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  • Name: Elena Berkova ( Elena Berkova )
  • Date of birth: 11 March 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Murmansk, Russia
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: actress, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Elena Berkova: biography

    Elena Berkova – model, actress, singer, star of television programs and reality shows. Seen in the areas of «18+», where, basically, and got my success. Behind actress’s many media projects, which helped her to become famous: over the years / has been a fashion model and a DJ on the radio, and the presenter and participant reality show «House-2». Artistry and perfect pitch, bright appearance and presentation become the hallmark of this girl, which has been successful virtually from scratch.

    Elena Berkova
    Elena Berkova | LIVE Posts

    Biography Elena Berkova, the most scandalous and unpredictable women of Russian show-business started in Murmansk on 11 March 1985. However, the native of Murmansk Elena remembers little, since after her birth the family moved to permanent residence in the city of Nikolaev, located in Ukraine. Mama Elena Berkova worked as a humble elementary school teacher at secondary school №45. In this school, Elena studied for several years, but there was another move – this time to the area of the Alluvium. Most of their school years, the future actress and star of TV shows there, and spent.

    Classmates Lena is remembered as a charismatic, cheerful and sociable girl, always knows how to keep a conversation, to laugh and to reassure the interlocutor. While studying / whatever, as happens with all creative individuals.

    Parents sincerely hope that their daughter will achieve success in gymnastics. Elena dreamed of a friend — cherished dream of the girl was a ballet career. However, fate decreed otherwise.

    «18+» and «House 2»

    Wide fame Leno brought the show

  • «The house-2». But before that, when she was only fourteen years old, / had time to try yourself in the role of the web model. His first marriage Elena concluded at sixteen. Her lover was an Armenian named albert. Together with it Elena founded her own Dating Agency in Nikolaev, and the business was very successful and profitable. But the quiet family life, albeit a very wealthy, ambitious beauty was not enough. For his glory and Helena had to fight. A serious obstacle in achieving success is absolutely not her model height: 158 cm. This was contrary to all possible model standards, but a young and playful / not given: not one instance bypassed Lena showing her portfolio. Evenings spent in restaurants, not having fun: / worked as a waitress. All the podium didn’t take it, and, waving his hand at modeling, Helena made the acquaintance of Norwegian erotic photographer named Petter Hegre. It was he who suggested to Helen albeit rather controversial, but very lucrative business of porn.
    Elena Berkova on the set
    Elena Berkova on the set of «House-2» | Rutube

    Berkova was delighted for the job, starred in a web Studio, and then began appearing in American adult films. Movies «18+» — a profitable business, but at the same time very stressing and dangerous. Learning about what is actually involved in Elena, her in 2004, was disqualified from the reality show «Dom-2», where she spent only a few months. During this time she managed to Excel his outrageous behavior, and stormy relationship with Roman Tretyakov.

    When the truth about Elena touched the ears of relatives and friends, many turned away from the girl and rushed to condemn it. Even the sister refused to accept the fact, what does Elena. The stress experienced by Berkova was in a psychiatric hospital. Good, understanding and sensitive parents supported the actress and helped her to cope with leaning on it the burden of notoriety. It is parents who are obliged Berkova and a quick rehabilitation and return to normal life.

    In 2007, rocked the entire country own channel Berkova OeRTV, outdoor together with Alexander Gross. Elena’s voice sounded on television and radio in the author’s program with the provocative title, «Definitely». That was the title of the book that Lena Berkova wrote about his life and career. The book is «Undoubtedly» was printed in the publishing house «Folio SP» and became a bestseller in 2007.

    Elena Berkova
    Elena Berkova | Poptop

    Come 2010 – and here we see Helen in the role of the singer in the qualifying round of the Russian contest «Eurovision», where she was preparing to perform song «TheBearArrived». Unfortunately, beyond the qualifying stage / not passed. And in 2011, Berkova lit up in the clip, this time in the video «through the night» group «DeltaPro».

    Personal life

    Soon Elena’s role changed. She decided to settle down and to find family happiness, and find themselves in politics. This helped a businessman by the name of Melanie, with whom the star married in 2005. But the family happiness did not last long, and two years later the couple broke up.

    Following her husband Berkova became a stripper Ivan Belkov. Together John and Helen organized the infamous show «the wedding night», in which the couple simulated sex scene under a blanket in front of one of the Moscow club. Love Berkova and the break was a son named Eugene.

    Elena Berkova and Ivan Belkov with his son
    Elena Berkova and Ivan Belkov son | MedikForum

    Being seven months pregnant, Elena ran for the post of mayor of Sochi together with Anastasia Volochkova, the late Boris Nemtsov and Andrei Lugovoi. In 2009, Berkova divorced Ivan Bajkovym.

    After this long time on the streets of Moscow Elena Berkova can be seen next to the imposing, serious man of middle age. His name – Vladimir Savro, call him a famous personality is impossible. About Vladimir, it was known only that he was beside a Hostel in the difficult period of the life of a star and supported the girl. Also Vladimir got along well with the son of a Hostel. Offer to marry Elena received from Vladimir live. He was not embarrassed nor scandalous reputation of Helen, nor her turbulent past, and Vladimir was the only candidate who endorsed a future mother-in-law.

    Elena Berkova and Vladimir Savro
    Elena Berkova and Vladimir Savro | Instagram

    However, in September 2013, Vladimir Savro went missing in Sevastopol – along with Berkova he arrived there to shoot a video. The police have only two versions of what happened – Vladimir or drowned, or was killed. However, the last assertion to prove is not possible. For a long time / were in mourning, although officially with Savro never signed.

    2014 Berkova attributed novels with various Russian media persons. In 2015, according to information from the media, it became known the name of the new chosen one Helena. His name is Andrey Stoyanov, he is an actor, known for the TV series «Grouse». Apparently, in a couple serious, and the lovers are even talking about the wedding.

    Elena Berkova and Andrey Stoyanov
    Elena Berkova and Andrey Stoyanov | What’s going on?


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    Elena Berkova

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