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  • Name: Elena Korikova ( Elena Korikova )
  • Date of birth: 12 April 1972.
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Tobolsk
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Korikova biography

    Famous actress, TV presenter and singer Elena Korikova was born in April 1972 in Tobolsk. The girl’s mother, Tatiana Korikova, was a ballet dancer, so due to my busy work schedule could not devote much time to the child. With her husband Yuri Alekseyevich Karimovym Tatiana and I divorced when my daughter was little. To the second class Lena lived in the village with my grandmother, who worked in the local school teacher. Later, Elena and her mother moved to Rostov, where he finished school.

    In childhood Korikova not really communicated with his father. For the first time in many years she met him in Tyumen for after graduation. By the time Yuri had a new life: a wife and two children. First, communication between adult daughter and father went wrong. But soon Elena found a common language with Yuriy. Subsequently, the father gave his daughter an apartment in the capital. At the moment there lives mum of the actress.

    Elena Korikova
    Elena Korikova | Hollywood Actress Gallery

    The desire to become an actress in the future star appeared in his school years. Elena Korikova visited the theater judge «Epic» in Rostov. Her mother even sewed outfits for performances. Immediately after school the girl goes to enter the Metropolitan theater Institute. Elena successfully passed all the exams and take it to VGIK. Korikova worked in the Studio of Sergei Solovyov.


    In the movies the girl began with the first course. In 1990 Korikova first played in movies, the fairy tale by A. Mateshko «Ha-bi-assy». She was later invited to his melodramatic picture «I promised I’d go,» Valeria akhadova.

    Korikova all the years of study worked, her first recognition and popularity it has received thanks to the film «mistress into maid». The actress was awarded best actress at the film festival «Kinoshock». Also Elena was awarded the prize «Nika». And all this in 1995, when she graduated from VGIK.

    In addition, the actress has repeatedly appeared in music videos of Russian pop stars: Alla Pugacheva, Phillip Kirkorov, Dmitry Malikov and others.

    In 1998, Helen moved with his family to America, where he tries himself as a model and working actress. Immediately upon returning Home Korikova offered a job at the famous Moscow theater «Sovremennik», the stage which the actress performed for three years (2001 to 2004). Elena played in the classic play «Three comrades» «Three sisters», «the Devils» and others.

    Note that Korikova worked in other theaters: actor’s Theatre, «Millennium» Commonwealth actors Taganka and the Moscow independent theater.

    Elena Korikova in the series
    Elena Korikova in the TV series » Poor Nastya | SERIALGURU

    The Actresses hard work has paid off doubly, because in 2005, he received national recognition and fame because of the popular historical series «Poor Nastya». Since Korikova they started inviting me to many projects not only as a participant but also as a leading. Yes, Korikova shone in show «Two stars» «Dancing with the stars», «Circus with the stars.» In 2006, the actress led a popular program «Fort Boyard».

    Elena Korikova tried himself as a singer and even recorded the song «Bad girl» together with «Vintage».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Elena Korikova is quite saturated. The actress has not one serious relationship. This is not surprising, because Elena is a beautiful and charismatic woman.

    With her first husband, writer Vladimir Lipskerova, the actress has been married long, only a year. Love the second girl was Dmitry Roshchin – the son of the famous actress Ekaterina Vasilyeva. A Helen and Dimitri watched the whole acting environment. They were a beautiful couple, but the artists never signed. According to rumors, Vasilyev took the girl and forbade his son to marry her. In the end, Dmitry quit Korikova and did not recognize his son Arseny, who was born after their separation. Now Dmitry Roshchin lives in the monastery, he is a priest. The relationship of father and son Korikova has not commented.

    Maxim Osadchy, and Elena Korikova
    Maxim Osadchy, and Elena Korikova | PERsonagraTA

    The third choice actress, Director and cameraman Maxim Osadchy, Arseniy replaced the father. Korikova lived with him in a civil marriage for ten years, but in the end the couple broke up.

    The fourth love of Helen was the actor Sergei Astakhov, with whom the actress met for two years. Then Korikova often seen in the company of Sergei Chernykh – known Director and producer.

    Elena Korikova and Sergey Astakhov
    Elena Korikova and Sergey Astakhov | Our city


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    Elena Korikova, Andrey Malakhov

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