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  • Name: Elena Kazarinova ( Elena Kazarinova )
  • Date of birth: 9 October 1960
  • Age: 52 years
  • Date of death: March 14, 2013
  • Place of birth: Perm, Russia
  • Activities: actress of theater, film and pop stars, singer, radio host
  • Marital status: widow

    Elena Kazarinova: biography

    Elena Kazarinova – actress, singer, radio host, unfortunately, he left this life.

    Elena was born in Perm on October 9, 1960, however, the child, the girl held in Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai. Then he was called Krasnoyarsk-26 and, like all the «closed» settlements of the Soviet Union, had a digital prefix to a common name. In this small town remained friends Helena, boys and girls, with whom she studied in a regular high school.

    Elena Kazarinova
    Elena Kazarinova | FlashNord

    Also, the girl graduated from music school, piano class, which helped her a lot in the future. At the height of his theatrical career Elena Kazarinova was the real star of musicals, and her bright, rich voice and an exciting performance today set an example for young artists.

    Elena’s family moved again in Perm, however, it Krasnoyarsk-26, the actress has always considered his homeland, missing, and remembering the city of his childhood. In 36 years, she had to again visit his native city, to meet with classmates. Unfortunately, this was the last meeting.

    Elena Kazarinova
    Elena Kazarinova

    In Perm Kazarinova entered the Institute of culture in the directing Department, where he studied for two years. Learn the basics of the directing profession, Elena decided to take off to Moscow, Schukinskaya school. Did. Studied talented and bright girl is already an actress, the course A. Drilling.

    The radio and children’s program

    Many people remember Helen Kazarinovo for her role in the children’s program «Abvgdeyka» in 1983-1985. Sunny and cheerful leader instantly fell in love with the guys who tried not to miss a single episode. At that time, Elena had already had a daughter Liza, born in 1983 (the first marriage and stage career Kazarinova virtually unknown), so working for a children’s audience the actress was doubly interesting.

    Elena Kazarinova in
    Elena Kazarinova in Abvgdeyka | Movie-Theater

    In 1990, Helen began to cooperate with the radio station «Echo Moskvy», and later with radio Arsenal, led the morning air, transfer. Today the morning show with jokes and laughter are a necessary part of any ether radio station. In those years it was a real breakthrough, innovation, and the voice of Elena Kazarinova knew and loved all the students Echo. Moreover, her laugh staff ad service for many years was inserted in all the commercials, he was so infectious and recognizable.

    Elena Kazarinova on the radio
    Elena Kazarinova on the radio | the First online TV

    Her colleagues recognized that all the juicy, naughty, funny and unusual advertising, screensavers and Comedy on radio of that period was done with the participation of Elena. However, jokes and morning esters work Helena on «Echo of Moscow» is not limited. Together with his friends, she wrote radio plays, where they played with full force of his acting talent.

    Career in the theatre

    Working in the theater for Elena Kazarinova began with the famous Taganka Theater, then she played in the Theater Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov, where she met her second husband, Igor Nefedov. After that was «Contemporary-2» and the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov, the first private non-state theatres — «Ulysses» and «Russian globe» under the leadership of A. Jacko.

    Elena Kazarinova in the theater
    Elena Kazarinova in the theater | Vechernyaya Moskva

    In his youth, as in maturity, Elena chose to play a specific role, she was struggling with impulsive, dramatic images of the comic and tragic plan. Only on account of its about fifteen theatrical productions, including «Blonde around the corner», «the Augean stables», «Ali Baba and the forty thieves», «Ivanov», «Henry IV» and others. Elena Kazarinova was lucky to work with Oleg Tabakov, Oleg Efremov, Benjamin Smekhova.

    Movies and musicals

    Filmography of Elena Kazarinova quite extensive. For fifty years she managed to appear in over twenty films. Among them were starring roles in films and episodic, full-length films and TV series.

    Elena Kazarinova
    Elena Kazarinova in the movie «Paradise apples» | Movie-Theater

    At the Zenith of fame Actresses especially powerfully manifested her singing talent. Elena participated in several musicals that have become legendary, performed at the Metropolitan stage and toured all over the country. His playing and singing Elena Kazarinova was decorated with the following music shows:

    • «Nord-OST»;
    • «Cheerful children»;
    • «Cabaret»;
    • «Mamma Mia!»;
    • «The sound of music».

    It’s amazing how Elena all time, combining personal life and work in theatre, radio, cinema, taking care of daughter? With photo is looking at us cheerful, beautiful, self-sufficient woman, who literally emanates creative energy and heat. This was actually Elena Kazarinova, optimist in life, kind to others and believes in the best no matter what.

    Personal life

    If the first wife Kazarinova in the press there is no mention, then her second husband, Igor Nefedov was the real star of the Soviet theatre and cinema. They met working at the Oleg Tabakov played on the same stage, but no relationship to a point between the actors was not.

    Everyone knew that Igor really misses his first wife, who left him, so Elena at first did not take seriously the advances of the famous colleagues. However, they started Dating, and on 1 April 1987, played a gorgeous wedding, was said to Igor, «a joke». At the time of his daughter Helena, Climbs, was for four years.

    Igor Nefedov
    Igor Nefedov , the husband of actress | Muzivid

    At first, fate favored to the newlyweds, they got a new apartment in Moscow, invited friends, lived on a Grand scale. Nefedov took over the farm and care for the child, as Lisa called him dad. Children of Igor and Lena was not. At the same time Kazarinova career went uphill, and Igor, on the contrary, as something unlucky. He started drinking, dreaming of big roles, neglected work in the theater. Tobacco long tolerated his antics, lateness, drunkenness and, finally, barred from participating in performances.

    The wife could no longer tolerate the behavior of her husband, and he left the family. Rumor has it that Elena was another man. Anyway, 2 December 1993, Igor Nefedov has committed suicide. The cause of death was asphyxiation: actor was found hanged right on the stairs in the house, where Elena lived with her daughter.

    Elena Kazarinova
    Elena Kazarinova in recent years | Peoplefilm

    Elena was very upset by the death of her husband, who, by the way, not just talking about the willingness to suicide. Wife thought it was a joke, posturing, a way to attract attention. As it turned out, in vain.

    Elena Kazarinova survived her husband for 20 years, died March 14, 2013 at the Botkin hospital in the capital. Death was due to acute leukemia, which developed the actress a few months after suffering a stroke. She was only 52 years old.


    Elena Kazarinova

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