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  • Name: Elena Kravchenko ( Elena Kozhuhova )
  • Date of birth: 15 December 1966.
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa region, Ukraine
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Kravchenko: biography

    Elena Kravchenko is a Russian actress, best known for his roles in the television series «Lady Mayor» and «Junior». Despite the fact that she started acting in movies in quite a Mature age, now on account of Helena for more than 20 years of work in different projects. In addition, Kravchenko participated in the first season of the reality show «Last hero».

    The future actress was born in a small town located in the Odessa region. Her father was an engineer and his mother worked as a doctor. The family moved several times until it settled down in Berdyansk, where he spent his childhood and youth girls.

    In school, Elena was engaged in a theatrical circle, where the artistic Director was a teacher of literature, as is often the case in provincial towns, and the professional actress. She not only organized the children a working atmosphere that enables serious rehearsal, theatrical makeup and even a real dressing room, but carefully watched over the pronunciation and speech of young artists.

    Because of this, when Elena Kravchenko went to conquer Moscow theater College, she almost was not usually a shocking examination Commission southern accent. The entrant was able to enter the acting Department of the Higher theatrical school of a name of Boris Schukin where all the years have been trained under the guidance of the famous Alexander Kalyagin. After graduation, aspiring actress entered the troupe of the State academic theatre of Mossovet. But in the movie she’s called much later, because the diploma Kravchenko received at a time when the country began a cinematic crisis.

    In addition, Elena was a member of the first season of the popular reality survival shows «Last hero». Already signed contract to the shooting, she could not understand how he gave himself to be persuaded, because to survive on the island in primitive conditions, without basic and most common available tools – it’s not her style of life. On the project, the actress chose his own line of conduct, which is not supported by other colleagues. In the end, on the first ballot Kravchenko left the show, but left with his head held high, as we have been able to maintain dignity and to remain himself. In addition, the project changed her personal life.


    The first appearance on screen Elena Kravchenko fell to historical detective «Turkish March». She appeared in a series of «Syndicate of killers» in the image of the wife of the banker Yevgeny Nikolsky, played by Boris Shcherbakov. The actress was, and such films as the crime drama «the godson», melodrama «Love is blind» police detectives «. Central district» and «the citizen the chief».

    The popularity of Selene brought the main role in the drama «Lady Mayor», which was the completion of the trilogy «Homeless Lady» and «Lady Boss.» Interestingly, the first two parts of character Lizaveta Basargin played by another actress Irina Lachin. But Kravchenko was able to replace it, open the character something new and bring in the image of the main character a part of himself.

    Later in the filmography of the actress appeared a lot of modern detectives, for example, the third season of «Return of Mukhtar», the second part of the «Hour Volkova», the famous «Law and order. Department of operative investigations». She took part in the crime dramas «the hunter» and «Alien souls», as well as in the melodramas «My favorite genius,» «the wedding ring», «General medicine».

    New star role of Elena Kravchenko was Elena Konstantinovna from the sports series «Junior». Her character – the mother of hockey players Dmitri and Egor Shchukin, who played Makar Zaporozhsky and Alexander Sokolov. In the same period of time the actress helped to create a criminal serial «Petrovich» and the psychological drama about firemen «Between two fires».

    Personal life

    First husband of Elena Kravchenko was honoured artist of Russia Valery Yaremenko. But these relationships did not survive time, and the couple broke up. Later the woman has long had a complex relationship with the opposite sex.

    On the shores of Panama while participating in the reality show «survivor,» the actress met with the journalist and TV presenter of the program «In search of adventure» by Michael Kozhuhova. After the project they started Dating, and now have many years of happy marriage. For Michael this relationship is also not the first. From the previous Union he has two children, and Elena gave her husband and son Andrew.

    After the wedding, the actress changed her name, and, since the film «Alien souls» that sometimes appears under a new name Elena Kozhuhova and in the credits.


    • 2003 — Lady Mayor
    • 2004 — godson
    • 2004 — Love is blind
    • 2005 — citizen of the head-2
    • 2009 — the souls of Others
    • 2010 — General medicine-2
    • 2012 — My favorite genius
    • 2012 — p.
    • 2013-2016 — Junior
    • 2014 — Between two fires


    Elena Kravchenko

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