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  • Name: Elena Berezhnaya ( Elena Berezhnaya )
  • Date of birth: 11 October 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Birth place: Nevinnomyssk
  • Activity: figure Skater, Olympic champion
  • Marital status: not married

    Elena Berezhnaya: biography

    Famous figure skater Elena Berezhnaya hails from the southern town of Nevinnomyssk, and praised their achievements in this difficult and beautiful sport. Today on the streets of Nevinnomyssk girl knows literally every passer-by: in his Homeland of Elena — the most famous person. In addition, today’s athlete is a successful entrepreneur – her work in Nevinnomyssk opened a cafe «Axel», which enjoyed great success among the residents of the town. Elena — twice cavalier of honorary awards, TV star, loving mother and recognizable personality.

    The ice skating Berezhnaya met, as a little girl: parents brought Lena to the ice when my daughter was only three years old. And not lost, because even then manifested of plastic and the talent of the future famous figure skater. These abilities have attracted the attention of the famous coach Stanislav Zhuk, he immediately offered to let the girl learn, but life careful went a little different way.

    13 years old Elena moved to Moscow to continue training there. Mum of a future skater was worried for her daughter, she was scared to let go of such a young girl in a big city, but being attentive to the aspirations of her daughter and wishing her a bright future, she overcame her fears. So began a brilliant and full of obstacles sports biography of Elena Berezhnaya.

    Elena Berezhnaya: figure skating

    Settled future star in the Moscow dormitory for athletes, where it lived some guys Lena was the only girl. She was noticed and selected partners in figure skating swell guy, Oleg Shlyakhov, although he was older than Lena for four years. On the ice couple looked very impressive, but the personal relationship they have not happened.

    Close friends of Oleg and Elena in one voice said that Oleg is a tyrant. For the slightest mistake he was raised in Helena’s voice, and sometimes raised his hand. Skaters from the club, which hosted their training, could not stay aside – they felt sorry for the fragile, helpless girl. So one day they met Oleg one to stand up for Lena. It gave the effect, but not to be expected guys. A frightened athlete took a partner Latvia, his homeland.

    Spartan education Track, though it was cruel to Lena, yielded the results in figure skating: the ice skaters were the best, and time after time winning contests, take all new heights. A couple noticed Tamara Moskvina and took in 1995 of the guys in Saint Petersburg, where Oleg and Elena became friends with Artur Dmitriev and Oksana Kazakova and began to train together.

    Some time after the move everything was rosy – Oleg calmed down, became more tolerant towards Elena, the boys returned to the normal communication. But soon Shlyakhov again showed his violent nature and began to stick to gentle as before.

    Figure skater Anton Sikharulidze, who, despite his young age, was already in the title of double world champion among juniors (1994 and 1995) in a pair with Maria Petrova, was one of those who stood up for her. Gentle they liked each other immediately, as was their acquaintance, which could not cause jealousy Oleg, who thought Elena as his property, as insisted on moving back to the Baltic States.

    Approaching European championship. At that time, gentle was determined to end the relationship with Shlyakhova immediately upon the completion of this competition. But this was followed by another steep and very sad twist of fate.

    Elena Berezhnaya: injury

    To participate in the championship failed: Elena Berezhnaya got a terrible injury. Training Oleg Shlyakhov hit in the head the girl with a skate blade. Fragments of the temporal bone touched the Dura. It happened in 1996.

    Elena had to endure two major operations in neurosurgery. Nor walk, nor speak to the girl after that could not – had to learn all over again. When it happened, to Riga there have arrived at once two close people Helen – mother and Anton Sikharulidze, who at the time was only 19 years old.

    His care and love, and that he gave up everything for the sake of a friend, personal attention and patience and have put 18-year-old Elena on her feet. The doctors were saying that figure skating is over for her, but three months after the injury Anton spite of everything again brought Lena on the ice.

    Elena Berezhnaya: return

    Pair of figure skaters Sikharulidze-Petrova at the time had collapsed. First, Anton had no idea about being in a couple with care. It happened by itself, and both the skater thought about it at the same time. The couple became coach Tamara Moskvina. This was the beginning of a new triumphant career of the Duo, who soon conquered many fans and figure skating audiences around the world.

    Immediately after the skaters Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze got a couple of, victory showered on them from the horn of plenty: 1997-the year brought the Duo’s «bronze» Paris of the championship. In 1998 at the Olympics in Noggano they took «silver», 2001 second place at the world Cup. In 2002, the guys won at the Olympics in salt lake city. And this is after a terrible injury and a long rehabilitation period.

    Sikharulidze and Berezhnaya have been the leaders of the figure skating world championship (1998-1999). Russia also remember them as the four-time Champions Russian pair won in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.

    Becoming a professional in 2002, they acted in this role until 2006 when they announced that they were leaving a sports career. On the 13th of November 2002 at the ceremony of»Olympic gold rings» the first prize in the category «Portraits of athletes salt lake city» went to the film «Roses for Elena Berezhnaya», who directed the First channel to tell the world about the hard and brilliant way Duo Berezhnaya-Sikharulidze.

    After leaving professional sports, Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze toured the U.S. with the show «Stars on Ice», and then safely returned to Petersburg. In the year of his retirement from the sport she has participated in the show «Stars on ice», which were paired with actor Alexander Nosik. In 2008 Elena became the participant of the show «Star ice» on RTR, her partner was the famous pop-singer Dima Bilan. When her faithful companion Anton Sikharulidze finally retired from figure skating, Elena has performed in various ice shows in singles.

    Elena Berezhnaya: personal life

    Try ice triumphs and media careers in the lives of Elena Berezhnaya was a place of love. Long time fans Sikharulidze and Berezhnaya was wondering when you guys get married, because they are gentle and timid relations have been visible to the naked eye. Anton was always there, support your partner, not hiding his sympathy. However, after a career road skaters parted. She said Berezhnaya, they spent much time together, so knew each other that love grew into something more. They became like brother and sister, both about what do not regret.

    Chosen athletes became canadian figure skater Steven cousins, whom she first met at the European Championships in 1993. Cousins played with a single program. To the close relationship the pair came when he was one tour across America. Although at first careful wasn’t paying the man any attention, he still managed to win her heart. Stephen gentle gave birth to two children – a son Tristan who was born in 2007, and in 2009 a daughter Sofia-Diana. But, unfortunately, the marriage did not last long – the couple divorced in 2012.

    Elena Berezhnaya: photo

    Elena Berezhnaya

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