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  • Name: Elena Hanga ( Yelena Khanga )
  • Date of birth: 1 may 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: journalist, TV presenter, radio host, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Hanga: biography

    Elena Abdulaeva Hanga was born on 1 may 1962 in Moscow. She can’t answer the question of what her nationality. Elena’s father Abdul Kassim Hanga was a native of Zanzibar, his father was an Imam. In 1964 Abdullah Hanga was appointed Prime Minister of Zanzibar, but after 4 months in office, he was arrested, died in prison when Lena was two years old. The mother of the famous TV presenter Leah Oliferova Golden was born in the city of Tashkent. Her father, Oliver Golden, was black, an expert on cotton, and his mother Bertha Bialik — a Polish Jew. Golden family emigrated from the US to the USSR in 1931. Leah Golden was young, I was into tennis, even played for the national team of Uzbekistan, she graduated from the historical faculty of Moscow state University, historian, Professor at the University of Chicago.

    Elena Hangu was raised by a mother and grandmother. As Leah Golden, she played tennis and even played for the team CSKA. The grandmother said the girl English so that as soon as possible mastered the language perfectly. Helen went to a special school with advanced English, and after graduation he entered the Moscow state University on journalism faculty. After graduating from MSU, she had an internship in new York and Harvard universities. Soon she decided that she wanted to get another higher education and enrolled at psychotherapist in new York University.

    After graduation first job for the hangi was the newspaper «the Moscow news». She is one of those fortunate few, who in 1987 was invited on an exchange in Boston, where she underwent a three-month internship at a reputable newspaper «Christian Science Monitor». In 1989, the Rockefeller Foundation invited Elena Hangu in the US, and she agreed. There she began to travel to different countries and to explore charity. During these journeys, Lena told of the inhabitants of different continents about life in the USSR, about his family, about their roots.

    Then she had the idea to write a book about your family tree. To do this, she has carefully studied its history, which began in Africa, America and England. In 1992, Hangu published a book called «the Story of a black Russian American family. 1865-1992». The book became a bestseller in many countries and even translated into several languages.

    In 2001 Elena Hanga has published his second book, called «About everything and About it.» She devoted her mom and Gennady Gerasimov, whom he calls his mentor from his days in «the Moscow news». In this book Hanga talks about topics that affect transfer «About it», she also wrote about herself and her family.

    Elena Hanga is a member of the public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress.


    In the 1980’s, Helen played for the team «world Team» in KVN. And in 1989, after training in America, Vladislav Listyev invited Elena Hanga in a cameo role in the television show «the View». Since the program was popular at the time, the girl did not go unnoticed. She soon began to work with. Zakharov, CT. Listyev and Lyubimov A. or, as she called them, with the «Trinity of Musketeers.» Hanga called these the years of fun.

    In 1993 she was invited on the NTV channel, to work as a sports reporter and do stories about the Olympics held in Atlanta. The following proposal was in 1997 in the new program «About it» by Leonid Parfyonov, which has become one of the most popular on Russian television. First, Elena Hanga has refused, as it was broadcast on a very candid and risky topic, but He convinced her that the program is doomed to success. Of like that you start off in the TV career of Elena: transfer entered in the Guinness book of records, and wrote about it the newspaper «The New York Times». But after three years the program «About it» was closed, as it is entirely exhausted.

    Soon Elena Hanga was waiting for a new proposal. In 2001 she was invited to become the host of «the Domino Principle», which she led at first by Helen Hideaway, and after Dana Borisova. The transfer, which stated that surrounds us in life, was quite successful.

    Since 2009 and to this day, Elena Hanga is the transfer of «Cross Talk» in the English-speaking channel Russia Today. She also collaborates with the Radio «Komsomolskaya Pravda», and since 2011 on the channel KP-TV is a TV show «remote control for life».


    Elena Hanga dabbled as an actress. She made her first steps in cinema in the childhood — her first role was in 1970 in the film «Black sun».

    In 1981, Elena had a short role in the movie «the invisible Man». A few years later she appeared in the films «New tales of Scheherazade» and «the Last night of Scheherazade». Hung also starred in the films «Park of the Soviet period» and «evlampiya Romanova 3: Forecast of mucks for tomorrow», where she played the role of a virologist Ngwenya Mbou.

    Personal life

    Husband of Helena hangi name is Igor Mintusov. He is a political consultant, political analyst, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for political consulting. They met during their student years at MSU. In 1988, Igor made the offer Helen, but she refused because she had plans to travel the world, make a career. The lovers were broken up, but soon they met again, and Igor did offer a second time. Elena Hanga agreed.

    In January 2001, the wedding of TV presenter and scientist. It was held in America in Los Angeles, where he lives most of the relatives of the hangi. For the wedding they prepared a very long and anxious, only the wedding dress sewn almost a year.

    25 October 2001, the family had a daughter who was named Elizabeth, Anna, in honor of the coach of Elena’s tennis — Dmitrieva Anna Vladimirovna.

    Hanga said that her husband likes to travel but wants to live in Russia. Hanga proud of Igor and considers him a very clever man.


    • «New tales of Scheherazade»
    • «Black sun»
    • «This sweet word — freedom!»
    • «The invisible man»
    • «Park of the Soviet period»
    • «Evlampiya Romanova. The consequence conducts the layman»
    • «Balzac age, or All men are bast…»
    • «The last night of Scheherazade»


    Elena Hanga with her daughter

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