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(biography, photos, videos) Lembi Motovilkha Contolini

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  • Name: Elena Kondulaynen ( Lembi Motovilkha Contolini )
  • Date of birth: 9 April 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: village of Toksovo, Leningrad region, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Kondulainen: biography

    The end of the Soviet Empire was marked by the appearance of the country’s first sex symbol, what was the actress Elena Kondulainen. Born is a beautiful striking blonde in the village of Toksovo, Leningrad region, in 1958 at the beginning of April.

    Her parents were ethnic Finns. The representatives of this nation in large numbers lived in that land. Due to the tense political situation in the state in connection with more recently happened in the war, the Soviet Union and Finland, many of them changed their names to Russian.

    Elena Kondulajnen in his youth
    Elena Kondulajnen in his youth

    But such was not the father of the future actress Ivan Kondulainen. He did not conceal his origin, and even proud. For his honesty and hard work the government did not touch his family. Although the locals still despised the little Alenka and often shouted after her insulting nicknames. Therefore, from childhood the girl grew up without friends.

    She loved nature, caring for animals, and also attended music school. My parents saw how passionate their daughter’s music, sent her after graduation to the Northern capital, where it is quite easily entered the Institute of music and movies, choosing the profession of conductor-Horovice.

    Elena Kondulajnen in his youth
    Elena Kondulajnen in youth | Nevsedoma

    Elena could be as a good musician, but one case intervened in her fate and transformed her way of life. In one of the skits Elena played in a humorous formulation of the role of Marlene Dietrich. She created the image was so convincing that the staff advised her to go to the theater Department of the University.

    After thinking a bit, Elena did. Its leaders were George Tovstonogov, and then Arkady Katsman and Lev Dodin, under which she successfully graduated in 1983.


    At this time, Elena is active in films. One of her memorable works of that time was the film «primary Russia», where the actress convincingly played a Russian girl Mlawa.

    For filming in Soviet cinema Elena Kondulaynen on the advice of senior colleagues change their name to the credits and gets under the pseudonym Ivanov, and later Rusova. In the Soviet Union in the early ‘ 80s, not quite calmly refer to Russian names and surnames. Soon, this situation is changing, as the advent of the new government and the new order in Russia the fashion for all things foreign.

    Elena Kondulajnen in the film
    Elena Kondulajnen in the film «one Hundred days before the order» | Movie-Theater

    The lack of censorship liberating filmmakers, and the screen begins to appear in films with provocative scenes. The first such film, where she posed naked Elena Kondulaynen, was the film directed by Hussein Erkenov «one Hundred days before the order».

    Despite the fact that the film did not go on the big screen, with the actress still got the title as the sex symbol of the country. After that film Directors are beginning to invite Elena Kondulajnen in the film of such a plan.

    The actress was not shy of his image, explaining that she, like anyone else, manages to star in «Nude» is beautiful. After the first erotic role Elena starred in the films «Bolotnaya street», «Daphnis and Chloe», which was full of explicit scenes.

    Olena Kondulainen
    Elena Kondulainen | Kleo

    A sex tape that time has shot many famous actors, it was the norm, a kind of challenge to society. Such stars like Mikhail Pugovkin, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Stas Sadalsky, Lyubov Polishchuk, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Boris Himichev not consider such art to be ashamed of.

    One of the high-profile role in the biography of Elena Kondulainen this period is created it the image of beauty Judith Hutter in adventure tape Andrei Rostotsky «the Deerslayer.» The film gained a lot of popularity among the audience for many years thanks to the beautiful strukovym scenes, interesting story and spectacular characters. In addition to Elena Kondulainen the film starred another famous beauty of the time — Olga machine interface.

    Elena Kondulajnen in the film
    Elena Kondulajnen in the movie «the hunter» | Movie-Theater

    Gradually its place outrageous heroine movie actress inferior to more young artists. Since 1995, her life comes theater «Echo», in which she played in many famous plays.

