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  • Name: Elena Borscheva ( Elena Borscheva )
  • Date of birth: 11 April 1981.
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Nalchik
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: the actress and comic genre
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Borschev: biography

    Elena borscheva was born in April 1981 in Nalchik. The birth of the future artist was preceded by a romantic story Dating a student of the Timiryazev agricultural Academy in Nalchik and student of the Russian University of friendship of peoples of Panama Julio Santa Maria Guerra. The result of this international love was the birth of Helena.

    But her parents never lived together. After graduation my father went to his homeland, and my mother were on her. Later adult Elena borscheva found his father through the Embassy. As it turned out, and Julio Santa Maria Guerra, PhD in agriculture, was also looking for a daughter. They met in Panama and Elena have got acquainted with family of dad and three half brothers. But to remain in the country, which she felt like a stranger, she didn’t want.

    During his school years Elena borscheva became interested in Spanish Philology. So after graduation immediately went to Pyatigorsk, where he entered linguistic University. As planned, she chose a degree in English and Spanish languages. But Philology in his career the artist was not needed.

    Television career

    The creative biography of Elena Borscheva started in his student years. At first she played in the University team of KVN, but soon striking the actress noticed and invited to become a member of the team «Team of Pyatigorsk». This well-known team soon found himself the champion of the Higher League, and then won the Summer Cup of KVN and many other awards. But the thing that guys from Pyatigorsk, including Borschov, shown on TV.

    Elena was one of the most memorable actors of the national team, although at first did not connect their future life with the game of KVN, no TV. The visible appearance, style of play, hilarious seriousness Borshchova the audience liked. She and the artist were leaders of spectator sympathies.

    The team collected many honours, got rid of the prefix «Vice» and went to «free floating». Tour the major cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus have strengthened the credibility of the «Team of Pyatigorsk» and allowed its most prominent artists, including Elena Borscheva, to start a «solo» career.

    In 2007 the artist from Nalchik received an invitation from Natalia, Aprikian. So Borschev were in the TV show «Comedy Woman», where her career went to a new level. Stage name Elena chose, that is, descent: Elena Julevna Santa Maria Guerra. Borschev, loved to make fun of themselves, called the image he created was «the epitome of anti-sexual absurdity.» Her numbers with Maria Kravchenko and Natasha Medvedeva turned out to be incredibly popular and funny.

    But all of a sudden Elena borscheva in 2012, when it ended its contract with TNT, refused to continue and left the popular project. She decided to develop her solo career.

    Soon the audience saw favorite comedic actress in the programs of «Eat and hudey», «Good jokes», «This is my child?!», «Taxi» and others. She also took part in the TV show «Fort Boyard».

    It is known that after leaving the «Comedy Woman» borscheva started to conduct a master class, where he tells how to develop a sense of humor. And she organized the cooking show «Cook-ha», which was held in the restaurants of the capital.

    In addition, the artist often invited to corporate events.

    Personal life

    Your soul mate, the artist met when he was in the national Team of Pyatigorsk». After one of the performances of Elena approached by a nice young man with a luxurious bouquet of flowers. They talked for a few minutes and exchanged phone numbers. The interview took place on the second day. Valery Yushkevich, a Belarusian by nationality, was a fitness trainer and master of sports in weightlifting.

    In the following, 2005’s personal life Elena Borscheva and Valeria Yushkevich flow in one direction. The wedding was held in Belarus, the home of Valeria, and Russia. In 2007 the couple had a daughter Mar.

    In the spring of 2015 was born the second daughter – Mind. It is noteworthy that the girl was born on the 1st of April. To have a second child, Elena resorted to IVF.

    Free time Elena borscheva-Yushkevich loves spending with family, cook family with their favorite dishes and knitting. And she writes wonderful poems.


    • 2011 — «the best movie 3-DE»
    • 2014 — «What men are doing! 2»


    Olena Borschyov

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