents, Alexander and Lyudmila, structural engineers by profession. When Lena was only seven years old, the family moved to the town of Tynda Amur region. Here the family of Helen Bat had to deal with the construction of the BAM. Since childhood the girl went skating and art school. Future star dreamed of moving to St. Petersburg and learn to be an architect. The flying school was an excellent student, an exemplary daughter, but at the same time – inquisitive and restless child.

    Elena Letuchaya in childhood
    Baby photo of Lena with her parents | Woman.ru

    After school Lena was admitted to the Annunciation of the financial-economic College, from which he graduated on a speciality «financier». Upon graduation, she worked in «Gazprom» and «Russian Railways» and were coping well with their responsibilities. In 2005 in the biography of Elena’s Bat appeared to complete higher education of the Russian technical University of railway transport in the specialty «economy».

    Helena Flying career on television

    Lena always looked with envy at people who go to an interesting job, doing what they like. She’s my profession chose not by his heart, and on the recommendations of relatives. So in 2007, before his 29-th birthday, purposeful girl decided to take a sharp turn in his life.

    Olena Letuce
    Graduated from the school of television «Ostankino» | URA.RU

    Volatile felt that her vocation is journalism, and went to study at Ostankino School of television. At the same time, Elena worked as an editor and a trained presenter of live broadcasts for news. In parallel, the future star of «Revizorro» moonlighting on the channel «Capital». As we can see, the leading schedule was very tight, TV-shows Elena Flying took up all her time.

    Olena Letuce
    Career was spent all of his free time | FAIR.RU

    Her first job as a journalist was the transfer of blood donors, which revealed all the vulnerable points of Russian medicine.

    However, to find a job in a new specialty was very difficult, especially because as a TV journalist Elena does not have any experience, either good friends. About a year she printed texts, edited scenarios. At that time, Lena did not have housing in Moscow, rent an apartment she was at. In particularly difficult times parents have called daughter to Yaroslavl, but Flying firmly believed that in Moscow it will succeed.

    Olena Letuce
    Photo by Elena Fly | KP

    The result is a Volatile start to work on cable television. Some time worked in the company «Zodiak Media», which produces television content. The editor of the First channel Studio special projects Elena was in 2011, doing the talk show «Let them talk» and «Tonight», the leading of which is Andrey Malakhov. In 2012 she worked on television programs on MTV. Then he began to produce documentaries. By the way, Elena was the producer of a documentary about the TV series «Kitchen» and «Kitchen in Paris», and the Frank reality show «Vacation in Mexico».

    «Revizorro» Elena Fly

    Created in Ukraine the transfer of «Auditor» of quality of service in hotels and restaurants is unique, no analogues in the world. The TV channel «Friday!» decided to do something similar and bought the format of the show, changing the name to «Revizorro».

    Olena Letuce in
    Host of the program «Revizorro» | RUSEVIK

    First on the Russian version of «Revizorro» was going to ask Olga Freimut, which led the Ukrainian project. But then the role of leading approved Elena Volatile, easily copied the style and image Freimut.

    Of course, audits of the Fly are happy, not all the places that she visits. But Lena truly believes that working for the good of their fellow citizens, helping to improve the quality of services provided in Russia. In case of any conflicts during the filming of the presenter does not lose dignity and self-control. The journalist teaches the audience how to react on lack of service, how to defend their rights.

    Program Bat has great resonance in Russian society and at the same time shows excellent ratings. As noted by the TV presenter when on its recommendations or that the institution corrects these shortcomings, she experiences true pleasure, especially because as a consumer she was very demanding and the beginning of a «Revizorro».

    Departure and return in «Revizorro»

    TV program «Revizorro» Elena’s Bat had high ratings and a whole army of fans. However, in the spring of 2016 became aware of the fact that the lead leaves the project. Fans immediately began to issue their own versions of this avoiding conflict with the management of pregnancy in telestar.

    Elena Letuchaya Olga Romanovskaya
    Elena Letuchaya Olga Romanovskaya | news

    Explained interview a leading in which she explained that leaves the program and becomes a producer. In addition, the show «Beauty» with Fly in the title role. Said that Elena’s husband Bat played a role in this decision, fearing for the life and health of his lady after some unpleasant incidents during filming. The new host of «revizorro» was Olga Romanov, the former soloist of group «Viagra».

    The Hashtag #Verniciature
    Fans staged a protest | AZnovosti.com

    These changes caused an uproar among fans of the TV show. They even organized a protest spreading in the Internet the hashtag #Verniciature. All of this affected the ratings. Yes and the audience said that Romanov can not cope with their responsibilities, as did its predecessor. These events began to generate rumors that Elena is Flying back on the project.

    Olena Letuce
    The way Kutuzov to advertise the new season | KP

    Indeed, in the fall of 2016, it became known that the new season of «Revizorro» in Moscow Elena Letuchaya will conduct itself. The former presenter could not hide his joy that returned to the project. And the creators of the show tried – one is a new release worth. Flying in the image of Mikhail Kutuzov near the village of Borodino won the admiration of fans. The creative biography of Elena’s Bat has embarked on a new round after returning to the program. Also, the TV personality is co-host of «Revizorro show» together with Kiril Nagiyev.

    Personal life

    Private life of Helen of Flying has been widely discussed in the circles of mass-media after it began to appear together with the Russian businessman. Then said the TV presenter allegedly stole the husband from the family, which grows two children. Actually interview, Bat that, at the moment of acquaintance with the former owner, his family had collapsed. Broke out between the couple, the affair that lasted 2 years, ended at the registry office.

    Elena Volatile and Yuri Anashenkov
    With her husband Yuri Analogovym | TATLER

    The businessman and star of «Revizorro» some time hid their relationship, only occasionally Elena post pictures of a loved one, hiding his face. In August 2016, the Volatile Elena and Yuri Anashenkov got married. The wedding took place on the Greek island of Santorini. Among those invited to the ceremony only close friends and relatives of the couple.

    Elena Volatile and Yuri Anashenkov
    On the weekend retreat Woman.ru

    TV presenter became a married lady, her beloved man — Yuri Anashenkov. The businessman, according to media reports, is a lawyer. Volatile previously believed that she’s not ready to get married, pursued a career and traveled. The question is whether children Elena Flying, the presenter replied that she was just very responsible and serious about this. Now, when the star found love, her views have changed. Perhaps now in this regard, private life of Helen of Flying will change.

    Olena Letuce
    Watching her figure | GLAMOUR

    Flying is a very versatile personality, she has many Hobbies. Among her favorites are yoga, horse riding. Elena always goes to workout at the fitness club to keep myself in great shape. For stylists, the girl almost never does not apply, relying solely on your taste. The journalist admitted that he considers himself a Shopaholic and, unlike her colleagues, likes to watch TV, particularly soap operas.


    Olena Letuce

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