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  • Name: Elena Drobysheva ( Elena Drobysheva )
  • Date of birth: 3 December 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Drobysheva: biography

    Her heroine is touching and vulnerable, they recognize themselves, their friends, neighbors. Her play imbued, believe her.

    The theater and film actress Elena Drobysheva was born on 3 Dec 1964 in Moscow. She was born in a family of actors: mother, the national actress Nina Drobysheva, father – people’s artist Vitaly Konyaev. As Elena says, so it is difficult for parents to answer. However, the parents divorced shortly after the birth of her daughter. The mother married a second time, Elena has a little sister. But the second marriage of Nina Drobysheva was unsuccessful.

    16 Elena bore the name of the father, and when he received a passport, then took his mother’s surname. With the choice of profession the girl’s difficulties was not: she knew that her life would be connected with the theatre. Childhood in the Holy of holies – behind the scenes.

    Elena applied for the faculty teatrovedchesky GITIS, successfully passed the exams and became a student. However, after the first year she realized that she wanted to play on stage. Then Elena wrote a short but touching letter to his teacher Boris Lyubimov. She asked me to forgive her for that goes to the artist. When Lyubimov saw Lena Drobysheva on the stage and in the movie, he said she absolutely made the right decision. In 1993, then graduated from the Shchukin school and began working in the theater.


    Her theatrical life began in the Moscow drama theatre of G. Simonova, then Elena worked for some time in the troupe of the Moscow city Council, CBD. In 1996 then went to Moscow «Theatre of the moon», where he worked until 2005. Here she played her best theatrical roles, and revealed himself as a talented dramatic actress.

    Elena Drobysheva played Masha in «Three sisters», Nina Zarechnaya in «the Seagull», Seraphim in «Suicide», Sonia in «Meshchersky».


    Career Elena Drobysheva movie began in 1984 with an episode in «the Limit». The following year, the actress starred in three episodes. In 1994 she was offered the main role in the film «Love French and Russian». Popularity came to the actress in 2003, when viewers saw her in the TV series «another life». Elena played the wife of businessman Alain, in the past, the provincial girl who came to conquer Moscow. The actress says that in this film, the script and directing was so thoughtful that acting for him was a pleasure.

    From other important works of the actress should be allocated to the film by Sergei Solovyov’s «Anna Karenina». In it she played Dolly, the mother of six children. Elena says that the actors waited for their roles ten years, and the Director has invited all those who auditioned 10 years ago. She supposes that the prototype of the heroine was the wife of Leo Tolstoy. When Drobysheva read the script, she was thrilled, because the author or rather any books on the psychology of painted subtle nuances of relationships.

    On account of Elena Drobysheva more than 40 roles in films and television series. She actively removed today.

    Personal life

    Humble, intelligent, real – be Helen looks at the screen, so it is in life. Unfortunately, her personal life is less successful as a career.

    With her first husband Vladimir Lipskerova, Elena met while studying in GITIS. Dima saw her when she came to the Shchukin school on the open Day and fell in love. But Elena didn’t want any relationship. Three years Dmitry went behind the actress on the heels could come at night to her house, which was located 15 kilometers from his place of residence. Finally, she gave up. They played a modest wedding, and after 11 months of their marriage collapsed.

    In an interview Dmitry Lipskerov said Yelena Drobysheva was his sick illusion, not love. The artist likes to recall his first marriage, has never commented on the revelations of the former husband with journalists.

    The second Elena’s husband – actor Aleksandr Koznov. But this marriage was short-lived. Son Philip, who was born in 1990 and she raised herself. Philip is an economist by training, knows several foreign languages, including Japanese, lives and works in France.

    Many years later Elena Drobysheva admitted that he was in love with the wrong men, and therefore personal life. Probably, it was necessary to choose a man not of the actor’s environment.

    She says she does not like to celebrate his birthday, begins to worry the day before. When Helen had set the table of the house or invited guests to the restaurant, but recently realized that it’s not her. It is better to snowboard with his son in the suburbs or celebrate otherwise — without the toast, get-togethers and guests.

    Elena Drobysheva loves to travel. She has three out of a bad mood – Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo.


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    Olena Drobysheva

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