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photo Elena Dvoichenkova

  • Name: Dvoychenkov Alena ( Alena Dvoychenkova )
  • Date of birth: 1 September 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Murmansk
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, contestant on «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Dvoichenkova: biography

    Dvoichenkova Elena is a young Russian dancer, who works in the contemporary dance style of «Vogue». In 2016, she made a splash on the casting of the third season of the popular show «Dancing on TNT».

    Elena was born and raised in the Northern city of Murmansk. Since childhood the girl was fond of dancing, went to a dance Studio, and in addition, was engaged in aerobics. I wonder what thoughts to connect his life with something else besides dancing in Dvoichenkova never arose. Even playing with dolls, she blossomed it is not the teacher or mom as most of her peers, and turned the nursery into a kind of dance flooring and put toys dance numbers.

    Olena Dvoichenkova
    Elena Dvoichenkova | VK

    After receiving secondary education, Elena moved to St. Petersburg. There she becomes a bright representative of the first House of Vogue in Russia «HOUSE OF BONCHINCHE». It is interesting that the company gets from people, very congenial. Dancers even live in one big dormitory.

    In addition, Elena Dvoichenkova teaches at the children’s choreographic school «Little Big-Life» and participates in many dance battles and competitions, often leaving the winner or medalist.

    TV show

    In 2016, Elena Dvoichenkova decided it was time to declare themselves in full voice. She participates in the auditions directly to the two largest post-Soviet television. At first she goes to Kiev and in front of the jury of the show «everybody Dance. Season 9» appears as a Mystic from the blockbuster «X-Men». But technique and dance ability, probably due to a too bright image in Ukraine to open it failed.

    But in Russia, Saint-Petersburg casting in the show «Dancing on TNT», Alena made a splash. Her fiery dance has literally infused energy into every viewer. In addition, Dvoichenkova, who loves to shock the audience, once again shocked by its appearance.

    On her blouse was a picture of the halves of apples, which on closer examination had a specific sexual connotation. With judges «Apple theme» most of all appreciated Miguel, but Tatyana Denisova and Yegor Druzhinin was under the impression it was dance possibilities contestants.

    Personal life

    Young dancer Elena Dvoichenkova at the moment, completely focused on how to build a powerful professional career. According to information from its pages in social networks, the girl is not married yet and does not seem to have any serious romantic relationship. Although friends among members of the opposite sex Elena a lot.


    Olena Dvoichenkova

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