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  • Name: Elena Dubrovskaya ( Elena Dubrovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status:

    Elena Dubrovskaya: biography

    Elena Dubrovskaya is one of the most sought-after Actresses in Belarus, both in cinema and in theater. Its texture it challenges modern cinema, proving that success can be not only Actresses with model looks.

    Elena was born and raised in Minsk. Even in kindergarten the girl turned to the music, so after reaching the required age parents enrolled her in music school where she learned to play the piano. In 8 years, Lena also became a member of the children’s choir «Krynka», which visited many music festivals.

    But these classes probably little Helen was not enough, and in 10 years, she became the actress of the youth theatre «Skazka» at the State musical Comedy theatre of the Republic of Belarus. Of course, she got the role of baby – snow maiden, little Red riding Hood and the like, but the first acquaintance with a theatre happened.

    After high school, Dubrovskaya filed documents at the Belarusian state Academy of arts, but the first time the examination Board it is not missed. According to the official version, rejected due to too the academic performance of the song, but Elena herself was sure that there was due to low growth and tight figure. At the second attempt the University she obeyed, and she was enrolled in a group of honored artist Vladimir Misanchuk. By the way, points Elena was in the bottom of the list of students, so decided for myself that will be out to dig in its heels to finish the Academy among the leaders. And so it happened: Dubrovskaya was the best graduate of his class.

    Even in the third year of study aspiring actress joined the troupe of the Minsk National academic drama theater named after Maxim Gorky, with whom she collaborated until now. She also as a soloist periodically appeared on stage together with the Presidential orchestra of Belarus under Victor Babarikin. As a singer Dubrovskaya was a multiple winner of many music competitions and festivals, for example, «Belaya Rus», «ballad of a soldier», «November», «Meetings in Russia» and many others.


    For the first time on the screen Elena Dubrovskaya appeared in the 2004 sports Comedy «the Team», after which in the same year came «Dounia» and «Deep». Soon Lena becomes a very popular actress not only in native Belarus, but also in Russia. Every year, out of 5-6 movies and TV shows with her participation, and at the moment a complete filmography of the actress includes nearly 70 paintings.

    Often Dubrovskaya plays the main character, but his charisma and sincerity attracts the attention of the viewer and draws attention to your character. Time Directors even specifically increase airtime Helena, although originally in the script it should be less. This happened, for example, in the work on the melodrama «the Kiss of Socrates» and «Wide river». By the way, the first 30 years Dubrovskaya played a young student Anna S., that the actress took it as a compliment. In an interview, she admitted that the invitation to such a role she was flattered. «So, you still look young», she said.

    Interestingly, if on the stage Elena Dubrovsky can be seen in dramatic and comedic roles, often in musicals, on screen she often appears in dramas or complex military dramatic paintings. «Hunting for Gauleiter» with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, «Mother and stepmother» with Anna Cozychic, «Stay forever» with Alexander Turcan, «the Brest fortress» Andrey Merzlikina – all these works were very well received by the audience and showed Dubrovsky as a serious actress.

    No exception, and recent projects Helena – biographical drama «the Red Queen» about the Soviet model Regina Zbarskaya, romance «Because I love you» on the influence of the world on the tender feelings of the lovers and the drama «Gafron» about interethnic relations and the attempts to find common ground.

    Last picture of Elena Dubrovskaya is today the crime Thriller «cube», which will be released in 2016.

    Personal life

    On the private side of his life Elena Dubrovskaya almost not covered. To the public it is unknown whether the actress is the hero of her heart.

    Elena has a son Ânyka, but the boy’s father Dubrovskaya well as fans says.


    • 2004 — Team
    • 2008 — Broad river
    • 2010 — the Brest fortress
    • 2011 — Kiss Of Socrates
    • 2012 — Hunting for a Gauleiter
    • 2012 — Mother and stepmother
    • 2013 — What men want
    • 2014 — All the treasures of the world
    • 2015 — the Red Queen
    • 2016 — Cuba


    Elena Dubrovskaya

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