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  • Name: Elena Kravets ( Alena Kravets )
  • Date of birth: 30 may 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, singer, model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Olena Kravets: biography

    Elena Kravets – Russian actress, singer and model. She was born in Moscow on 30 may 1985. Childhood girls passed in the district of Chistye Prudy, she still loves this place. As a teenager, Elena was always a striking figure, drew the attention of scouts from modeling agencies. She signed a contract and began to emerge on the catwalks, not only in Russia but also in Germany, Italy and the United States.

    Elena Kravets in childhood
    Elena Kravets in childhood | Official website

    Parents Kravets was worried because they were afraid that their daughter because of the constant flights will not receive a full education, but Elena proved that they are able to combine several tasks simultaneously. She managed, despite a grueling modeling career, finish the prestigious Moscow state University and get a psychology degree.

    She later trained in acting courses Alexei Borodin and courses pop vocal Nikolai Vasiliev. Both directions of creativity Kravets studied at GITIS. In addition, Elena started to work in the dance Studio «Todes», but eventually became a dancer and a singer.

    Music, movies and TV

    Once at the party, Alena Kravets for fun sang a few songs. Her vocals were heard by the workers of show business, which convinced her that she should pursue music on a serious level. The first video of the new singer was the video for the song «Just a movie», followed by a few dozen hits. The most-known hits such as «Survive», «I wait for you» and «Behind you (East)».

    After completing the course at GITIS Elena made her debut in film. First, she appeared in episodes of the sitcom «Daddy’s girls» and «Happy together» and later got a larger role in the adventure novel «the Fatal inheritance» and medical drama «Zemsky doctor. Love in spite of.»

    Not to mention that Elena Kravetz is a pretty frequent guest on television. She is regularly invited to discuss different themes in the TV show. Recently she has participated in programs such as «Star stories», «Man and law», «Male/Female», «You’re not gonna believe this!» and many others.

    Personal life

    With her husband Ruslan Elena Kravetz met when I worked as a model in America. But at the request of her husband she left the podium, expressed a preference for this lesson the comfort of home. Soon the family had a daughter Daniella, and when the girl grew up, Alena began to write songs and be in a movie.

    Ruslan singer lived for nine years, but then they parted ways. They have issued an official divorce, because of the mutual financial claims were not so easy. However, after a breakup, Ruslan was visited by ex-wife. Their conversations often ended with the scandals that came even to blows and serious injuries.

    Elena Kravets with daughter Danielle
    Elena Kravetz with his daughter Daniella | Official website

    In search of a new happiness Elena Kravetz took part in the television show Larissa Guzeeva «let’s get married». She acted as a pretender to the heart of ex-husband Ksenia Borodina Michael Terekhin. It is noteworthy that the male of the three candidates chose Elena, but, as far as is known to the public, the further continuation of their acquaintance was not.


    • Survive
    • Just a movie
    • I’m waiting for you
    • Again with the rain…
    • Behind You (East)
    • It hurts to be alone
    • According to the rules of love
    • Yellow day
    • City night (Mototema)
    • Where ends the world


    • 2007 — Daddy’s girls
    • 2010 — Brigitte Bardot. The evolution of love
    • 2011 — Happy together
    • 2013 — Fatal inheritance
    • 2014 — district doctor. Love in spite of


    Elena Kravets

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