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  • Name: Elena Ksenofontova ( Elena Ksenofontova )
  • Date of birth: 17 December 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Khromtau, Kazakhstan
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Elena Ksenofontova: biography

    Elena Ksenofontova was born on 17 December 1972 in the small town of Khromtau in the West of Kazakhstan. She grew up in a large family of miners: native town of the actress was an industrial center, and many worked in the field of ore mining, as the girl’s father, who was an engineer. The mother doted on her baby and tried to give her daughter what she was deprived of in childhood.

    Family Ksenofontovich moved in Serpukhov near Moscow, where Elena went to school. Education was the future actress easy, it involves school, especially great love, the girl used the lessons of literature and history. Thanks to the care of the mother Edward was also a member of numerous clubs and activities. She went to art and music school, where for four years he studied piano.

    Lena was seriously fond of sports and has achieved significant results in the race for a distance of four hundred and eight hundred metres. At the same time about the career of athletes, the girl never thought she wanted to help people and become a famous doctor. Unfortunately, the sight of blood, and lack of opportunities to become really famous in this area averted an ambitious young artist from this profession.

    As a creative person, Elena has also won the recitation contest. Then she finally fired up to get on the big stage as a dancer. Mother did not share the ideas of his daughter, believing that she needs to get a serious profession capable of continue to bring her income. According to mother, Elena had to enter MGIMO or MSU, having mastered foreign languages. She hired Tutors gave the girl on the extracurriculars, but nothing could change the decision of the daughter.

    In 1990, after high school, Elena Ksenofontova was seriously ill — she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Most of the time the girl spent in the hospital. Doctors advised her to abandon the idea of becoming an actress, in their opinion, it does not withstand serious loads. Four years future, the actress struggled for their health and life, never ceasing to dream of the stage.

    In 1994, Elena beat the disease and filed papers in the University on an acting course.


    Talented Elena Ksenofontova noticed in the Institute and was invited into the troupe of the Moscow theater «School of modern play». In the second year she played Tatiana in the play «Mrs. Leo» and several roles. Her thesis was the role of Begonias in the play «the Love of Karlovna». In 1998 she received the award named Tamara Makarova for work in the theater while studying.

    After graduation, the young artist has invited six companies of various theatres, such a promising and talented as it seems. But Helen had remained faithful to the team under the leadership of Joseph Raihelgauz and continued to work in the «School of modern play».

    In 2000, Edward left his theater and moved to the staff of the Moscow drama theatre led by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. The main argument to switch to another troupe was the feeling of Helena, who thought her talents were involved in full force. The Dzhigarkhanyan theater gave the girl all the possibilities for self-realization in various roles.

    Since 2009 it began to work in private projects of different theatres.


    For the first time in movie Elena Ksenofontova appeared in a small cameo role in the movie «spread 2» in 1992. Since then, she has long refused from filming a movie, devoting all my time to working in the theater.

    To persuade the actress to appear again in the movie managed to producer Valery Todorovska, who invited Helen to your multi-project «Taiga». It was incredibly passionate about filming, she refused the services of a stuntman and all the stunts, including difficult staging moments, performed independently, not afraid to expose his life to danger. The series was released in 2002, making the actress popular among viewers.

    Elena went on to star in TV series and soon again has pleased fans of his work appearance in the film «Heaven and earth», where she played a barbarian. On set actress again refused to understudy, despite the fact that at the time was in her eighth month of pregnancy.

    But the real popularity of Ksenofontova brought the painting «the Cadets», in which she played Maria Likhovol. The actress tried very hard to faithfully reflect his character, to convey a sense of the time — she didn’t want to lose face in front of the grandparents, participants of those events. Acting Ksenofontova and the painting itself were highly appreciated by both the critics and ordinary viewers. The «cadets» received a nomination for the prestigious Emmy award.

    After several successful roles in the movie, the actress has continued to play in the series. One of her last works was the comic strip «Kitchen», where Elena appeared in the fifth and sixth seasons of the show as the owner of a prestigious hotel.

    Personal life

    The first time Elena Ksenofontova married in the first year of the Institute in 1994 for Igor Lipatov. In this marriage, the actress has lived for eleven years, after which the couple broke up.

    In 2002 in the movie «Taiga» actress met her second husband — producer llya Neratinib. After a year, the lovers got married and in the same year they had a son Timothy. Unfortunately, this marriage, the actress ended in divorce, the cause of which she prefers to keep silent.

    His affair with a certain Alexander Elena tried to hide to the last. The reporters found that the chosen actress is a lawyer. The lovers lived in a civil marriage, and in 2011 they had a daughter Sophia, which for a long time dreamed artist. Just a month after giving birth it returned to performances at the theater.

    According to some media reports, after the birth of her daughter, the pair got married. So if it cannot figure out.


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    Elena Ksenofontova

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