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  • Name: Elena Golovan ( Elena Golovan )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Born in Lubny, Ukraine
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, participant of the show «Dance all season 6», contestant on «Dancing on TNT season 2», contestant on «the Bachelor»
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Golovan : biography

    Golovanov Elena was born in the Ukrainian town of Lubny in the summer of 1994. Elena is the only child in the family. She was born when my mom was 22 and dad for a year more. To bring up the daughter and to strengthen the well-being of young «cell of society», parents worked a lot. So Elena often remained «on the farm» one and quite early learned to be quite independent person.

    The school of native Lubny Elena Golovan studied only up to 9th class, but graduated with honors. Not to continue schooling, she decided because of the strong passions choreography. At the age of 11 she was engaged in sports ballroom dancing, especially liked the Latin American direction. Soon the young dancer realized that this occupation she loves most in life.

    So, after finishing 9th grade, Golovanov Elena went to Kiev. Here she entered the pop-circus school, where he discovered the classical and modern. Specialty obtained by Elena, is: «choreographer».

    Television projects

    Biography Elena Golovan rich to participate in various TV projects and shows. In 2012 the girl starred in the music video for Miguel, which he set for the group «Leningrad». The girl met the famous choreographer by accident. She was friends with Makar Kilivnik, one of 6 members of the group. Makar and brought a cute friend to meet with Miguel. He took time to produce the team after the end of the Ukrainian TV show «Show number 1».

    In the same 2012 Golovanov Elena decided to take part in popular Ukrainian project «everybody Dance». But the girl failed to pass in the TOP 100 of the 5th season. Elena did not give up and came on the 6th season of the project. At the audition, she prepared a dance, which was accompanied by the poetry of Olga Ares. For music track dancer read the text itself. The girl managed to pass the audition and get to the project, although the audience reaction to what he saw in the room was mixed.

    In the 6th season of the TV show «everybody Dance» Golovanov Elena managed to pass the «test-20» and even got to live in the TOP 12. Although a dancer, according to the choreographers, significantly inferior to their rivals, among whom were such strong contenders, as Alice Dotsenko and Ira Gradina, but she managed to avoid nominations and moved on. Some argue that it is the merit of a powerful support group that managed to organize Elena’s parents in their native Lubny.

    Elena Golovan was eliminated from the show, reaching the TOP 6.

    At the end of the project Elena was adopted in one of the dance schools in Kiev as a teacher. Also, she was frequently invited as judges at various Ukrainian dance shows and competitions.

    In 2015, Elena Golovan took part in the Ukrainian project of the show «the Bachelor.» According to Elena, to participate in the 5th season pushed her grandmother, who always watched with interest the program. At first beauty did not expect that delayed the project for a long time. But charming bachelor – Ukrainian football player Sergey Melnik – I think «hooked on» beauty more than she had planned. Looks like Elena fell for Sergei.

    Elena Golovan reached the final of the show. But in the end the girl suffered an unexpected blow: the bachelor chose two girls instead of the Marina Kischuk. Lena took a rather painful defeat. To escape from anxiety and experienced stress, she went with her parents on vacation to the Carpathians.

    After «the Bachelor,» Golovanov Elena continued to engage in choreography as a teacher. One day the singer received a serious leg injury and for a long time, forgot the way to the ballroom. But back to dance and exercise Elena made the 1st season of the Russian project «Dancing» on TNT. Golovan so «on fire» with the desire to participate in a new project, actively undertook the restoration.

    On stage «Dancing» on TNT Elena Golovan arrived in Novosibirsk, where he held the casting for the 2nd season. Here again she met with Miguel, who remembered a bright girl who starred in the clip. Elena presented her a room in «modern» style and easily passed the test. The dancer made the team to Miguel and reached TOP 24.

    Personal life

    The first serious novel of Elena happened in the project «everybody Dance» with the dancer from Kazakhstan Dmitry Twitter. This relationship is discussed thousands of fans of the show. Within 10 months, the pair was pleasing to the eye and really looked happy. But in may 2014, Dima and Lena suddenly broke up.

    I must say that the guys managed to keep friendly relations and not to row in public. Elena even volunteered to help Dmitry, when he decided to move to Kiev. Together choreographers appeared on the master classes were the judges for various projects. But the feeling faded.

    Private life of Helen Golovan appeared again in the top of the discussions after the girl took part in the show «the Bachelor.» It seems that beauty really fell in love with the main character, although it was not originally planned. Lena just wanted to get to the popular show and «light up» on the screen.

    But after some time she managed to recover and even look at the situation from the outside. Perhaps everything happened for the best. So, true love Elena Golovan is yet to come.


    Golovanov Elena and her mother

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