    Having a good acting school and stage magnetism, Elena Kondulaynen became a real decoration of these works of Director Sergei Prokhanov as «Lip», «Travel of laymans» and «tender is the Night». Currently she can be seen in the theater in the play «Casanova».

    Elena Kondulajnen in the theater
    Elena Kondulajnen in the theater | RIA

    With the early 2000s, Elena appears again on the screen, but in the TV series. In addition to grotesque picture of Ivan Okhlobystin «Down house», Elena Kondulaynen played in the famous Ukrainian serial film «thank you For everything». She glowed in the famous Russian sitcom «Interns», where brilliantly played the role of ex-wife Capitman Naina, very materialistic and very sexy lady. According to most Actresses, she heartily for some filming of this episode.

    Elena Kondulajnen in the series
    Elena Kondulajnen in the TV series «Interns» | Movie-Theater

    In 2002 Elena Kondulainen awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation. But not only talent became famous as an actress.

    In 2005, former student conductor branch recalls musical calling and creates album «Lone wolf», songs which become very popular at the time. In addition, the actress herself plays his hits, the song «Sea» is in the repertoire of the then famous pop group «Arrows».


    In 1993, amid the rapidly unfolding events in Russia, inspired by the success of the film, Helena creates its own political movement «Party of love».

    Olena Kondulainen
    Elena Kondulainen | Woman

    In a Patriotic outburst it was supported by many intellectuals of the time: Maria Arbatov, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Michael Zvezdinsky, Alexei Glyzin.

    In the party there was even a separate faction of the «love brunettes», «love blonde», «the faction of former womanizer».

    Personal life

    Personal life, Ellen Kondulainen quite busy: the actress married for the fourth time. Young actress, but their frequent marriages, led a rather free way of life.

    The first husband of the actress, by profession a teacher, a senior Helena, and despite the fact that they had a child together, the couple broke up after a while. With her second husband businessman Sergei where Elena doted, they even got married. The family of the actress has another child — a son Michael. All Elena Kondulainen two children. They both are successful in career, the eldest of them happily married.

    Elena Kondulainen sons
    Elena Kondulainen sons | Kleo

    Unfortunately, soon after this happy marriage Kondulainen collapsed. Elena was a very long going through a divorce. In her life there was a crisis, which was marked by his mother’s death and her own illness and occurrence of health problems of his son Alexander. For some time, the actress went into seclusion. During this period, she communicated only with close friends. The end of the heavy bands in the life of Helena was the third marriage. But he didn’t last long.

    Elena Kondulainen husband
    Elena Kondulainen ex-husband | Who are over 30

    At the age of 52 years, the actress again married a young businessman Dmitry, who is younger than her by half. In interviews, once Elena Kondulainen mentioned that she doesn’t mind a third time mother. And it’s quite possible that she has good health and is in excellent physical shape. His words she regularly confirms a large number of images of a provocative nature.

    Elena Kondulainen husband
    Elena Kondulainen with a young husband Dmitry | Woman

    In the popular public Instagram Elena Kondulainen not your account, but the photos in the Nude no show up on the pages of her friends and fans. For example, recently, resting with her last husband in the Maldives, Elena Kondulaynen repeated the feat Anastasia Volochkova, she appeared almost Nude on the background of the southern Primorye. The network distributed a lot of photos of her in a bathing suit, in which the actress shows off its not the withered form.

    Olena Kondulainen
    Elena Kondulainen | A-news

    In recent years, Elena Kondulaynen often appears on television. So, in 2010, she starred in the program «Fashion verdict» as the defendant. In the First channel of the famous actress tried to change their image of a fatal beauty in the style of a real lady. A shock was for her new haircut: stylists without regret cut her long locks and transformed her hairstyle Helena’s graceful quads, while leaving her signature light blonde shade of hair.


    Olena Kondulainen

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