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  • Name: Elena Kuletskaya ( Elena Kuletskaya )
  • Date of birth: 7 August 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kharkov
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: model, presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Kuletskaya : biography

    Famous model Elena Kuletskaya was born in Kharkov in August 1982. Together with her elder sister Sasha, they grew in severity and almost military discipline. That is not surprising, because the head of the family Alexander Kalecki was in the military. Normal practice was daily checking homework. For bad grades dad could punish. Hello and liberty in dress and external appearance.

    Elena Kuletskaya in an interview, told how at age 15 for the first time «set bangs» with the help of sugar syrup and in this form went to the disco. In the evening the Pope almost single-handedly washed away this «outrage» from the head daughter.

    After high school, Elena Kuletskaya enrolled at MSU, choosing a law school. But because of the modeling career she was forced to transfer to distance learning. To complete the training was not easy. After constant traveling and employment in the modeling business did not leave neither the strength nor the time to science. But Elena promised dad that you can get «basic education». And she kept her promise.

    Later she enrolled at the famous Sorbonne University, where he studied at the faculty of Economics. Elena Kuletskaya perfectly knows English and French.

    Modeling career

    Somehow to Lena, walking in the capital, was suddenly approached by a stranger. As it turned out, it was a scout one of the modeling agencies in Paris. He kept praising the young beauty and suggested to pass a casting. The girl agreed and did not regret his decision. Successfully passing the screening, it received a tempting offer to work for 3 months in France. Kuletskaya agreed.

    We cannot say that the decision daughter like a strict father. He said that she can do anything, but first needs to obtain a higher education. Argument of Helen that after graduation she will be the third dozen, and at this age, modeling career start, although disappointed, but convinced the father. He agreed to let the daughter to a foreign country.

    After 3 months, Elena Kuletskaya really returned to Moscow, but to continue training at a hospital failed. She constantly called the Paris agents. To refuse tempting offers, the girl wanted, because I can’t make such gifts. Transferred on the correspondence form of education, she returned to Paris.

    Thus began a model biography of Helen kuletskoy. 18-year-old girl made a fantastic career. At 24, the singer has bought an apartment in the centre of Paris, from whose Windows you can admire the Champs de Mars.

    During his modeling career, the girl worked with several agencies at the same time. She was chosen the face of famous British jewellery brand «Raff» specializing in jewelry made of gold and diamonds. And Elena’s participated in advertising campaigns for such famous brands as «Nina Ricci», «Etam», «Helena Rubinstein» and «Mary Kay». In addition, she advertised the watch company «Rolex».

    At home Elena Kuletskoy I saw a commercial Orbit. In the video, she appeared in the form of Miss Robot.


    At the age of 26 began a television biography of Helen kuletskoy. Well-known models proposed to conduct several projects on Russian television. In 2010, she was invited to jury the popular reality show of the channel «MTV Russia» called «Cinderella 2.0». And in 2011 along with actor Yegor Pazenko Lena took part in the TV show «Dancing with the stars.»

    The assets of Helen kuletskoy several television programs on «the First channel». Since 2010 she participated in the 1st, and in 2012-m in the 3rd season of the project «Cruel games». In 2012 won the «Special assignment» and participated in «Fort Boyart».

    Modeling experience came in handy Helen kuletskoy on television. It is the leading fashion programs «Trendy» (the channel «Friday»), «Embassy of Beauty» (channel «Yu») and the TV show «Shopaholics».

    Personal life

    At home, the supermodel became widely popular after the media leaked information about her affair with Dima Bilan. The pair met at the airport «Charles de Gaulle» in 2006. Elena was waiting for a flight to Germany, where she was scheduled to shoot. The young people met in the store. The girl reached for a disc by Patricia Kaas, was the last. The purchase of the same wanted to make Dmitry. As a result he lost the beautiful girl drive by writing on it your phone.

    But the affair broke out later when the producer of the singer Yana Rudkovskaya spent casting, choosing the girl for the role of Princess Anne for a clip of the song «It was love». Seeing a familiar face in the photo, Dima immediately chose Helen.

    Their affair lasted for 5 years, but never resulted in marriage. The young people were very focused on her career and did not want to sacrifice anything for her.

    After the final break private life of Helen kuletskoy made a new stage: the model met a handsome American of Italian origin named Francesco. Some time the couple lived together in an occupied apartment. But this affair came to nothing, and for the same reason: each of the partners in the first place was a quarry.

    The media wrote a lot about an alleged affair between Elena and kuletskoy Hollywood star Mickey Rourke. But this, according to Elena, just a rumor. Mickey cared for Anastasia Makarenko.

    In 2013, in Helena’s life kuletskoy event occurred, which she had long been waiting for. Beautiful, working in television, she met her beloved. It was the Director of photography Stanislav Romanovsky. The engagement took place in the same year, and the wedding couple played in 2014 in Provence, in château overlooking the vast lavender fields.

    Recently it became known that Lena and Stas expect replenishment in the family.


    Elena Kuletskaya

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