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  • Name: Elena Chernyavskaya ( Elena Chernyavskaya )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Chernyavskaya: biography

    Actress and model Elena Chernyavskaya was born on 1 June 1986. She grew up in an ordinary Moscow family. Since childhood Elena was engaged in ballroom dancing, the parents supported the hobby daughter.

    As a teenager, she dreamed of becoming a choreographer, I wanted to open a dance club. On the way to his dream Chernyavsky began to engage in sports and dance College and simultaneously enrolled in the Studio of the fashion business. Ballroom dance classes demanded serious investments – suits, shoes, accessories were expensive. Elena gave up her dancing, so as not to burden parents and decided to earn my own money.

    Minor girl took on a part-time job at McDonalds, the salary was also small but it was money earned by yourself. Elena Chernyavskaya learned to cook French fries, happy, because I could get a free meal at work. However, the lack of exercise and fast food quickly made themselves felt overweight. Then Elena went to work in one of the KFC restaurants started to follow the diet. She earned enough to go to the gym, buy some nice makeup and clothes.

    Then Cherniavsky worked as a shop assistant in clothing stores, in this period, the girl thought that she is unlikely to make a career without education. She entered the national business Institute and in 2008 received a diploma of marketing. The girl I was going to design courses, but success came to her in a different field.


    In the business model Elena came back by chance. Somehow in social networks, she saw the photos from the portfolio of his friend, and persuaded the other to take her along on a photo shoot at a modeling Agency. The administration has estimated the external data Cherniavsky, saw it as a promising model. Soon a beautiful girl’s smile was met by Muscovites on the capital’s billboards.

    It was noticed by advertisers, began to offer the contracts. She was the face of brands «Nescafe Gold», «BIO Balance», and others. Then there was shooting in the advertising of mobile operators, trading company «Econika», the cosmetic brand «Faberlic». Elena Chernyavskaya advertised fur clothing «Sagitta».

    Elena’s career was on the rise, but a rational mind she understood that the stars of the fashion business quickly lit and quickly dampened. Cherniavsky seriously thinking about the movie and started to attend drama School G. Sedakova.


    Her film debut took place in 2009. Cherniavsky was offered a cameo role in the TV series «M+W». She starred with Gregory Antipenko Nelli Uvarova.

    The second work of Helen was the more serious and complex – she played the small role of administrator of the group «Accident» in the Comedy «About what still speak men». In 2011, the actress starred in the films «soulless» and «Retiree-3».

    Popularity came to her after starring in the television project «Kitchen». In 2012, Elena Cherniavsky came to the casting among thousands of other girls. She successfully passed the selection, it adopted the role of angelina. The heroine Elena is a beautiful girl from Ekaterinburg, which became the administrator of the French restaurant «Claude Monet». The audience watched with interest for the professional and at the same time very natural game Actresses.

    After the release of «Kitchen» Elena Chernyavskaya was invited to talk shows and other television projects. But the girl believes that her acting career is just beginning, ahead and other bright and interesting role.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Elena Chernyavskaya is almost indistinguishable from other beautiful girls. She loves traveling, shopping, spending time with friends.

    Married Elena is not going and says he’s not Dating anyone. But occasionally the Newspapers carry reports of her novels. However, she Cherniavsky not comment on them. Perhaps the intrigue it stirs the interest of readers and viewers to imagine. It is unlikely such a beautiful girl like Elena Cherniavsky, spending the night and goes to rest abroad alone.


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    Elena Chernyavskaya

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