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  • Name: Elena Aroseva ( Elena Kutyreva )
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Birthplace: Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod oblast
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Elena Aroseva: biography

    Elena Aroseva – Russian actress, became famous thanks to the television series «Smile Mockingbird», «the Last frontier» and «One night of love». Until 2012 was listed in the credits under her maiden name — Elena Kutyreva.

    She was born in Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region, which at the time of birth was called Arzamas-16. Elena has an older sister, Oksana, who remained in his native city, and works there as a pharmacist, and a younger brother Paul became an engineer after graduating from the Moscow Institute of Informatics.

    Since early childhood Elena was engaged in ballroom dancing and attended vocal Studio. Also a lot of time devoted to sport – swimming, sports aerobics and athletics and even was the champion of the city in running for long distances. However, sports and work were for girls only hobby since she wanted to become an interpreter for the Spanish language. But in grade 9 Elena Kutyreva got into drama school, where he taught Honored artist of the Russian Federation Emma I. Arsenyev. A talented teacher saw a pupil in the high potential and was able to impart the girl interest in the profession of the actress.

    Thanks to the professional preparation for entrance exams to drama school after leaving school with a silver medal Elena confidently went to Moscow and on the first attempt arrives on actor’s faculty of school-Studio of MKHAT, where he worked in the workshop of Konstantin Raikin until 2005. Already in the 3rd year of the young actress got into the troupe of the theater «Satyricon», where he worked for 10 years. She was also involved in the productions Youth theatre project and Other theatre.


    To date, the actress more than 30 roles in movies and TV series. Debuted on the screen Elena Aroseva in 2005, appearing in several episodes of such TV series as «Luba, children and the plant…», «Black goddess» and «Rublevka Live».

    Popularity came to the actress after the release of the multiseries film «One night of love». In this historical costume of the ribbon, the actress was able to successfully transform into a noblewoman Elena Vorontsov. Romantic and at the same time tragic, the film was enthusiastically received by the audience. Also very popular adventure series «the Last border», in which she played Elena Irina Dandelion, daughter of the Forester. Arosevoy and other artists had to spend much time in the woods, where he took the bulk of the filming.

    Interesting role went to the actress in the second season of the series «My Prechistenka». Aroseva played agniyu Tikhomirov in different periods of her life. Elena appeared before the audience and as a 30-year and 50-year-old woman. The actress was doing makeup that is old face, dyed hair, mimic hair, also she had to look for a special facial expressions, gait, gestures to learn the characteristic of an elderly woman who lived a hard life. Interestingly, in the first season of the series this character was played by Svetlana Khodchenkova, with which Elena is quite similar in appearance.

    In 2014, he released action-drama series «Smile Mockingbird», has also gained popularity among fans of a TV movie. Elena Aroseva plays Victoria Kravtsova-Kruchinina that of the naive provincial dreamer turns into a strong woman, able to defend justice.

    According to the scenario character of Arosevoy talking in German, which the actress never studied. To look natural, she turned to a German-speaking friend who recorded on tape the entire text and almost around the clock listening to this record, trying to catch the intonation and pronunciation. Also during filming, the actress had to dive into the icy water, jump on rocks, to participate in staged battle scenes. In all these episodes, she acted independently, without participation of the doubles or stunt men.

    Personal life

    Elena Kutyreva since 2007, met with the actor Vladimir Aroseva, and after the wedding took his name. The couple have two sons, Daniel and Ivan.

    According to Elena, her husband is very romantic and has an unusual sense of humor, it’s impossible to get bored. The actress says that with another person would not be able to feel so comfortable.


    • 2006 — Cursed Paradise
    • 2007 — the Eclipse
    • 2008 — One night of love
    • 2008 — Paradise apples
    • 2009 — Last cordon
    • 2009 — Rustic romance
    • 2010 — My Prechistenka 2
    • 2011 — Last cordon. Continued
    • 2013 — Packed
    • 2014 — the Smile of a Mockingbird


    Elena Aroseva

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