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  • Name: Elena Knyazeva ( MOSCOW )
  • Date of birth: 28 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Izhevsk
  • Height: 161
  • Activity: the Russian actress and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Knyazeva : biography

    Fans of this bright and talented singer and actress know her under the pseudonym BELKA. She burst onto the stage beauty in the style of the musical «Chicago»: short hair, purple lips and a sexy corset. And immediately won an army of fans memorable looks and enchanting voice. Where did Elena Knyazeva? Who are the parents of this bright actress, author and singer, TV presenter and fashion designer?

    Elena L. Knyazev was born in April 1986 in Udmurtia. In Izhevsk spent his early childhood years. But when she was 4 years old, the family moved to Dimitrovgrad near Ulyanovsk. Is the birthplace of the mother of Helena Knyazeva.

    Elena’s parents have nothing to do with the art world. On the contrary, they are «geeks.» Mom was the head of the Department of urban construction management, and the Pope has the profession of a civil engineer and works in scientific research Institute of atomic reactors. He is candidate of mathematical Sciences.

    Interestingly, parents with a mathematical turn of mind grew up the daughter of an absolute humanist. After the 6th class Elena Knyazeva transferred from secondary school to school, where he studied in the class of Humanities.

    In the school years Knyazev visited the ballet school and the section of rhythmic gymnastics. And the girl was a born actress. Without its participation does not do any school event or celebration. Besides, she had a literary gift. Elena wrote wonderful stories and small stories, which were read on local radio in baby gear.

    After successfully (with honors) graduating from high school Knyazeva enrolled at MSU, selecting Philology. At the same time she learned to trade on the exchange, engaged in singing and attended acting school.


    The creative biography of Elena Knyazeva started the song «No cry», the author and performer where she was. Song was a popular youth series «Club». Invited to play the girl, and in one of the main roles, the daughter of the oligarch. Knyazev has starred in all seasons of the Club.

    Later the song was included in the acclaimed movie «election Day», in which Europe appeared as the Lely. The picture was released and immediately became a hit shows. Soon, in partnership with actor Pavel Derevyanko, Elena starred in the video for became widely popular single «No cry».

    Career girl from a distant Udmurt Republic is rapidly gaining momentum. She was invited to the 2nd national competition of young performers «Five stars-2006». Knyazev was among the 12 finalists. It is noteworthy that the producer of Elena to this event agreed to Yana Rudkovskaya.

    The next song, like the audience – «Let go». This song Elena Kniazeva was first performed in the series «Dreams of Alice».

    Performing career Elena Kniazeva has become increasingly intertwined with the film’s plot. The singer participated in the show «STS lights will superswede», where it has long was in the lead. In the same period, the artist brilliantly played mistress Helena in «Zucchini 13 chairs». On the set of «Tavern» Knyazev was found with the real stars of Russian cinema such as Zoya Zelinskaya, Tatiana Vedeneeva and Alexander Pankratov-Black.

    The opportunity to show off talent Elena Kniazeva had at «Slavianski Bazaar» in 2008. In the same year she played the main character of the film «City of brides», where he starred together with Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Tina Kandelaki and Ivan Gromov.

    In the late 2000’s singer pleased their fans with a hit «And you said» which was written for her by Victor Drobysh. And Knyazeva started to appear on the screen, because it is entrusted to conduct two musical programs: «forget-me-nots» RU.TV and «the City sings,» on the 3 channel.

    Recently Elena Knyazeva performs under the pseudonym BELKA. She tours a lot (toured to China) and released several new singles. The most famous of them «Choose», «rerfect date» and «Katyusha». All tracks recorded videos.

    In 2010 BELKA presented his first album entitled «So gently.» It included 13 tracks, half of which Knyazeva wrote their own.

    Due to its striking model looks Elena Knyazeva often appears in glossy magazines. Her photo graced the covers of Russian editions of «Playboy» and «XXL» and the Chinese men’s tabloid «WO».

    In recent years, career «Proteins» continues to evolve. The singer has released 2 albums under the names, «I come!» and «I’ll Call you in the spring». We know that soon have to be 4-th album of the singer. And she starred in the films «Hello, I’m your dad!» and «Once in the Babin-Babine».

    Personal life

    It is known that BELKA is not married yet. In one of her interviews she said that she would like as a wife, not a man of show business, because the majority of its members are too fond of themselves.

    Perhaps the singer and actress already has a beloved man, but she hide it from prying eyes. Personal life Helena Knyazeva not so long ago was at the epicenter of attention due to an alleged affair with Paul Derevianko, which Elena starred in the music video. But neither of this pair has not confirmed the alleged connection.

    In his spare time BELKA «a lot and randomly» reads, enjoys painting, roller-skates and skis. Cook and loves socializing in the social.networks, but fans of computer games called «time killers and my life.»


    • «So tenderly»
    • «I came!»
    • «I’ll call you in spring»


    • «Dreams Of Alice»
    • Club
    • «Election day»
    • «Hello, I’m your dad!»
    • «Once in the Babin-Babine»


    Elena Knyazeva

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