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  • Name: Elena Golunova ( Elena Golunova )
  • Date of birth: 8 April 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Activity: the Siberian witch, a psychic, finalist of the 13th season of the show «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Golunova : biography

    Elena Golunova has positioned itself as a Siberian witch and clairvoyant. And her son Vlad Kadoni, known to fans of the show «Dom-2», called the mother of the most dangerous witch of Siberia.

    Elena Golunova was born in Novosibirsk in April 1968. She claims that as a child she began to show psychic abilities. She could communicate with the dead, preferring this «communication» relationship with human beings.

    Elena’s parents Golosovoy divorced when she was a child. To avoid selecting which of the two most precious people to her to stay, her daughter decided to live with grandma. And «strange» granddaughter immediately understood and was not surprised. According to Golosovoy grandmother was a witch. She handed her granddaughter’s ability, which is passed only through the female line.

    When the young witch turned 17, she was seized with a terrible blow. Was not the only loved one – his grandmother. Parents of daughter long forgotten. The girl met with an adult 35-year-old man who was involved in the racket. Golunova became pregnant and gave birth to a boy (the same Vlad kadoni, more precisely, Victor Golunova). But soon after birth his father was killed. A young single mother had to endure hard times, including human judgment.

    But Elena Golunova was stronger than circumstances. She managed to get an education – trained as an accountant, worked for some time in the specialty. But soon the magic has become a major profession. The glory of witch and necromancer Golosovoy to which queues wanting to get your answers or solve their problems, spread around the city and beyond.

    For a long time the creators of the TV show «Battle of psychics» asked Elena Golunova become a member of the project. Helped to persuade the mother the son who took part in the two previous seasons of the program.

    TV show

    Biography Elena Golunova was enriched with a new Chapter after this woman with a grim look appeared on the screens in front of million army of fans of the TV show «the Battle of psychics.» Siberian witch came in the 13th season, which aired in 2012.

    The audience was somewhat shocked that Golunova identified themselves as «black witches» and openly declared the commitment of necromancy. She wore a «dead water», claiming it has medicinal properties, and the cemetery land. An even greater shock the audience was overcome when he learned about the bloody rituals and sacrifices resorted Golunova. The indispensable magical attributes, which gave her strength, the witch thought of gold and a sharp knife. Favorite place, where she found the energy, the woman called the cemetery.

    When competition was held to search for «stock MMM» at the bottom of the pond, the woman is greatly damaged their vessels. She stated that therefore «draws an assistant in the person drowned in the lake men.» Despite considerable skepticism of the crew and cool smeared blood on the boat, Golunova only coped with this uneasy task.

    However, as with all other tasks. Elena considered the main contender for the victory. But the dark plume that stretched for «dangerous Siberian witch», scared Golosovoy spectators. They expressed a preference for «light» Dmitry Volkhov. But then suddenly appeared on the scene the winner of the 9th season of the program Natalia Pantaeva. She stated that she believes Golunova the strongest and therefore gives her her prize – «Hand of fate».

    Personal life

    The audience with great interest watched your «favorites». It is not surprising that the personal life Elena Golunova acutely interested. As it turned out, this life was pretty good. Shortly after the death of his father Victor Lena got married and had two sons – Dmitry and Leo. Husband – Dmitry Golunov – has no relation to witchcraft and knows nothing about the magical rituals of his wife. He has a small car business. The couple are happy.

    After participating in the TV show Lena collapsed real popular. So today the woman lives between two cities – Novosibirsk and Moscow, where she was waiting for customers.

    Favorite book Elena Golunova – «Master and Margarita». And favorite film is «the omen.» The witch loves cloudy and rainy weather.


    Elena Golunova with his son Victor

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